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Name: Carol Penhorwood 
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Articles written: 334

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I began writing after I was in an accident in 1990 that resulted in my having fibromyalgia, a condition that is known for widespread pain and extreme fatigue. It seemed as if God was whispering to me in my pain and using it as an outlet to encourage, support and inspire others. It is my prayer that He will continue to use it in this way. My husband and I have been married for 46 years. We have three grown daughters and eleven wonderful grandchildren and just became great grandparents for the first time. We have truly been blessed with a loving family.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
09/16/10 Look Beyond The Darkness 989 For Sale
08/27/10 Night Shadows 550 For Sale
08/21/10 Held In His Arms 562 For Sale
07/19/10 Acceptance With Joy 586 For Sale
06/29/10 Through Thorny Ways 814 For Sale
06/17/10 Come Away 700 For Sale
06/08/10 Satan's Greatest Weapon 922 For Sale
05/31/10 Unwanted Visitors 656 For Sale
05/03/10 Under His Wings 1060 For Sale
04/28/10 Fear Not 1036 For Sale
04/20/10 Resting In You 716 For Sale
04/16/10 You Mean Me? 507 For Sale
04/12/10 Faith To Believe 514 For Sale
04/06/10 Believe It Or Not 525 For Sale
03/31/10 The Path To Joy 420 For Sale
03/16/10 Wings Of Faith 770 For Sale
03/15/10 Was It I? 448 For Sale
03/07/10 Just Because He Loved Me 499 For Sale
03/03/10 One Day 483 For Sale
02/23/10 Self Image 720 For Sale
02/21/10 The Price Of Eternity 409 For Sale
02/14/10 Filtered Through Love 808 For Sale
02/10/10 Together Again 456 For Sale
02/08/10 Fibromyalgia 491 For Sale
02/07/10 The Need For Peace 421 For Sale
02/02/10 Definition Of Idolatry 799 For Sale
02/02/10 The Talking Donkey and Balaam 933 For Sale
02/01/10 The Secret Of Victory 408 For Sale
01/29/10 God's Masterpiece 585 For Sale
01/28/10 Earthly Giants 423 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
08/21/14 Faith or Works
07/26/14 Nothing To Fear
05/30/12 Does God Care?
05/22/12 Uncertain Future
03/15/12 Clean Again
01/30/12 Just A Mother
01/18/12 Just One Of Many
10/29/11 Thirsty For More
09/12/11 Not For Sissies
08/10/11 Miraculously Designed
07/27/11 Forgiven But Scarred
07/20/11 Looking Beyond What I See
06/08/11 Valley Forge
05/21/11 Hats Off!
05/18/11 Wings To Fly
04/27/11 Seriously Blessed
04/20/11 Abundant Supply
04/12/11 One Little Ember
03/16/11 The Vastness Of God
03/02/11 Consuming Thoughts
02/16/11 How Can The World Go On?
02/10/11 The Years We Would Forget
02/02/11 The Daily Merry-Go-Round
01/26/11 From Despair To Hope
01/19/11 Beyond Requests
01/09/11 What Will It Take?
12/20/10 Heart To Heart
12/01/10 An Expression Of Faith
11/23/10 The Number Of The King
11/17/10 God Still Pursues
11/10/10 T(oo) M(uch) I(nformation)
11/03/10 Careless Words
10/27/10 The Power Of Words
10/11/10 Face To Face
09/15/10 A Tug Of War
09/08/10 Send Them Off With A Kiss
08/31/10 Should This Be My Last
08/25/10 From The Heart Of The Father
08/18/10 Masks
08/11/10 He Never Lets Go
08/04/10 A Reeking, Servant Heart
07/28/10 We Look But Don't See
07/20/10 Some Day
07/14/10 Heaven Is Silent
06/16/10 You Write?!
06/07/10 A Lender's Shopping Mall
06/02/10 How Am I Doing?
05/27/10 The Act Of Creation
05/19/10 One Writer's Legacy
05/11/10 The Heart Of It All
05/03/10 Heaven Sang
04/28/10 One Writer's Perspective
04/20/10 The Minutes Rush By
04/09/10 We Simply Shout, "Amen!"
03/15/10 The Scarlet Cord
03/10/10 Communication Please!
03/02/10 Love Sure Does Change
02/23/10 Those Pesky Interruptions
02/15/10 Am I Welcome At Walmart?
02/01/10 From "Grrr" To Grrratitude
01/26/10 Newlyweds
01/19/10 Something Wrong Here
01/10/10 Blessed By Pain
12/08/09 Olympic Color
12/03/09 Brown Eyes
11/18/09 Yellow--The Color of Happiness
11/07/09 Purple Divinity
11/04/09 God's Thumbprint

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