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Name: Shannon Hutchison
Website: www.insearchofabettertomorrow.com
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Articles written: 25

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I am a middle-aged male who now lives in Jackson, Michigan. I spent nine months of my life serving in the United States Navy, two years as a volunteer for the government volunteer program called VISTA, and five years in college to earn a Bachelorís of Science in Business Administration. For three years, I was the coordinator for the Jackson Talent Exchange, a program geared toward building the Jackson community by encouraging people to utilize their talents to help another in need. Two years ago, I started my own Internet ministry known as In Pursuit of Freedom Ministries, which still remains. Today, in my spare time, I lead bible study. My greatest desire is to save a life Ė just like how mine was saved by my former college instructor. Before I met Professor Duane Dobbert, my life was in ruins and seemingly had no chance for future success. I was controlled by an illness unknown to all. Being a psychology insructor, he saw my troubles and took an interest in me when most people seemed to do otherwise. Less than one year later, he sent me to the school counselor who referred me to a physiatrist for help. That doctor soon after discovered I had bipolar disorder. Three years later another physiatrist diagnosed me with an additional disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder. Today, after the right medications and much therapy, life is great. I owe my life to a teacher who believed my life was worth saving. Both God and I believe your life is worth saving. Through my writings, I hope to sow Godís truth to this dying world and let God be the Savior that we all desperately need Him to be. I want people to be free from their chains. Christ can make that happen. I am just His messenger.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
02/02/15 In Search Of Success In Spite Of A Mental Illness 73 Free to Share
07/14/14 My Mental Illness Recovery Story, Part 1 106 Free to Share
07/14/14 My Mental Illness Recovery Story, Part 2 91 Free to Share
07/14/14 My Mental Illness Recovery Story, Part 3 91 Free to Share
07/14/14 We Can All Be Heroes 102 Free to Share
09/30/13 Learning From David 166 Free to Share
07/07/13 Building Brick House Families 362 Free to Share
01/07/13 God And I Always Greater Than OCD 3548 Free to Share
10/22/12 We Are To Be Courageous 331 Free to Share
09/08/12 Love Stronger Than Any Rejection Or Mental Illness 795 Free to Share
11/28/11 Lets Follow In The Footsteps Of Abraham Lincoln 276 Free to Share
06/13/11 Houses of Retribution 306 Free to Share
01/14/11 The Boxer Within Us 402 Free to Share
12/08/10 Visionary Freedom 391 Free to Share
07/17/10 Lets Love Before It Is Too Late 429 Free to Share
07/17/10 Tyrannized No More 715 Free to Share
07/17/10 Tested and Tried 397 Free to Share
04/15/10 God, Please Help Me Overcome My OCD 12668 Free to Share
03/08/10 A World in Desperate Need of Love 780 Free to Share
02/09/10 For Joy We Climb 662 Free to Share
11/18/09 Seeking Love In All The Wrong Places 605 Free to Share
10/12/09 Where Love and Death Intersect 375 Free to Share
09/14/09 In Search of a Better Tomorrow 527 Free to Share
08/11/09 In Need of the Truth 476 Free to Share
08/11/09 Finding Victory From A Mental Illness 879 Free to Share
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