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Name: Cindee Snider Re
Website: www.breathedeeply.org
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Articles written: 56

 About Self
Cindee Snider Re lives in Sussex, Wisconsin with her husband, their five children, two cats and two new Shichon puppies. She enjoys quiet evenings, long walks, homeschooling her children, good books, and lots of good, strong, hot, black tea.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
06/24/11 A Teaching Heart 236 Free to Share
06/05/11 Fresh Air 227 Free to Share
05/16/11 Not Enough 293 Free to Share
05/07/11 Journey of Love 313 Free to Share
04/13/11 Small Gifts, Great Joy 255 Free to Share
04/11/11 Alive and FREE 265 Free to Share
04/05/11 Son Rise 258 Free to Share
03/24/11 Song of Spring 256 Free to Share
03/06/11 Sheltering Love 267 Free to Share
02/28/11 Swirling into ONE 253 Free to Share
02/06/11 Exquisitely Tender 292 Free to Share
01/25/11 Love, a Blessing, a Gift, a Choice 223 Free to Share
01/03/11 No Pat Answers 274 Free to Share
12/06/10 New Every Morning 351 Free to Share
11/04/10 Hope in the Waiting 357 Free to Share
09/14/10 When Words Fail 422 Free to Share
09/07/10 Just Keep Walking 363 Free to Share
08/30/10 The Heart of Parenting 391 Free to Share
07/11/10 I Did it to Myself 337 Free to Share
07/05/10 Hope 407 Free to Share
06/29/10 Finally Home 414 Free to Share
06/21/10 Even Giants Fall 516 Free to Share
06/07/10 Sing to the King 435 Free to Share
05/30/10 An Oddly Unexpected Silence 437 Free to Share
05/17/10 Chosen, Beautiful, Loved 395 Free to Share
05/07/10 Fully Present 425 Free to Share
03/30/10 Brand New Shoes 445 Free to Share
02/25/10 A Lifetime of Love 437 Free to Share
02/01/10 A Simple Pair of Sucky Shoes 440 Free to Share
02/01/10 A Reason, Not an Excuse 398 Free to Share
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Date Title
08/06/2011 Be Bold!
08/06/2011 When Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary
08/01/2011 What If?
07/30/2011 Forgive Me
07/30/2011 Potter's House
07/30/2011 An Artist's Heart
07/07/2011 Freedom's Dance
07/01/2011 Freedom
06/30/2011 Daybreak
06/24/2011 A Teaching Heart
06/05/2011 Fresh Air
05/16/2011 Not Enough
05/07/2011 Journey of Love
04/13/2011 Small Gifts, Great Joy
04/11/2011 Alive and Free!
04/05/2011 Son Rise!
03/24/2011 Song of Spring
03/06/2011 Sheltering Love
02/28/2011 Swirling into ONE
02/06/2011 Exquisitely Tender
01/25/2011 Love -- a Blessing, a Gift, a Choice
01/03/2011 No Pat Answers
12/06/2010 New Every Morning
11/04/2010 Hope in the Waiting
09/14/2010 When Words Fail
09/07/2010 Just Keep Walking
08/30/2010 The Heart of Parenting
07/11/2010 I Did it to Myself
07/05/2010 Hope
06/29/2010 Finally Home
06/21/2010 Even Giants Fall
06/07/2010 Sing to the King!
05/30/2010 An Oddly Unexpected Silence
05/17/2010 Chosen, Beautiful, Loved
05/07/2010 Fully Present
03/30/2010 Brand New Shoes
02/25/2010 A Lifetime of Love
02/01/2010 A Reason, Not an Excuse
02/01/2010 A Simple Pair of Sucky Shoes
01/28/2010 Family - God's Boot Camp
01/26/2010 His Joy in Me, Complete
01/24/2010 Real Joy
01/17/2010 The Beautiful Irony of God
01/16/2010 An Adventure Directed by God
01/08/2010 God's Car Wash
01/08/2010 Sharing Our Stories
01/03/2010 The Gift of Pain
12/29/2009 Again and Again and Again
12/26/2009 Let My Heart Be Broken
12/26/2009 More Than Worth It
12/17/2009 To Love Like He Does
12/17/2009 Stink Like the Grinch
12/17/2009 A Lesson Not Easily Learned
12/11/2009 We Dare You!
12/11/2009 Modern Day Israelites
12/09/2009 Life in the Slow Lane
12/07/2009 What a Week!
12/06/2009 A Question of Priorities
12/06/2009 Do You Trust Me?
12/04/2009 An Ending We Can Count On
12/04/2009 Badges of Honor
11/30/2009 Spoiled Rich Kid
11/30/2009 An Artichoke?
11/25/2009 Little-By-Little
11/25/2009 The Pink Envelope