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Name: beatrice ofwona
Website: beatrice ofwona
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I am because He is. Without Him I cease to be
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
03/12/11 Oh my love 277 Free to Share
03/12/11 Breaking the yoke of bondage 687 Free to Share
01/30/11 BELIEVE 304 Free to Share
01/09/11 The Revelation Of Christ 258 Free to Share
12/28/10 After Christmas what next? 415 Free to Share
12/28/10 The humanity of Christ 240 Free to Share
12/27/10 Communing with God 350 Free to Share
12/27/10 Above all else 226 Free to Share
10/31/10 When the p in Poverty actually stands for Prosperity 336 Free to Share
10/10/10 The Secret of Contentment 383 Free to Share
09/20/10 A Passion for Godís mission 377 Free to Share
09/18/10 Simon the Cyrene-a possible encounter 321 Free to Share
09/07/10 Experiencing God through faith 491 Free to Share
09/01/10 A time of brokenness 383 Free to Share
08/30/10 A time of devastation 321 Free to Share
08/30/10 A call to return 404 Free to Share
08/18/10 Little ones, go light the world 326 Free to Share
08/18/10 The blinking mouthpiece 293 Free to Share
08/18/10 How much more God loves us 418 Free to Share
08/15/10 How to achieve total success 502 Free to Share
08/15/10 It is time to put things in order 484 Free to Share
08/12/10 The Prosperous Attitude 333 Free to Share
08/12/10 A little bit on leadership 349 Free to Share
08/12/10 A word for the bereaved 390 Free to Share
08/12/10 Let go and Let God 327 Free to Share
08/03/10 To be deep we must dip ourselves more 427 Free to Share
07/29/10 A stronger you, a strong church 355 Free to Share
07/29/10 Standing firm in the Lord, no matter what 494 Free to Share
07/29/10 Worship 295 Free to Share
07/24/10 The Discipline of fasting 527 Free to Share
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Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
01/30/2014 Christmas
01/30/2014 Genesis 1:26 and purpose
01/30/2014 Holiness
01/29/2014 Beginning of Stewardship
01/29/2014 Worship
01/29/2014 Mission of the disciple
12/20/2013 Fighting the good fight
11/19/2013 A time for physical rest-God's model for a good work-rest balance
11/19/2013 Three Sixteen (3:16)
09/19/2013 Seven-Fourteen (7:14)
09/19/2013 Living by Faith
09/18/2013 What He has done for us
04/29/2013 Put your head in the right position
04/25/2013 The 10 commandments-3 of 3
04/25/2013 The 10 commandments-2 of 3
04/19/2013 The 10 commandments-1 of 3
04/16/2013 Choices have consequences
12/28/2012 The Message of Christmas
12/28/2012 The Messianic hope
12/28/2012 While we wait-the ABC of waiting
12/13/2012 Being a productive Christian
12/13/2012 Experiencing the Holy Spirit-3 of 3
12/09/2012 The Holy Spirit-What does He do?-2 of 3
12/09/2012 The Holy Spirit-Who is He?-1 of 3
09/17/2012 Prayer and Fasting
08/22/2012 Keeping the promise
08/22/2012 The blessings of giving
08/06/2012 Being the trail blazers
08/01/2012 Church as family
06/07/2012 Abigail-lessons in prudence
06/02/2012 Luke-his work depicting his character
06/02/2012 Barnabas and mentoring
05/10/2012 Putting God first
05/10/2012 When He comes
05/10/2012 When is He coming
04/30/2012 His unconditional love
04/30/2012 Money matters- financial stewardship
04/30/2012 Generosity matters
04/04/2012 Talent matters!
03/07/2012 The mind matters!
03/07/2012 In the new year, Arise and Sing! Isaiah 54
03/07/2012 Teach us to pray
12/31/2011 The impact of post modernity on families
12/31/2011 Being the encourager-a command
12/20/2011 Thanksgiving for the year that was
12/20/2011 Experiencing the Higher way
11/23/2011 When the Glory falls
10/12/2011 The portrait of a leader
10/12/2011 transition in the family
10/12/2011 A heart after God
09/18/2011 Stand up for your neighbor
09/07/2011 My house is in ruins-obstacles of getting into the higher way-Haggai1 Ezra 3&4
09/07/2011 The expectations of a Father
08/16/2011 Accessing God
08/10/2011 Faith that moves mountains
05/28/2011 The light that gives sight
05/15/2011 Come and See
05/15/2011 Touching the heart of God
05/15/2011 The resurrected Christ
05/02/2011 His grace is sufficient
05/02/2011 Accessing the Most High
05/02/2011 Called to be different
03/15/2011 Oh my love
03/12/2011 Breaking the yoke of bondage
01/30/2011 BELIEVE!
01/09/2011 The Revelation Of Christ
12/28/2010 The Humanity of Christ
12/28/2010 After Christmas-what next
12/27/2010 Above all else
12/27/2010 Communing with God
10/31/2010 When the 'p' in Poverty actually stands for Prosperity
10/10/2010 The Secret of Contentment
09/20/2010 A Passion for God's mission
09/18/2010 Simon the Cyrene-a possible encounter
09/07/2010 Experiencing God through faith
09/01/2010 A time of brokenness
08/30/2010 A call to return
08/30/2010 A time of devastation
08/18/2010 How much more God loves us
08/18/2010 The blinking mouthpiece
08/18/2010 Little ones, go light the world
08/15/2010 It is time to put things in order
08/15/2010 How to achieve total success
08/12/2010 Let go and Let God
08/12/2010 A word for the bereaved
08/12/2010 A little bit on leadership
08/12/2010 The Prosperous Attitude
08/03/2010 To be deep we must dip ourselves more
07/29/2010 Standing firm in the Lord, no matter what
07/29/2010 A stronger you, a strong church
07/29/2010 Worship
07/24/2010 Resolution of conflict
07/24/2010 The Discipline of fasting
07/22/2010 The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
06/22/2010 Relating Holiness To Character
06/21/2010 WHAT THEN IS LOVE?
06/14/2010 INNER HEALING-part 2 of 2 the solution
06/14/2010 INNER HEALING-part 1 of 2-the introduction
06/10/2010 On Success and Succession
06/10/2010 Allowing God to Rule
06/05/2010 The Discipline of Confession
05/31/2010 When everything is working against you
05/28/2010 True Faith in God: the mystery of God in Christ by Martin Mule
05/24/2010 Relating with God
05/18/2010 Why you should be born again
05/10/2010 of festivities and relations
05/10/2010 in the recesses of our days
05/10/2010 Of alignment and Stillness
05/10/2010 When Life Begins
05/10/2010 Having a Vision
05/10/2010 Ordering one's personal life by making amends
05/10/2010 For Jesus Christ, for whom I am a prisoner
05/10/2010 Who am I, dear Jesus, if you are not?
05/10/2010 Equiping man
05/09/2010 why not to be a diva minister
05/06/2010 A call to share in the cross of Jesus
05/06/2010 The mark of true commitment
05/06/2010 Glimpses of God-Who is He?
05/06/2010 Living as a king in 2010
04/30/2010 Giving up our rights to let Christ 'be'
04/29/2010 Building Relationships
04/28/2010 Our Christ
04/28/2010 Our commitment
04/28/2010 Our Convictions
04/27/2010 Being a dwelling place for God
04/27/2010 Serving the God of new beginnings
04/27/2010 Enjoying the new things
04/27/2010 Of peace and life
04/27/2010 Condoning is the cousin of accepting
04/27/2010 Being still in God in the slumber that is terminal
04/26/2010 Weep not for me
04/26/2010 A believer's worth beneath the surface
04/23/2010 strategic placement
04/22/2010 where are you headed? Part 3
04/22/2010 where are you headed? part 2 of 3
04/22/2010 where are you headed? part 1 of 3
04/20/2010 of impactfulness and prioritisation
04/20/2010 A call to recover our cutting edge
04/20/2010 Thinking aloud about God, choice, purpose, chance and destiny
04/20/2010 Knowing the will of God
04/20/2010 Hungering for God
04/20/2010 It does seem as if we have lost it
04/20/2010 The laws of increase
04/20/2010 The truth does indeed set free
04/19/2010 Serving leadership
04/14/2010 woman, where are your accusers?