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Name: Cindy Tuttle
Website: http://home.comcast.net/~cindytuttle08/index.html
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Articles written: 355

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Hello, I am a Christian freelance writer.I am an inspirational speaker and provide retreats and uplifting presentations. I have great news! CrossLink Publishing has published Finding the Light of Jesus. This is a traditional publisher and has reflections and prayers helping us focus on the light of Jesus and how we can follow Jesus in faith. I have been or will be published in thirteen periodicals and I have three inspirational novels I am working on. One is completed called Cathy's Secret.This is a love story and also shows how she grows in faith. The other novel is called A Special Love Story. It is a story about two people with severe mental illness who fall in love.Bruce Barbour my agent is represnting me with these two books. I write poems, aticles, non-fiction Christian books,short stories, and have written words to a song which has a copyrite.I also have two children manuscripts called Faith Town and Tommy's Promise. They are middle grade Christian manuscripts.If you would like to contact me you can at cindytuttle08@comcast.net or www.cindytuttletheauthor.com. Thank you so much for your interest. I look forward to hearing from you.
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10/08/12 Waters of Love 176 For Sale
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10/29/11 God's Wondrous Call 317 For Sale
10/29/11 Morning Prayer 293 For Sale
10/26/11 We Are Called by God 257 For Sale
10/25/11 May I be a Gift to Jesus 258 For Sale
10/24/11 Don't Give Up 286 For Sale
10/22/11 Prayer of Overcoming Anxiety 278 For Sale
10/21/11 Spiritual Surrender to Our Soul 265 For Sale
10/20/11 Prayer For a Faith Sharing Group 245 For Sale
10/18/11 Psalm of Morning Praise 305 For Sale
10/16/11 Jesus is With us in Times of Despair 308 For Sale
10/12/11 Praying Daily With Mother Teresa for October 566 For Sale
09/24/11 Night prayer 431 For Sale
09/07/11 Prayer of Faith 368 For Sale
08/10/11 The Gift of Challenges 441 For Sale
08/08/11 Jesus's Prayer for an Abused Child 377 For Sale
08/07/11 Everyone is Holy 345 For Sale
08/05/11 Living in Faith or Fear 341 For Sale
08/05/11 What if Jesus Knocked on Our Door Today? 391 For Sale
08/03/11 Prayer of Morning Praise 357 For Sale
08/02/11 The Beat of Love 295 For Sale
08/01/11 Dancing With Jesus 354 For Sale
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Date Title

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