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Name: Jim Barringer
Website: facebook.com/jmbarringer
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Articles written: 53

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I'm 29 and working on a master's in Christian education at Southwestern Seminary. I enjoy worship ministry and youth ministry, as well as soccer, tennis, hunting, fishing, and writing.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
08/22/11 Prayer, Healing, and Skepticism 752 Free to Share
03/12/10 Love 507 Free to Share
03/12/10 Flower 482 Free to Share
02/15/10 Success for the Journey, Exodus 17 and 18 927 Free to Share
02/06/10 Running For the Prize 596 Free to Share
01/28/10 How to get exactly what you want from God 737 Free to Share
01/05/10 Giving away my favorite blanket 566 Free to Share
12/29/09 What I Learned From Airport Security 485 Free to Share
12/20/09 I accidentally cut a snake in half with a pair of scissors 965 Free to Share
12/20/09 You're dirt 647 Free to Share
12/19/09 Dear God, give me my reward 1021 Free to Share
12/19/09 My year of driving the speed limit 904 Free to Share
12/10/09 Cats and Christians 743 Free to Share
11/25/09 Making My Mini Me 514 For Sale
11/06/09 Should we anoint people with oil? 2644 For Sale
11/05/09 Have you seen an angel lately? 810 For Sale
11/03/09 Is the United States a Christian nation? 1259 For Sale
11/02/09 Giving God an Earful 544 Free to Share
10/29/09 Do pastors' prayers accomplish more? 591 For Sale
10/26/09 Unconditional love versus tolerating immorality 1090 Free to Share
10/26/09 Bumper Sticker Faith 1573 For Sale
10/20/09 Is Christianity killing itself? 727 For Sale
10/12/09 The Medicine Problem 619 For Sale
10/10/09 When we were homeless, rethinking the prodigal son 760 For Sale
10/07/09 The Death of Secular Humanism, Part 1 922 For Sale
10/07/09 The Death of Secular Humanism, Part 2 803 For Sale
10/07/09 Creating Positive Energy 1819 For Sale
10/06/09 Evangelism for Dummies, which is all of us 1183 For Sale
10/05/09 Why doesn't God punish sin immediately? 1035 For Sale
10/01/09 Why Isn't the Bible Simpler? 542 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
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01/10/10 God's Wooden Spoon

Critique Circle Postings
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Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
06/28/2015 Why It Is Love, Not Hate, To Reject Homosexuality
03/28/2014 Did Jesus Really Say Nothing About Homosexuality?
11/23/2011 Salvation: What About Children And Those Who Can't Understand?
11/18/2011 Do You Worry Like A Squirrel?
11/16/2011 Why Do False Religions "Work"?
11/16/2011 Not Just God's Will, But God's Timing
10/07/2011 God and Philosophy: When Is A Door Not A Door?
09/02/2011 Acceptance: Why You Might Be In Bondage To It (And Not Even Know)
08/24/2011 What makes a "good Christian" or a "good atheist"?
08/22/2011 Faith, Healing, and Skepticism
08/10/2011 How Do You Become a Joyful Person?
07/26/2011 The Beatitudes: Kingdom Attitudes Versus Worldly Wisdom
07/25/2011 Why Must Marriage Be Between One Man And One Woman?
06/27/2011 A Brief Argument Against War
06/23/2011 Criticism in the Church: Democracy, Dissent, and Authority
05/23/2011 Is Jesus Coming Back Soon?
05/09/2011 Why are atheists better educated than Christians?
05/02/2011 What Separates Jesus From Crackpot False Prophets?
04/21/2011 The Great Commission (Is Not What You Think)
04/11/2011 God Prefers Uncertainty
04/04/2011 3 Things Forgiveness Is Not
01/11/2011 Seven Reasons the New Testament Is Legit
01/11/2011 Why Belief In God Is Rational
11/18/2010 What's With All The Tourists?
11/16/2010 A Defense of Hypocrisy, Part Two (Jesus' Defense)
11/03/2010 Who is Melchizedek?
10/01/2010 Hebrews 1-2: A Targum
09/30/2010 Why did [God let] this happen?
08/18/2010 Sin, Science, and Animals
08/08/2010 Habakkuk 2: Your Life is Futile (And God Approves)
07/29/2010 How to Accidentally Cause Your Own Demise
07/21/2010 Choosing the weak to shame the strong
07/21/2010 A Stranger In Heaven
07/21/2010 Why Must Jesus Be The Only Way?
07/14/2010 A Brief Rebuttal to "The Flying Spaghetti Monster"
07/14/2010 Knowledge Versus Wonder: The Grudge Match!
07/13/2010 Is the Bible a science text?
07/13/2010 Redemption: Theology From "Toy Story 3"
07/13/2010 Made For Transformation
05/09/2010 The choice to like everybody
05/09/2010 "Judge not so you won't be judged" - Non-Christians' favorite verse
05/09/2010 Hope Often Looks Foolish
04/30/2010 How should we respond to church abuses?
04/30/2010 Should the world love or hate Christians?
04/30/2010 Faith 101: What to do when God says "Buy a banana hammock"
04/30/2010 Living With Death (or, "Squirrels, Apples, and Bacon")
04/28/2010 Jeremiah 29:11: Promises, Blessings, and You
04/28/2010 When Jesus practiced deception
04/28/2010 Angels and sin nature
04/14/2010 Some Questions About Hell
04/14/2010 Nature and Nature's God
04/14/2010 The Danger of Living Scientifically
04/06/2010 Will God give us what we pray for?
03/30/2010 Joy in Trials: Life lessons from the gym
03/29/2010 Why does earth even exist?
03/29/2010 What is "blaspheming the Holy Spirit," the unforgivable sin?
03/29/2010 Spiritual Inertia: Being stuck, and getting moving
03/21/2010 Heaven, hell, and..sheol? The Bible and the Afterlife
03/20/2010 Movie Review: "The Green Zone"
03/18/2010 The Value of a Human: An exploration
03/13/2010 Notice me!
03/12/2010 Father
03/12/2010 Here
03/09/2010 The Hardest People to Love
03/04/2010 Humanoholics Anonymous
03/04/2010 Go-Karting with Jesus
02/27/2010 Exodus 19: Before the Ten Commandments
02/19/2010 The Philosophy of "Fight Club"
02/18/2010 To Sacrifice For A Dream
02/18/2010 Are you an overcomer?
02/15/2010 Is Denial A Good Thing?
02/08/2010 Why are miracles so rare today?
02/08/2010 The world would be so much better if I was in charge!
02/06/2010 Running For the Prize
02/05/2010 Individualism: Good or Bad?
02/02/2010 On the tension between faith and science
01/29/2010 Don't miss your time to be blessed!
01/28/2010 How to get exactly what you want from God!
01/27/2010 Lunch With JJ: Lessons from a homeless man
01/24/2010 Why Environmentalism Cannot Replace Religion
01/19/2010 Four Minutes With Dan
01/18/2010 "Sell everything you have, and come, follow me"
01/14/2010 Do you smell glue?
01/14/2010 Life, Unlike Dinner, Is Better When Shared
01/05/2010 Giving away my favorite blanket
01/05/2010 Competition: The heart of a man
12/20/2009 You're dirt.
12/20/2009 The night I accidentally cut a snake in half with a pair of scissors
12/19/2009 Dear God: give me my reward!
12/18/2009 If life is a story, who's the bad guy?
12/17/2009 When God Says Move
12/16/2009 Is Our World Really a Fairy Tale? Thoughts on wonder
12/16/2009 When the Power Went Out
12/10/2009 The Hunger Inside
12/10/2009 "Dang it, Jim, I'm a realist, not a pessimist!"
12/03/2009 The Relational Gospel
11/23/2009 When God Leans Down
11/18/2009 Choosing God No Matter What
11/14/2009 Why won't God heal amputees?
11/10/2009 God Is Not Simple
11/09/2009 Should we call God "Father" or "Daddy"?
11/02/2009 What is God's will for your life?
11/02/2009 Giving God an Earful
10/22/2009 How could a good God...?
10/12/2009 My God Story
10/12/2009 Salvation Without Jesus?
10/12/2009 I Love Me Some Me
10/07/2009 The Ghost of Zacharias
10/07/2009 Messy People in a Messy World
09/18/2009 A Core Theology: Three Propositions
09/15/2009 Job 38: God's Sarcastic Side
09/15/2009 A Glimpse of Heaven, Part One
09/15/2009 The Hypocrisy of Pluralism
09/11/2009 From Where Does Morality Come?
09/10/2009 The Difference Between Praise and Worship
09/09/2009 H.P. Lovecraft: Why You Should Know About Him
09/09/2009 Follow Your Heart - Actually, Don't
09/09/2009 On Character
09/09/2009 Eddie Meets an Angel