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Name: Bob Valleau
Website: pennhand2.wix.com/robertvalleau
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Articles written: 85

 About Self
Bob has over three decades of writing experience for the Christian market. His writing career began, in the 1980s, when he was hired by a Christian publishing company for their book department. Since then, he has worked as a full-time staff writer for two international ministries and was once named Christian Writer of the Year (San Antonio, Texas) by the American Christian Writers Association. His credits include writing for Christian radio, television and the Internet. He has authored two books and has written numerous magazine and newspaper articles. One of his favorite quotes: "Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing." -- Benjamin Franklin.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
09/19/10 God's Open Door Policy 801 Free to Share
09/04/10 Living With God, Playing With Angels 538 Free to Share
07/28/10 Come Home 393 Free to Share
07/15/10 What Kind of Man Reads Romance Novels? 728 Free to Share
06/28/10 A Love Gone Bad 725 Free to Share
06/27/10 Don't Stop Writing 455 Free to Share
06/07/10 Sweet Little Lilly 569 Free to Share
05/08/10 A Final Salute 876 Free to Share
04/27/10 Mom Was Always There 503 Free to Share
04/17/10 I Love God, But Christians Drive Me Nuts 660 Free to Share
04/11/10 The Memory Maker 386 Free to Share
04/10/10 Patience 1068 Free to Share
04/10/10 My First Review Was a Bust 341 Free to Share
03/21/10 Down In the Valley 490 Free to Share
03/09/10 The Act of Writing 317 Free to Share
02/28/10 Good Ol' Grandpa 366 Free to Share
02/20/10 Find Your Happy Place 337 Free to Share
02/07/10 Remedy For A Troubled Soul 379 Free to Share
02/05/10 Valentine's Day Folly 412 Free to Share
01/30/10 Is That You, Lord? 371 Free to Share
01/26/10 Today, I Am 408 Free to Share
01/16/10 God's Instant Messenger Service 470 Free to Share
01/14/10 Help, My Muse Is Missing 428 Free to Share
01/10/10 I Saw Jesus at My Local Diner 416 Free to Share
01/08/10 No Smile for Sarah 356 Free to Share
01/06/10 More Than Just a Pew Warmer 446 Free to Share
01/03/10 Erase and Replace 371 Free to Share
12/30/09 The Love Talk 380 Free to Share
12/27/09 One Life At a Time 391 Free to Share
12/27/09 A Lonely World 514 Free to Share
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05/24/2014 March On
05/24/2014 MARCH ON
07/16/2013 A New Thing
05/20/2013 Lay Your Burdens Down
05/19/2013 Who Makes a Great Writing Mentor?
05/11/2013 Sleepless Insanity
05/09/2013 More Than Enough
04/26/2013 What Is a Christian Writer?
03/04/2013 Help Us Lord
01/01/2013 Holding Hands
03/01/2012 I Want A Do Over, or Do I?
02/04/2012 Miracle of Miracles
10/13/2011 When Tragedy Strikes
08/30/2011 Cotton Candy Promises and Carousel Dreams
08/07/2011 Making Wise Choices
07/10/2011 A Quiet Confidence
06/26/2011 Our Morning Anthem
05/17/2011 A Day to Remember
05/17/2011 Not to Worry
03/25/2011 A Voice Like No Other
03/13/2011 Cheer Up
02/25/2011 What Do You Seek?
02/15/2011 Pugly
02/06/2011 Are You Having a Doodoo Day?
01/27/2011 Somewhere At This Moment
01/11/2011 Junk in My Trunk
12/21/2010 A Matter Of Love
10/30/2010 The Shoreline
10/17/2010 Let It Flow
10/12/2010 Trust Him
10/08/2010 Three Things All Christian Writers Must Do
10/04/2010 Everything Is Going to Be Okay
09/19/2010 God's Open Door Policy
09/04/2010 Living With God, Playing With Angels
07/28/2010 Come Home
07/15/2010 What Kind of Man Reads Romance Novels?
06/28/2010 A Love Gone Bad
06/27/2010 Don't Stop Writing
06/07/2010 Sweet Little Lilly
05/16/2010 Does God Care?
04/27/2010 Mom Was Always There
04/24/2010 How to Handle an Impatient, Hot Headed, Fire Breathing Editor
04/17/2010 I Love God, But Christians Drive Me Nuts
04/11/2010 The Memory Maker
04/10/2010 Patience
03/09/2010 The Act of Writing
02/28/2010 Good Ol' Grandpa
02/07/2010 Remedy For A Troubled Soul
02/05/2010 Valentine's Day Folly
01/30/2010 Is That You, Lord?
01/26/2010 Today, I Am
01/23/2010 Always Give In
01/16/2010 God's Instant Messenger Service
01/14/2010 Help, My Muse Is Missing
01/10/2010 I Saw Jesus at My Local Diner
01/08/2010 No Smile for Sarah
01/06/2010 More Than Just a Pew Warmer
01/03/2010 Erase and Replace
12/27/2009 It's a Lonely World
12/27/2009 One Life At a Time
12/26/2009 Three Ingredients to Writing Well
12/25/2009 What Kind of Friend Are You?
12/25/2009 Puddle Jumper
12/23/2009 What Defines You?
12/19/2009 Ways to Say Thanks to Your Pastor
12/16/2009 One of the Greatest Gifts
12/13/2009 Say the Right Thing
12/13/2009 The Day the Squirrel Went Berserk
12/12/2009 Light the Way
12/08/2009 Silly Putty Happiness
12/06/2009 Dust on the Bible