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Name: Robert Randle
Website: choirboy51.blogspot.com
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Articles written: 289

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01/17/12 Does the requirement of a photo ID violate the Voting Rights Act? 1045 Free to Share
01/16/12 How should the legacy of MLK be honored? 297 Free to Share
01/13/12 The 2012 Republican Presidential nomination still up for grabs 230 Free to Share
01/08/12 Trying to understand Gods Promise to Abraham 242 Free to Share
01/08/12 Was it Sarah who attracted the interest of King Abimelech? 330 Free to Share
01/02/12 Which Republican presidential candidate would you most likely vote for? 362 Free to Share
12/26/11 Is Mitt Romney the best the GOP has to offer? 235 Free to Share
12/25/11 Jesus Christ celebrated December 25th 229 Free to Share
12/24/11 X Factors first season grand finale was xcellent 221 Free to Share
12/23/11 Peace of Earth and goodwill toward men? 221 Free to Share
12/21/11 A brief overview on 1 Peter 1 thru 5 287 Free to Share
12/20/11 Which is the 'real' Jesus? 259 Free to Share
12/16/11 Was the Iraq War worth the cost? 187 Free to Share
12/02/11 Mother of fifteen children is now homeless 420 Free to Share
12/02/11 The Economic recovery is still a Pipe Dream 183 Free to Share
11/23/11 The qualification for Elder in the Christian Church 284 Free to Share
11/23/11 Jesus in bad company 406 Free to Share
11/22/11 Letter of Apology to Hillary R Clinton 289 Free to Share
11/20/11 A perspective on bowing before the Presence of God 199 Free to Share
11/17/11 Occupy Wall St demonstrators ignore the real villains 174 Free to Share
11/16/11 Explaining that Baptism is more than the act of immersion in water 207 Free to Share
11/13/11 Political fodder for the week ending November 12, 2011 171 Free to Share
11/12/11 Christmas just doesnt seem so special anymore 298 Free to Share
11/12/11 Clarifying some misconceptions about Satan 357 Free to Share
11/12/11 Just really what was the sin of Adam and Eve? 226 Free to Share
11/12/11 Joe Paterno scapegoat or scoundrel? 313 Free to Share
11/12/11 Should the military ordain nonChristian Chaplains? 313 Free to Share
11/09/11 Explaining the meaning of Hebrews 10 26 279 Free to Share
11/09/11 Message from a Black Democrat 184 Free to Share
11/07/11 Why is God jealous? 184 Free to Share
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04/13/2013 A letter to the NRA
03/16/2013 A tale of two Old Testament Cities
03/11/2013 The gospel according to the Church of Oprah
03/10/2013 Is Mystery BabylonRome or Jerusalem?
03/10/2013 Jesus' Resurrection to His disciples in Mark's gospel
03/10/2013 Liturgy of the Eucharist
02/16/2013 Barack Obama's 2013 State of the Union speech
02/01/2013 The plain truth about jobs numbers and economic recovery
12/18/2012 Officials missing the point on Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre
10/05/2012 Obama takes on the chin in first debate against Mitt Romney
08/31/2012 A promising newcomer in the dietary supplement marketplace
07/23/2012 Exactly what was the curse of Noah all about?
07/19/2012 Homosexuality in the Old and New Testament
03/08/2012 The Bible and Reincarnation
03/05/2012 The trouble in the Church at Corinth (Part 1)
03/05/2012 What does the appearance of God look like?
01/17/2012 How should the legacy of MLK be honored?
01/02/2012 Which Republican presidential candidate would you vote for?
12/25/2011 Jesus Christ celebrated December 25th
12/20/2011 Which is the 'real' Jesus?
12/02/2011 Mother of fifteen children is now homeless
11/24/2011 Jesus in bad company
11/23/2011 The qualification for Elder in the Christian Church
11/17/2011 Explaining that Baptism is more than the act of immersion in water
11/17/2011 Occupy Wall St demonstrators ignore the real villains
11/12/2011 Christmas just doesn't seem so special anymore
11/12/2011 Crystal Cathedral Church files for bankruptcy
11/12/2011 Message from a Black Democrat
11/12/2011 Should the military ordain non-Christian Chaplains?
11/12/2011 Joe Paterno scapegoat or scoundrel?
11/12/2011 Just really what was the sin of Adam and Eve?
11/12/2011 Clarifying some misconceptions about Satan
11/09/2011 Explaining the meaning of Hebrews 10: 25-26
11/07/2011 Why is God jealous?
10/27/2011 Just how does God save a person from their sins?
10/27/2011 What might Moammar Gadhafi testify about from the grave?
10/27/2011 Spanking as a form of discipline had its merit
10/27/2011 The Republicans early holiday gift to Barack Obama
10/27/2011 Reflection on the Tenth Anniversary of 911
10/27/2011 A critical study on Speaking in Tongues
08/10/2011 Is Christ divided?
07/30/2011 The Thief on the Cross
07/14/2011 What would your spiritual obituary read like?
07/14/2011 My House shall be called a House of Prayer
07/14/2011 Will Jesus find "only" leaves or fruit on your fig tree?
05/09/2011 The Biblical perspective on killing Osama bin Laden
05/03/2011 The Law of Moses was given through the administration of angels
04/26/2011 How to ex-communicate and restore a sinning Church member
04/26/2011 Jewish Monotheism developed over a period of many centuries
04/26/2011 What should be the attitude of Christians toward Easter?
04/03/2011 NATO workers slain in protests over Quran burning
03/28/2011 Suicide Bombers defame Islam, the Holy Koran the Prophet Muhammad and God Allah as well
03/16/2011 Is eternal punishment Soul Annihilation or the Lake of Fire?
02/08/2011 Is the Rapture of the Christian Church largely misunderstood?
01/28/2011 How could they get it so wrong?
01/19/2011 The Book of Daniel chapters 8-11
01/11/2011 Does the Tucson shooting implicate Sarah Palin and the Tea Party?
01/05/2011 Was Jesus around the age of thirty or fifty during His minisrty?
12/31/2010 Discussion of Isaiah chapter 7
12/31/2010 The Jewish perspective on whether the Messiah has arrived or not
12/25/2010 Was Jesus Christ really born on December 25th?
12/21/2010 Should a Christian celebrate and attribute religious significance to the Christmas holiday?
12/20/2010 Route of the Israelites Exodus from Egypt
12/15/2010 Looking at the twelve sons of Jacob entrance into the land of Egypt
11/30/2010 Just who are the ministers of Satan?
11/13/2010 Explaining the ancient origin of paganism
11/04/2010 Democrats suffer heavy losses in midterm election
10/25/2010 Christian clergy involvement in sex scandals is nothing new
10/19/2010 What really brought down the Twin Towers?
10/19/2010 Christine O'Donnell just may be her own worst enemy
10/02/2010 Transracial adoptions by White Celebrities on the rise
10/02/2010 What life was like in America before 911 had happened?
10/02/2010 Some Straight Talk about Gays serving in the Military
09/23/2010 Its time for a clean sweep in Washington D.C.
09/07/2010 The Dove World Outreach Church offers bonfire instead of Olive branch
09/07/2010 Seattle Police involved in fatal shooting of deaf man
08/20/2010 Arabs mentioned more prominently in Jewish Bible than most people think
08/18/2010 Taking a closer look at the Midianites
08/18/2010 Some things you might not know about King Solomon
08/18/2010 The miracle working rod of Aaron
08/18/2010 Man in the Mirror
08/09/2010 Taking a Second look at the Feast of Passover/Unleavened Bread
08/09/2010 African American discusses Near Death Experience
07/31/2010 The selling of the land in Palestine
07/28/2010 Why doesnt the Christian Church perform more miracles today?
07/20/2010 Did the original Apostles fulfill the Great Commission?
07/19/2010 Glimpses into some Biblical events Timelines
07/19/2010 Did Jesus ascend back to Heaven from Galilee or outside of Jerusalem?
07/19/2010 NAACP accuses Tea Party of racist agenda
07/12/2010 Were seven nations really destroyed by the Israelites in the land of Canaan?
07/12/2010 The Obama Administrations First Crisis Management Response fails test
07/12/2010 Seattle and King County Police Officers out of control?
07/12/2010 Should convicted felons be allowed the right to vote?
06/15/2010 Is Vigilantism the convenient new form of crime deterrent?
05/25/2010 The different perspectives on the identity of the Messiah
05/17/2010 A critical look at the dating of "Pentecost" [Shavuot] and giving of the Law EDIT
05/11/2010 Does the TANAKH testify about Jesus as the Christ Yeshua Moshiach?
05/11/2010 My first visit to Temple Beth El in Tacoma WA
05/04/2010 Was Jesus a Torah observant Jew or the founder of a new religion?
05/04/2010 He arose the Third Day according to the Scriptures
05/04/2010 Are You the Coming One or do we look for Another?
04/21/2010 Do employees have Right-of-privacy when using work-issued communication devices?
04/21/2010 Why does the mention of Holy War nearly scare us to death?
04/21/2010 Board Game causes protest from Native Americans
04/19/2010 President Obama and the Members of Congress may need to reread "The Constitution"
04/19/2010 Chronological order of the Prophetical Books of the Bible
04/16/2010 What's the real issue in the Health Insurance debate?
04/10/2010 The search for a Palestinian Homeland
04/07/2010 Was Jesus really forsaken on the Cross of Calvary?
04/07/2010 TESORO Refinery fire in Anacortes, WA
03/29/2010 Setting The record straight About The Legacy Of Cain
03/29/2010 Is The Eucharist Or Lord's Supper In Reality The Jewish Passover Seder?
03/23/2010 Hillary Clinton's comment may be a wake-up call for Israel
03/16/2010 Rielle breaks silence, but is anyone really listening or even care?
03/15/2010 Discussion of the term "Kindling a Fire"
03/11/2010 Should the "Holy land" be occupied by the Palestinians or the Israelis?
03/09/2010 The Importance of the country of Syria in Christianity
03/08/2010 Did God establish His Covenant with the Gentile Nations or the Jews?
03/06/2010 The Land promised to Abraham's Descendants
03/01/2010 Study in the Books of Exodus-Deuteronomy (receiving the Law [Torah])
01/13/2010 Senator Harry Reid's comment about Barack Obama not all that surprising
01/11/2010 Moses' three 'Signs' to the children of Israel
01/11/2010 Shechem and Hebron: Famous and often overlooked cities of Bible Times
12/21/2009 The birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth
12/10/2009 The Shemite Family, Jewish and Arab ancestry in the Book of GENESIS
12/03/2009 Slain Police Officers shock Washington residents
11/14/2009 Dear Tyra: Let's get fiercesome real here, OK!
11/10/2009 Baptism in the Name of Jesus [Yeshua]
11/02/2009 Mark of the Beast and the Number 666
10/27/2009 African-American females and the having "Good hair/Bad hair" controversy
10/21/2009 Did Luke the Physician write the Book of ACTS?
10/19/2009 Could the Advent of the LORD Jesus [Yeshua] occur in this Generation?
10/16/2009 Overview of the O.T. Messianic references in the Gospels
10/16/2009 Was the Pharaoh during the Israelite Enslavement and Deliverance a Native Egyptian?
10/14/2009 Feasts celebrated by the Israelites since the Wilderness of Mt. Sinai
10/05/2009 Should Christian clergy be armed during Worship or any other sacred Assembly?
10/05/2009 The Gospel message to convert the Jews
10/01/2009 Christianity is just another branch on the ancient tree of Judaism
10/01/2009 The Church [assembly] that is in their House
10/01/2009 Jesus' last Passover Feast with the Disciples before His Crucifixion
09/30/2009 "His Blood be Upon Us and our Children"
09/30/2009 Were the Israelites ever truly entirely Monotheistic?
09/30/2009 The Son of God problem for the Jews
09/28/2009 Jesus, John the Baptizer, and the Apostle Paul meet the Herodian Dynasty
09/28/2009 What are you claiming in your Ministry?
09/28/2009 Textual Criticism and Exegesis of the Gospel of JOHN
09/26/2009 Critical Exegesis of the Gospel of LUKE
09/26/2009 How some believers profane the Sabbath Day
09/26/2009 Does God accept your worship?
09/17/2009 Should School Districts lower Graduation requirements?
09/16/2009 Should Christians honor the Sabbath Day?
09/16/2009 Is the sacred Name of the Savior Jesus, Immanuel, or Yeshua?
09/11/2009 Textual Criticism and Exegesis of the Gospel of Mark
08/20/2009 Elizabeth Edwards: Don't feel sorry for me
08/18/2009 Textual Criticism and Exegesis of the Gospel of Matthew
08/10/2009 Is it wrong to use musical instruments in Christian worship services?
08/09/2009 A sneak peek on the Day of Judgment
08/08/2009 The Second Amendment and the Right to Bear Arms
08/08/2009 What are the Commandments that Christians are supposed to keep?
07/07/2009 Society needs to take tougher stance on "Cheating" spouses
07/04/2009 Having a form of godliness but denying its power
07/04/2009 Just What is the Woman's Role in the Church?
07/04/2009 Should Christians participate in public demonstrations against the Civil Governmental Authorities?
06/30/2009 Michael Jackson: The Boy Prince of Never Never Land
06/26/2009 The Ark of the Covenant of God
06/26/2009 Can God find just ten righteous souls?
06/26/2009 Have the gifts of the Holy Spirit ceased?
06/26/2009 Are Christian Religious Symbols a form of Idolatry?
06/26/2009 The Prosperity Gospel leaves Christians Spiritually Shortchanged
06/22/2009 The real Strongman of the Bible
06/21/2009 There is "Sin" in the camp
06/21/2009 What Jesus taught about the Sign of the Times and End of the Age
06/20/2009 What would you do if Tomorrow never came?
06/20/2009 Is Jesus Christ really God?
06/19/2009 Do you have to be Baptized to be saved?
06/19/2009 Just what is God's Name?
06/19/2009 Was John the "Disciple" whom Jesus loved?
06/18/2009 How many Apostles were there and what are their names?
06/18/2009 Are Tacoma mayoral candidates closet Christians?
06/18/2009 The Seven Churches of Asia Minor in the Book of Revelation
06/18/2009 Biblical Shakespeare: "To be ('divorced') or not to be (unhappily married ever after); that is the Question?"
06/18/2009 Taking the issue of Sin seriously
06/18/2009 What must I do to obtain Eternal Life?
06/18/2009 The Book of the Law of God
06/18/2009 Was Jesus really Crucified on "Good Friday?"
06/18/2009 The tie that binds the Iranian and Jewish People
06/18/2009 Do we as Human beings have Freewill?
06/17/2009 The Jewish roots of the Christian Church
06/17/2009 Why the Christian Church grew so rapidly
06/17/2009 Christian Mega-Churches: A Sign of the Times?
06/17/2009 INRI: Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews
06/17/2009 Do we really know what happened to Judas Iscariot?
06/17/2009 How to really worship the Lord God
06/17/2009 There is power in the "Name of Jesus"
06/17/2009 Do you have the "Faith" to be healed?
06/17/2009 Just how did Pharaoh's Army drown in the Red Sea?
06/17/2009 "WHAT IF" Jesus Christ applied for American Citizenship?
06/17/2009 Are you offering "strange fire" to the Lord?
06/16/2009 Where will God's Elect/Chosen spend eternity in the Afterlife?
06/16/2009 What does it mean to be "Born Again?"
06/16/2009 The Calling to Christian Ministry is not an Occupation
06/16/2009 Do we as believing Christians have Faith or are we merely superstitious?
06/16/2009 Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?
06/16/2009 A plea for Christian unity
06/16/2009 The Biblical perspective on the Institution of Marriage
06/16/2009 Are Christians commanded to Tithe?