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Name: Corinne Smelker 
Website: http://www.surrogateangelsofsanantonio.com/Home.html
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Articles written: 143

 About Self
I am the mom to 5 kids, and wife of one husband! I am a self-employed writer. I am also the administrator for Christian Family Church, a Christian Ministry located in San Antonio.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
12/10/03 Real or Fake? 1064 Free to Share
12/08/03 Extraordinary Love 911 Free to Share
12/08/03 Am I A Season? 848 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
05/13/15 Cheesecake, chocolate and coffee
04/23/15 Family— Oh yeah – Family…
04/12/15 Assegais and Shields
04/08/15 When the bat hits the fan
07/28/09 Jacaranda Blossoms
04/27/09 Old Tricks Are The Best Tricks
03/10/09 Servants of the Nation
02/25/09 Blind Eye
02/12/08 This Old House
02/06/08 Goldy II
01/28/08 Life Dream
01/22/08 Three Amigos
01/15/08 North vs. South
01/07/08 Promises, Promises
12/11/07 Letters to God
11/20/07 Pulpitum’s Persona
11/13/07 Shop of Serendipity
11/07/07 The Naked Truth
10/29/07 Sabbath Academy
10/22/07 Water is too good for them!
09/19/07 Lenin’s First Meeting
09/12/07 Where?
09/04/07 And The Prez Said…
08/21/07 Word Perplexities?
05/22/07 The Really Bad Poem
05/16/07 World of Words
04/30/07 Tag – You’re IT!
02/28/07 Total Pinheads
02/21/07 Summer Olympics 2007
01/31/07 Reading Station
01/22/07 The Art Of Conversation: Overheard at a Barbeque
01/17/07 Finding The Perfect Word
01/10/07 Fanning the Flame
12/13/06 Time’s A-Passing
12/06/06 Death of Naivety
11/28/06 A Long Tale
11/22/06 Reflections
11/16/06 Transkei Tragedy
11/01/06 Settling In
10/26/06 The Rocks Cry Out
10/18/06 Wat I want two bee wen I groe up
10/11/06 At First Sight
09/13/06 The First Act
08/28/06 The Cadence Company
08/21/06 Liberate or Die!
08/14/06 “Can y Rebel Am Achub hen rebel fel fi”
08/09/06 Mission Control, the Amazon is Calling
08/01/06 The Work of the Century
06/21/06 Doubly Blessed
06/05/06 Secret Place
05/24/06 The Pink Stuff
05/09/06 Dangling Hope
04/30/06 What Maketh A Man?
03/03/06 Your Heart Condemns You
02/25/06 Changing History
02/17/06 The Old Lie
02/02/06 A Living Hell
01/29/06 Down The Garden Path
07/31/05 Illegal Alien
07/10/05 That Beached Feeling
06/12/05 I Remember
05/29/05 Gift Unwrapped
05/22/05 Men Of The World Unite!
05/15/05 Mercury Rising
05/08/05 Keeping the Tradition Alive
05/01/05 A ‘Screwy’ Letter
04/24/05 Pipe Dreams And Decorations
04/17/05 Rubber Chicken and Speeches
03/20/05 Cowardly Captain
03/13/05 A Gentleman’s War
03/04/05 Freed From Prison
02/27/05 The Sunday Classifieds
02/18/05 The Whipping Boy
02/05/05 Where’s The Handbook?
01/26/05 Liberation Day
01/19/05 Hidden Hopes
11/30/04 No More Please!
11/08/04 Teenage Hunger Pangs
11/06/04 The Gang’s All Here
10/27/04 Melting Pot
10/24/04 Letters to Home
10/06/04 Joy Comes
09/29/04 World Wide Shortage!!
09/18/04 The Twelve Weeks Of Challenges - Can you Find Them All?
09/07/04 Side Effects
09/05/04 Diabolica’s Toast
08/23/04 And The Winner Is…
08/17/04 Silver Linings
08/05/04 Flight Of Fancy
07/29/04 Driving Ms. Devlin
07/20/04 Stinky Ol’ Cristofer
07/14/04 Tam
06/30/04 Airs Above Ground
06/15/04 Ain’t Nothing Gonna Hold Me Down!
03/15/04 So Long And Thanks For All The Fish…
03/08/04 Just A…
03/01/04 Crushed
02/23/04 Hayley’s Hero
02/16/04 Her Choice
02/09/04 A Tall Tale
02/02/04 Home Is Where The Gold Is!
01/26/04 I’m Not Insane — Yet!
01/19/04 A Field Of Nightmares
01/12/04 Mentoring Mothers
01/05/04 Shattered Dreams?
12/29/03 Leading A Horse From Water
12/23/03 Bubble & Squeak
12/16/03 Teagan’s Treasures
12/08/03 Am I A Season?
12/08/03 Am I A Season?

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