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Name: Melanie Kerr 
Website: meljkerr.blogspot.co.uk/
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Articles written: 360

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Melanie Kerr, a local high school teacher, lives with her husband live in Inverness, Scotland. She turned her back on a counselling course some twenty years ago and followed her heart to sign up for twelve weeks of creative writing. She has been writing poetry, short stories and devotionals ever since. She published her first collection of poetry “Wider Than the Corners of This World” two years ago and plans to publish a second book of poetry later on in the year. Catch up with her latest thoughts and poetry at http://meljkerr.blogspot.co.uk/.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
01/21/04 I was never meant for this world 687 For Sale
01/20/04 Trials and Tribulations of a Football Manager 860 For Sale
01/19/04 All This is Mine 821 For Sale
01/10/04 100% Cashmere 1064 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
02/10/16 More Than Soup
01/14/16 Eight Days Shy of Two Hundred Years
11/25/15 The Shredding of All Other Possibilities
11/19/15 A jam jar soil experiment
11/08/15 The Warm-Up Act
11/05/15 Wise and Sage Advice
10/28/15 The Invitation
10/07/15 A Thousand Shades of Dulux Life
05/07/15 The File on the Table
03/12/15 Real Hope
02/11/15 Choosing Rage
01/28/15 The Opportunist Feeders
01/22/15 Katie and the Lab Rats
01/15/15 Thinking and Knowing
11/13/14 My Glasgow
10/23/14 Beast666
10/13/14 Bums, Boils and Bites – Oh My!
08/06/14 Talking Hands
07/30/14 The Poor Lad
07/24/14 All Previous Wills
07/17/14 Power of the Powerless
02/27/14 Never Beyond Rescue
02/20/14 Blind Stumbling
02/05/14 A Room With Two Beds
01/23/14 The Parable of the Powerful
01/16/14 Playing at Poverty
01/08/14 The Full Stop at the End of the Day
12/04/13 When the Strong Man Snarls
11/13/13 The Things I See in You
09/04/13 The First One Thousand Paces
08/29/13 Eviction
08/19/13 His Breath In Me
08/15/13 A ‘Gator’s Paradise
08/07/13 Old MacDonald
07/20/13 Life Measured in Tents
07/15/13 Revelation 3:23 ff
03/07/13 Resurrection Morning
02/28/13 Being Jesus
01/23/13 The Promised Rest
01/16/13 1:1.62
01/10/13 The Evidence In Me
11/29/12 A Different Seed
11/21/12 Numbered Days
11/14/12 Woundwort's Weapon
10/28/12 A Place to Rest
06/14/12 Keeping Her Treasure Safe
06/07/12 Things to Tell Myself
06/06/12 Things to Tell Myself
05/03/12 Ivor and the Eye of the Needle
04/19/12 Misha, Henry and I
03/08/12 Only Passing By
02/23/12 The Truth About Chocolate
02/08/12 Something Truly Astonishing
02/01/12 Fit For Work
01/19/12 Losing Faith
01/11/12 Question Asked Answer Given
12/28/11 The Fate of Ivor Konn
12/13/11 Vincent Says
11/28/11 Selling It
11/16/11 The Phisherman
10/31/11 I Blog Therefore I am
10/17/11 The Secret Watchers
09/08/11 The Wrong Choice
08/31/11 The Runner
08/04/11 Nothing Else Matters But the Moment
07/28/11 The Treasure that Betrays
07/13/11 The Price of Peace
06/09/11 The Lost Smile
06/02/11 Falling Into the Spokes of the Wheel
05/26/11 A Strange Prophet
05/05/11 A Magnificent Anger
04/28/11 The Tale of Jacob Smallbody
04/21/11 Reason Says - Heart Decides
04/14/11 Outbreak of Kindness
03/17/11 A Song In The Night
03/09/11 Trivial Things
02/24/11 Deliverance
02/10/11 Because He Says
01/26/11 The Little Soldier
12/22/10 Babel - The Annotated Edition
12/15/10 Another Language
12/09/10 The "Blacks Only" Sign
12/02/10 Breathing Calmly
11/18/10 Fame
11/11/10 Silver Surfer
11/03/10 The Frog and the Leper
09/15/10 A Toast To Ihe Inner Man
09/09/10 Fixing My Thoughts
09/01/10 Mrs Proverbs 31
08/25/10 Breathed Upon
08/18/10 The Truth Detector
08/10/10 My Touch of Faith
08/04/10 The Fragrance of Life
07/29/10 Beneath The Father’s Gaze
07/22/10 The Feast
07/15/10 A Promise in a Name
05/27/10 A Love Note
05/19/10 My Hidden Vice
04/30/10 And Burn It Will
04/22/10 Ezra's Words
03/18/10 The Truth About Sparrows
03/10/10 Message To An Angry Child
03/03/10 Grubwort’s House
02/24/10 Pretending to Sleep
02/03/10 The Grrr Inside of Me
01/26/10 Chosen
01/20/10 Exorcisms and Earthquakes
01/12/10 A Kiss and a Smack
12/02/09 Future's Past
11/26/09 The Colour Orange
11/19/09 Our Precious Yellow Sun
11/11/09 Fulfilling the Entry Requirements
11/04/09 A Taste of a Promise
10/28/09 For God Has Hold Of Me
10/19/09 I walk
10/13/09 Blue Sky Thoughts on John Mark
10/03/09 The Perilous Power of the Red Pen
08/05/09 Grown-up Faith
07/24/09 The Silent Revolution
07/21/09 Agnes and I
07/16/09 Summer Sun
07/09/09 Melville's Got Dementia
06/10/09 “Oil Foils Foul Prowl!”
05/21/09 Words from “The Delight of Your Eyes”
05/19/09 Doing OK
05/13/09 A Tainted Life
04/23/09 Running Home
04/16/09 Delilah
04/04/09 The Wave Walker
03/17/09 Case No 4653
03/12/09 Not Superwoman
03/05/09 Watchman Neil
02/25/09 The Song of Tariq bin Ziyad
02/18/09 The Match
02/10/09 Confession
02/04/09 The Clearances
01/28/09 The May Queen
01/21/09 The Pankhurst Boy
01/14/09 The American Dream
12/06/08 Skin to Skin Immanuel
11/19/08 The Case Against Santa
11/12/08 Merry Christmas, Christopher
11/05/08 The Christmas Act - Section 2
10/26/08 Thieving Bobby and the Child Snatcher
10/16/08 A Christmas Recipe
10/13/08 Christmas Trees In Context
10/09/08 Bethlehem's Choir
09/17/08 The Book of Rules
09/09/08 Mickey Dripping
09/03/08 The Words That Torment
08/27/08 A Patient Love
08/17/08 Max's Mission
08/13/08 No More Hiding
08/06/08 The Bridge of Heaven
07/31/08 Awake
07/24/08 On the Line
07/12/08 Bridget
05/29/08 First Love
04/26/08 When You Come
02/13/08 Prince Charming, Pumpkins, Poisoned Apples and Plan B
02/06/08 The Man With The Words
01/30/08 Accolades
01/23/08 Losing It!
01/16/08 Stuck on Aisle 15
12/05/07 Together
11/28/07 The Eviction of Hector Kimble
11/22/07 Hannah's Story
11/06/07 A String of Words
10/24/07 Saving Old Goose
09/19/07 And Nature Kneels
09/04/07 To boldly go (ii)
08/22/07 Redemption
08/09/07 The Whip
07/25/07 The "me" I used to be
07/18/07 The Red Summons
07/11/07 Saul's choice
05/29/07 The Prophet
05/17/07 A king's reward
05/10/07 The Code Breakers
05/05/07 Angel of Stone
05/02/07 The real Dulsie Bridge
04/25/07 Move over Fred Astaire
04/15/07 Abs and aqua aerobics
04/08/07 Whatever happened to Norrie?
03/15/07 My peace
02/28/07 If only I was Dorcas
02/22/07 Strings attatched
02/15/07 This...
02/04/07 Caught
01/30/07 His words
01/21/07 Hidden beauty
01/13/07 Written on Your palm
01/11/07 The prayer fairy
11/28/06 Goal!
11/23/06 Full Circle
11/15/06 Song of the saved
11/07/06 Disecting miracles
11/01/06 Miss Wakefield's box
10/24/06 To the ends of the earth
10/06/06 A glorious fire
09/12/06 The witness of the garden
09/05/06 Those “You’re on Your Own” moments
08/25/06 The song of the stars
08/17/06 What, little tree, will you be?
08/10/06 The Valley of Weeping
08/09/06 The vision quest
08/02/06 I want to be...a Levite with a wagon
07/25/06 The lonely road
07/17/06 His obsession
07/11/06 Rosie Baxter's legacy
06/21/06 Speaking life to dry bones
06/14/06 The year of the onion
06/06/06 Dark thoughts from inside a coffin
05/31/06 Something special about Wednesdays
05/24/06 This day
05/15/06 Mr Gregory on line 7
05/10/06 The spirit of Anna
04/28/06 The Weapon
04/25/06 This little piggy...
04/11/06 Questions and Answers
03/13/06 Behind a Locked Door
03/03/06 Into the Most Holy Place
02/16/06 Right to the very end
02/08/06 When prison walls fall and chains break
01/26/06 Personal Space
01/08/06 The man who holds the key
12/11/05 The Healing Well
11/30/05 The Littlest Seed
11/24/05 A taste of heaven
11/21/05 Footprints in the snow
11/10/05 Mirror, mirror on the wall...
11/03/05 Cast Your Burdens...
10/28/05 Bea, the boys and a bottle of perfume
10/18/05 God is "raining"
10/12/05 I am but a mirror
10/06/05 Early days
08/19/05 Life after Belle
08/02/05 Finding God Underneath a Polished Oak Table
07/28/05 Application Denied
07/19/05 Hide and Seek
07/18/05 All that Glitters
07/06/05 If Jonah Came Today
06/12/05 Going home
05/31/05 With Him
05/19/05 The Final Step
05/08/05 Who's the Dummy, Mummy?
04/24/05 Seeds of Love
04/16/05 Breakfast in Bed
04/10/05 If One Person Falls
03/19/05 A Lucky Little Lamb
03/03/05 The Bitter Fruit of Envy
02/24/05 "I am Willing"
02/15/05 Eve, Guilty as Charged
02/13/05 Go and do Likewise
02/04/05 Obedience Class
01/22/05 The Earthquake Within
01/12/05 Leah, Won't You Listen?
12/08/04 Love to...
11/22/04 A Hop, a Skip and a Jump
11/21/04 Selectively Mute
11/12/04 The "Hole" Truth
11/06/04 God's Scary Mathematics
10/30/04 "THE NEXT STEP"
10/22/04 The Laughter Thief
10/04/04 Who cried that day?
09/30/04 Confessions of a Love Sick Stalker
09/26/04 Elijah's Gauntlet
09/14/04 A Rodent's Rant
09/10/04 And the Rain Came Down
08/22/04 A Dangerous Silence
08/10/04 Breaking the Chains of Injustice
08/01/04 The Proof of the Pudding
07/24/04 No Great Expectations
07/15/04 The Silent Teacher
07/06/04 The End of the Story
06/29/04 “Them Gates of Hades”
06/19/04 A Time to Leave
06/08/04 Jonah – the one that didn’t get away
05/31/04 It’s Just the Beginning
05/25/04 Not Quite Switched On
05/18/04 The Beaten Path to a Place of Worship
05/10/04 A Little Light on the Subject of Power
05/03/04 A Woman’s Act of Worship
04/26/04 “Be Damned and Drown” says Noah
04/20/04 The Egg Man of Bethlehem
04/13/04 A Tale of Two Men
04/11/04 Behold I stand at the door (but not with bandages or a bottle of wine)
04/01/04 Don’t Look For Me Among The Bones Beneath The City
03/25/04 The view from the top is spectacular
03/20/04 Peace Is Never Plain Sailing
03/02/04 Failed, but not a faliure
02/23/04 Was it enough time?
02/09/04 The Sun Always Rises
01/21/04 I was never meant for this world
01/18/04 I’m only saying this because I love you
01/10/04 100% Cashmere

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
04/12/06 His answer
02/25/05 Precious Things

Date Title
07/13/13 Wider Than The Corners of This World

Free Reprint Articles
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