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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: Stan Arney
Website: www.simplyfollowme.com
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Articles written: 267

 About Self
I have been writing since I was 4 years old. I have been writing poems for several decades, and have probably lost more poems, than I have kept. I started concentrating on Christian based poems, exclusively, over 12 years ago. I write Christian based Poems (mini-Sermons, Bible Studies, etc.), not just for myself, but to share with others. Not to force them to Believe, as I do, but to share The Gospel, The Word, The Holy Bible, with everyone. To give them an opportunity to hear The Gospel, and if they haven't already, accept God's Free Gift of Salvation. Hopefully, they read my poems, ponder, wonder, think about, question, etc. If they learn more about God, and His Only Son, Jesus Christ, then my goal was reached. *[Note: I have also begun creating videos of me reading my Poems (mini-Sermons, Bible Studies, etc.), and posting them online (@ YT). So, that people can see the man behind the writings, but also, some may prefer to hear them read, instead of reading them, themselves].
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
03/25/15 Who is Our Only Priest, Our High Priest 11 Free to Share
03/23/15 Can YOU Imagine 17 Free to Share
03/22/15 Why Is It Important To Read The Holy Bible 21 Free to Share
03/21/15 Why Is It Important To Associate With Fellow Believers 23 Free to Share
03/20/15 Why Is It Important To Share The Gospel 24 Free to Share
03/18/15 An Informed Decision 28 Free to Share
03/13/15 Born Again 32 Free to Share
03/12/15 A Personal Relationship With Jesus Christ 44 Free to Share
03/11/15 Jesus Prayer, For Believers 41 Free to Share
03/09/15 Iím A Believer, In God Almighty And Jesus Christ 37 Free to Share
03/07/15 A Letter From Jesus 45 Free to Share
03/05/15 Godís Life Giving Water, In Flesh And Blood 51 Free to Share
03/03/15 Are YOU One Of His Sheep, Or A Goat 37 Free to Share
03/02/15 Confess Jesus Christ, Before Men 33 Free to Share
02/28/15 Godís Love, Mercy, And Saving Grace 37 Free to Share
02/25/15 A Conversation 36 Free to Share
02/24/15 Share The Gospel, In Your Unique Way 39 Free to Share
02/23/15 Where do YOU Wish To Spend Eternity 33 Free to Share
02/21/15 Do YOU Hunger And Crave, For God 38 Free to Share
02/20/15 The Joy Is In The Giving 39 Free to Share
02/20/15 In Godís Immediate Presence 46 Free to Share
02/18/15 Sixty Seconds Can Change Your Life, For Eternity 36 Free to Share
02/18/15 YOU Have Accepted Jesus Christ, Now What 31 Free to Share
02/17/15 Who Are The Saints, We Are The Saints 36 Free to Share
02/13/15 Shepherd The Flock, Submit To God 26 Free to Share
02/10/15 Avoid The Great Gulf Encounter, If YOU Can 29 Free to Share
02/10/15 Our Faith And Hope, In The Risen Christ 43 Free to Share
02/03/15 How Does God Speak To Me 42 Free to Share
02/03/15 What Is Jesus Asking 34 Free to Share
02/01/15 Live For God Almighty, Not Man 39 Free to Share
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