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Name: Melanie Kerr 
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Articles written: 348

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I have been a Chrstian for a long time (no excuses any longer for going off the rails.) I have been involved in creative writing for the past six years. I used to be a prolific letter writer but I got busy. I teach Religious Education in High School and on any given day my mood swings between thinking it's the best job in the world and writing my letter of resignation. I am very involved in a small church, leading worship sometimes, preaching sometimes and leading a housegroup sometimes! I am growing as a writer and have had a few articles accepted for newsletters.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
01/19/04 All This is Mine 753 For Sale
01/10/04 100% Cashmere 994 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
02/11/15 Choosing Rage
01/28/15 The Opportunist Feeders
01/22/15 Katie and the Lab Rats
01/15/15 Thinking and Knowing
11/13/14 My Glasgow
10/23/14 Beast666
10/13/14 Bums, Boils and Bites – Oh My!
08/06/14 Talking Hands
07/30/14 The Poor Lad
07/24/14 All Previous Wills
07/17/14 Power of the Powerless
02/27/14 Never Beyond Rescue
02/20/14 Blind Stumbling
02/05/14 A Room With Two Beds
01/23/14 The Parable of the Powerful
01/16/14 Playing at Poverty
01/08/14 The Full Stop at the End of the Day
12/04/13 When the Strong Man Snarls
11/13/13 The Things I See in You
09/04/13 The First One Thousand Paces
08/29/13 Eviction
08/19/13 His Breath In Me
08/15/13 A ‘Gator’s Paradise
08/07/13 Old MacDonald
07/20/13 Life Measured in Tents
07/15/13 Revelation 3:23 ff
03/07/13 Resurrection Morning
02/28/13 Being Jesus
01/23/13 The Promised Rest
01/16/13 1:1.62
01/10/13 The Evidence In Me
11/29/12 A Different Seed
11/21/12 Numbered Days
11/14/12 Woundwort's Weapon
10/28/12 A Place to Rest
06/14/12 Keeping Her Treasure Safe
06/07/12 Things to Tell Myself
06/06/12 Things to Tell Myself
05/03/12 Ivor and the Eye of the Needle
04/19/12 Misha, Henry and I
03/08/12 Only Passing By
02/23/12 The Truth About Chocolate
02/08/12 Something Truly Astonishing
02/01/12 Fit For Work
01/19/12 Losing Faith
01/11/12 Question Asked Answer Given
12/28/11 The Fate of Ivor Konn
12/13/11 Vincent Says
11/28/11 Selling It
11/16/11 The Phisherman
10/31/11 I Blog Therefore I am
10/17/11 The Secret Watchers
09/08/11 The Wrong Choice
08/31/11 The Runner
08/04/11 Nothing Else Matters But the Moment
07/28/11 The Treasure that Betrays
07/13/11 The Price of Peace
06/09/11 The Lost Smile
06/02/11 Falling Into the Spokes of the Wheel
05/26/11 A Strange Prophet
05/05/11 A Magnificent Anger
04/28/11 The Tale of Jacob Smallbody
04/21/11 Reason Says - Heart Decides
04/14/11 Outbreak of Kindness
03/17/11 A Song In The Night
03/09/11 Trivial Things
02/24/11 Deliverance
02/10/11 Because He Says
01/26/11 The Little Soldier
12/22/10 Babel - The Annotated Edition
12/15/10 Another Language
12/09/10 The "Blacks Only" Sign
12/02/10 Breathing Calmly
11/18/10 Fame
11/11/10 Silver Surfer
11/03/10 The Frog and the Leper
09/15/10 A Toast To Ihe Inner Man
09/09/10 Fixing My Thoughts
09/01/10 Mrs Proverbs 31
08/25/10 Breathed Upon
08/18/10 The Truth Detector
08/10/10 My Touch of Faith
08/04/10 The Fragrance of Life
07/29/10 Beneath The Father’s Gaze
07/22/10 The Feast
07/15/10 A Promise in a Name
05/27/10 A Love Note
05/19/10 My Hidden Vice
04/30/10 And Burn It Will
04/22/10 Ezra's Words
03/18/10 The Truth About Sparrows
03/10/10 Message To An Angry Child
03/03/10 Grubwort’s House
02/24/10 Pretending to Sleep
02/03/10 The Grrr Inside of Me
01/26/10 Chosen
01/20/10 Exorcisms and Earthquakes
01/12/10 A Kiss and a Smack
12/02/09 Future's Past
11/26/09 The Colour Orange
11/19/09 Our Precious Yellow Sun
11/11/09 Fulfilling the Entry Requirements
11/04/09 A Taste of a Promise
10/28/09 For God Has Hold Of Me
10/19/09 I walk
10/13/09 Blue Sky Thoughts on John Mark
10/03/09 The Perilous Power of the Red Pen
08/05/09 Grown-up Faith
07/24/09 The Silent Revolution
07/21/09 Agnes and I
07/16/09 Summer Sun
07/09/09 Melville's Got Dementia
06/10/09 “Oil Foils Foul Prowl!”
05/21/09 Words from “The Delight of Your Eyes”
05/19/09 Doing OK
05/13/09 A Tainted Life
04/23/09 Running Home
04/16/09 Delilah
04/04/09 The Wave Walker
03/17/09 Case No 4653
03/12/09 Not Superwoman
03/05/09 Watchman Neil
02/25/09 The Song of Tariq bin Ziyad
02/18/09 The Match
02/10/09 Confession
02/04/09 The Clearances
01/28/09 The May Queen
01/21/09 The Pankhurst Boy
01/14/09 The American Dream
12/06/08 Skin to Skin Immanuel
11/19/08 The Case Against Santa
11/12/08 Merry Christmas, Christopher
11/05/08 The Christmas Act - Section 2
10/26/08 Thieving Bobby and the Child Snatcher
10/16/08 A Christmas Recipe
10/13/08 Christmas Trees In Context
10/09/08 Bethlehem's Choir
09/17/08 The Book of Rules
09/09/08 Mickey Dripping
09/03/08 The Words That Torment
08/27/08 A Patient Love
08/17/08 Max's Mission
08/13/08 No More Hiding
08/06/08 The Bridge of Heaven
07/31/08 Awake
07/24/08 On the Line
07/12/08 Bridget
05/29/08 First Love
04/26/08 When You Come
02/13/08 Prince Charming, Pumpkins, Poisoned Apples and Plan B
02/06/08 The Man With The Words
01/30/08 Accolades
01/23/08 Losing It!
01/16/08 Stuck on Aisle 15
12/05/07 Together
11/28/07 The Eviction of Hector Kimble
11/22/07 Hannah's Story
11/06/07 A String of Words
10/24/07 Saving Old Goose
09/19/07 And Nature Kneels
09/04/07 To boldly go (ii)
08/22/07 Redemption
08/09/07 The Whip
07/25/07 The "me" I used to be
07/18/07 The Red Summons
07/11/07 Saul's choice
05/29/07 The Prophet
05/17/07 A king's reward
05/10/07 The Code Breakers
05/05/07 Angel of Stone
05/02/07 The real Dulsie Bridge
04/25/07 Move over Fred Astaire
04/15/07 Abs and aqua aerobics
04/08/07 Whatever happened to Norrie?
03/15/07 My peace
02/28/07 If only I was Dorcas
02/22/07 Strings attatched
02/15/07 This...
02/04/07 Caught
01/30/07 His words
01/21/07 Hidden beauty
01/13/07 Written on Your palm
01/11/07 The prayer fairy
11/28/06 Goal!
11/23/06 Full Circle
11/15/06 Song of the saved
11/07/06 Disecting miracles
11/01/06 Miss Wakefield's box
10/24/06 To the ends of the earth
10/06/06 A glorious fire
09/12/06 The witness of the garden
09/05/06 Those “You’re on Your Own” moments
08/25/06 The song of the stars
08/17/06 What, little tree, will you be?
08/10/06 The Valley of Weeping
08/09/06 The vision quest
08/02/06 I want to be...a Levite with a wagon
07/25/06 The lonely road
07/17/06 His obsession
07/11/06 Rosie Baxter's legacy
06/21/06 Speaking life to dry bones
06/14/06 The year of the onion
06/06/06 Dark thoughts from inside a coffin
05/31/06 Something special about Wednesdays
05/24/06 This day
05/15/06 Mr Gregory on line 7
05/10/06 The spirit of Anna
04/28/06 The Weapon
04/25/06 This little piggy...
04/11/06 Questions and Answers
03/13/06 Behind a Locked Door
03/03/06 Into the Most Holy Place
02/16/06 Right to the very end
02/08/06 When prison walls fall and chains break
01/26/06 Personal Space
01/08/06 The man who holds the key
12/11/05 The Healing Well
11/30/05 The Littlest Seed
11/24/05 A taste of heaven
11/21/05 Footprints in the snow
11/10/05 Mirror, mirror on the wall...
11/03/05 Cast Your Burdens...
10/28/05 Bea, the boys and a bottle of perfume
10/18/05 God is "raining"
10/12/05 I am but a mirror
10/06/05 Early days
08/19/05 Life after Belle
08/02/05 Finding God Underneath a Polished Oak Table
07/28/05 Application Denied
07/19/05 Hide and Seek
07/18/05 All that Glitters
07/06/05 If Jonah Came Today
06/12/05 Going home
05/31/05 With Him
05/19/05 The Final Step
05/08/05 Who's the Dummy, Mummy?
04/24/05 Seeds of Love
04/16/05 Breakfast in Bed
04/10/05 If One Person Falls
03/19/05 A Lucky Little Lamb
03/03/05 The Bitter Fruit of Envy
02/24/05 "I am Willing"
02/15/05 Eve, Guilty as Charged
02/13/05 Go and do Likewise
02/04/05 Obedience Class
01/22/05 The Earthquake Within
01/12/05 Leah, Won't You Listen?
12/08/04 Love to...
11/22/04 A Hop, a Skip and a Jump
11/21/04 Selectively Mute
11/12/04 The "Hole" Truth
11/06/04 God's Scary Mathematics
10/30/04 "THE NEXT STEP"
10/22/04 The Laughter Thief
10/04/04 Who cried that day?
09/30/04 Confessions of a Love Sick Stalker
09/26/04 Elijah's Gauntlet
09/14/04 A Rodent's Rant
09/10/04 And the Rain Came Down
08/22/04 A Dangerous Silence
08/10/04 Breaking the Chains of Injustice
08/01/04 The Proof of the Pudding
07/24/04 No Great Expectations
07/15/04 The Silent Teacher
07/06/04 The End of the Story
06/29/04 “Them Gates of Hades”
06/19/04 A Time to Leave
06/08/04 Jonah – the one that didn’t get away
05/31/04 It’s Just the Beginning
05/25/04 Not Quite Switched On
05/18/04 The Beaten Path to a Place of Worship
05/10/04 A Little Light on the Subject of Power
05/03/04 A Woman’s Act of Worship
04/26/04 “Be Damned and Drown” says Noah
04/20/04 The Egg Man of Bethlehem
04/13/04 A Tale of Two Men
04/11/04 Behold I stand at the door (but not with bandages or a bottle of wine)
04/01/04 Don’t Look For Me Among The Bones Beneath The City
03/25/04 The view from the top is spectacular
03/20/04 Peace Is Never Plain Sailing
03/02/04 Failed, but not a faliure
02/23/04 Was it enough time?
02/09/04 The Sun Always Rises
01/21/04 I was never meant for this world
01/18/04 I’m only saying this because I love you
01/10/04 100% Cashmere

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02/25/05 Precious Things

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07/13/13 Wider Than The Corners of This World

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