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Name: Linda Germain 
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Articles written: 321

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It has been my privilege to have been a member of Faithwriters since 2003, back in its infancy. Although I was always a wordsmith of sorts, and even obtained a degree in English, the serious pursuit of writing took a backseat when my career as an RN claimed the front one. Due to unexpected personal medical circumstances, my life goals were forced to change. It is this wonderful Faithwriters site that gave me the courage and support to stride forward into the world of freelance writing and editing. From book reviewing to Challenge judging, this is the place that has allowed me to grow and share in immeasurable ways (spiritually and as an author). I wrote a one act play that was performed by a local drama group, had a humor column in an e-zine for a year, edited numerous articles, dissertations, and books for others, and have published in several places. Without the safety, comfort, and integrity of a loving website for Christian writers, none of the steps I have taken to becoming a freelance professional would have happened. For that I am eternally thankful.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
03/16/13 The Greatest Mystery 441 Free to Share
02/13/13 Cross Examination in the Court of Valentine 335 Free to Share
02/13/13 Ode to a Toad 370 Free to Share
12/19/12 Waiting for Bread 335 Free to Share
07/04/12 Mr Franklin Has His Say 374 Free to Share
04/04/12 Angel He Has Heard on High 427 Free to Share
10/02/07 Deep Purple Prose Noted 1089 Not For Sale
09/21/07 Snap Short Entries for Mini Challenge 931 Not For Sale
06/18/06 Right Church Wrong Pew 1153 Free to Share
12/07/05 December 7 1941 She Was There 1540 Free to Share
11/13/05 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the NEW Forum 1030 Free to Share
03/13/04 Dessert Hair 1402 Free to Share
12/28/03 God Seasons 1305 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
02/11/16 More Than A Peeling
01/11/16 For the Record
07/27/15 Your Place or Mine?
05/26/15 Feet, Don't Fail Me Now!
03/04/15 Security of Provisions
02/09/15 Ambushed by Fifty Shades of Red
06/11/14 Courage on the Midnight Express
05/28/14 Friendship Down
05/21/14 Broken English Man
05/07/14 My Secret to Confronting Wild Life
03/12/14 Reflections at the Greasy Spoon
02/26/14 Never Poke at a Bear
02/19/14 Don't Cry For Me Erma Bombeck
06/13/12 The Ultimate Cardiac Monitor
06/07/12 In the Pink
06/06/12 In the Pink
05/29/12 Happy Trails, Until We Meet Again
05/23/12 Warning Shots
05/16/12 Absolution at the Diner
05/09/12 Whistler's Mother, Restored
05/02/12 Sailing on the Steward Ship
04/25/12 The General Was A Pushy Girl
04/17/12 Two and a Half Women
04/11/12 Backfired Retreat
03/14/12 Mr. Franklin Has His Say
03/07/12 Bitter-Sweet and Silly
02/29/12 Who Was That Scary man?
02/15/12 Secrets at the Clinic
02/09/12 Expiration Date
02/01/12 Overqualified
01/25/12 Heart Conditions
01/18/12 Aggravating Bully Rules
01/11/12 With the Stroke of a Pen
12/21/11 Wake-Up Call
11/14/11 Re-Boot Camp 101
10/29/11 Grandma's Excellent Adventure
10/19/11 Right Under Our Noses
09/19/11 Who You Know and If You're Cute
09/15/11 He Who Has the Last Laugh
09/07/11 Little Voice--Big Man
08/28/11 Faith, Hope, and Transportation
08/22/11 Laughing at the Bogey Man
08/10/11 Cloister Me and Set Me Free
08/03/11 Time to M.O.O.B.
07/27/11 Hooligan Stew
07/18/11 Final Approach
07/13/11 Thorns In My Rose Garden
06/15/11 Better Than Double Coupons
06/06/11 Interpretive Square Dancing Clarified
06/02/11 The Scent of Character
05/25/11 Life Imitating Art
05/18/11 A Pound of Flesh
05/11/11 Certified and First Class
05/04/11 Gettin' Down and Groovy One More Time
04/27/11 Sriking it Rich
04/20/11 Dumb Animals
04/13/11 Sweet Dreams on Elm Street
03/16/11 View from the Brink
03/09/11 The Next to the Last Minute
03/02/11 Her Life Sentence
02/24/11 Significant Ashes
02/16/11 Here's What I'd Do
02/09/11 Appointment with Time and Tide
02/02/11 Her Dawn's Early Light
01/27/11 Sound Measurements
01/19/11 The Stickin' Times
01/12/11 No Kids Allowed
12/22/10 One Wise Guy's Opinion
12/08/10 Lofty Letters for Dear Me
12/02/10 Who Needs Words?
11/22/10 Ambush of a Tele-Phony
11/18/10 Crying in the Wilderness
11/10/10 A Happy Sad Love Story
11/04/10 Fruit of the Grapevine
10/27/10 What the Letter Said
10/17/10 The Text Book Case
09/15/10 Granny Said So
09/08/10 Swapping Moccasins
08/25/10 Glorious Inspiration
08/19/10 Note in a Fundamental Key
08/12/10 Bring in da Noise, Take out da Junk
08/03/10 When Every Scent Counts
07/28/10 Driving Miss Crazy
07/14/10 Hearing Disorder Healed
06/16/10 The Qualifying Race
06/08/10 He Read Her Like A Book
05/25/10 Short Term Parking Only
05/15/10 Charge of the Write Brigade
05/11/10 All the World's a Critic
05/03/10 Reality Wrapped in Delusion
04/28/10 Talent Seeks its Course
04/19/10 She did WHAT?
04/14/10 Turn Right and Keep Going
03/17/10 A Grave Victory
03/10/10 Lifting Ugly's Veil
03/03/10 Serious Rock in My Slingshot
02/24/10 Forsaking Sound Addiction
02/17/10 One Nearly Missed Pick-Up
02/10/10 Seeing and Believing
02/03/10 Lost in the Newlywed Game
01/27/10 Loving Through
01/20/10 The Real Truth About Consequences
01/11/10 Please...Rescue Me!
11/18/09 Room to Share
11/11/09 The Strain of Stain
11/01/09 Bath, Bed, and Beyond
10/28/09 Random Reflections from the Color Wheel
10/21/09 Baa, Baa, Baa
10/11/09 Rewinding Life's Bluepers
10/04/09 Between the Devil and the Deep Red Sea
09/16/09 It Doeth Good...Like Medicine
06/03/09 The Tooth of the Matter
05/27/09 Ben Franklin and My Granny
05/20/09 Density Forgiven
05/13/09 Released
05/06/09 The Other Side of the Window
04/28/09 Hoodwinked
04/22/09 Going Through the Door, Door, Door
04/14/09 He Says, She Says
04/06/09 An Uppity-Downity Lesson
03/18/09 One Angel of Mercy
03/04/09 Touched by a Stranger
02/24/09 She Knew What She Knew
02/18/09 Cross Roads
02/04/09 Historical Odyssey with Native Perspective
01/25/09 Cashing My Reality Check
01/20/09 Wherefore in the World Art Thou?
01/12/09 The Best Laid Plans
12/08/08 For Whom the Christmas Bell Tolls
11/30/08 Kindred Spirits
11/26/08 Rolling Home
11/19/08 From the Gift Horse's Mouth
11/12/08 One Trip of a Lifetime
11/05/08 The Night the Lights Came on in Georgia
10/28/08 Man Way Overboard
10/20/08 The Baker's Man
10/15/08 A Most Excellent Tree Secret
10/05/08 Hit it Mildred
09/17/08 Life Cycling, Not Back Pedaling
09/10/08 Photo Finish
09/02/08 Sweeping Truth under the Rug
08/26/08 Dogmatic Patience
08/17/08 The True and False Test
08/13/08 Dr. Jeckle was Mr. Hide
08/03/08 Open To Interpretation
07/27/08 God, The Woodshed, and Me
07/23/08 A Most Clear Connection
07/16/08 Pesky Potholes on Memory Lane
06/12/08 Before It's Too Late
06/04/08 Safe at Last
05/28/08 Dozens of Cousins
05/13/08 Finding Mary
04/30/08 Moving to the Motherhood
03/05/08 The Peace of Clear Vision
02/27/08 Eye Witness News
02/18/08 What Bugged Mrs. Carter
02/12/08 Plan B
02/06/08 The Better Part of Valor
01/27/08 Satisfaction Not Guaranteed
01/23/08 Trauma Drama
01/15/08 Let's Make A Big Deal
01/07/08 The Mending Way
12/12/07 A Little Brown Church in the Vale
12/03/07 An Out of Order Meeting
11/29/07 The Unwrapping
11/19/07 The Straight Shooting Shepherd
11/12/07 A Truth Shared
11/08/07 Headed for the Whitewashed Sepulcher
10/29/07 The Gospel According to Maggie June
10/21/07 When There Seems To Be No Way
10/17/07 In Whatever Circumstance
10/09/07 All That Glitters
09/20/07 Composed Between Lines of Confusion
09/12/07 Who's the Birdbrain?
09/05/07 Boldilocks and the Big Bad Wolf
08/29/07 No Fear-Knot
08/23/07 The 64 Thousand Shekel Question
08/09/07 Serving Time
07/30/07 A Message of Grave Importance
07/25/07 Conduct on the Edge
07/18/07 Slap Happy Pappy
07/12/07 Challenging that Blessed Assurance
06/13/07 A Mile in Other Moccasins
06/07/07 My Cat's Pajamas
05/31/07 Diagram of a Life Sentence
05/22/07 Long Distance Calling
05/17/07 Oblivious and Beyond
05/10/07 The Death Gate
05/01/07 Merci Beaucoup, Senora
04/25/07 Sight Unseen
04/18/07 What's For Supper, Captain Grandma?
04/12/07 The Great Deception
03/12/07 Grace Notes in Minor Key
03/07/07 Shopping with Cyber Dummy
03/01/07 He Kept Her in Stitches
02/21/07 Not Fit to Serve?
02/14/07 Loving Ugly
02/06/07 Trawling in a State of Sunshine
01/31/07 Reading it Right
01/23/07 Mystery of a Cat Framed
01/17/07 Judgment Day
01/10/07 Metaphorical Food for Thought
12/13/06 No Cry Baby
12/07/06 Once Lost, Now Found
11/28/06 Here Am I
11/22/06 The Post Script
11/14/06 Duty Calls
11/08/06 Is There a Doctor in the House?
10/30/06 Teaching it Forward
10/24/06 The Great Commissionary
10/17/06 Oh, Those Blues in the Night
10/12/06 Swaddled in Asbestos Armor
09/13/06 Plant Now, Dig Later
09/06/06 It's a Treat to Beat Your Feet
08/16/06 The Best Way Out is THROUGH
08/08/06 She Saw The Light - At Last
08/01/06 Labor in Vain
07/20/06 Soul Train: Bound for Glory
07/12/06 Great Expectations (i)
06/19/06 The Life Saver
06/13/06 Rescued
06/08/06 Picture Perfect
05/30/06 Destiny's Cloak
05/18/06 Rooted in Prosperity
05/08/06 The Final Resort
05/03/06 Paradise Lost in Translation
04/27/06 Feeding On The Word
04/12/06 Happily Ever After
03/13/06 The Lock-Mess Monster
03/05/06 End of the Road
02/25/06 Out of My Hands
02/17/06 The End of Her Reason
02/09/06 Forgive Us Our Trespassing
02/04/06 Contolling Interest
01/27/06 Probing Space
01/22/06 Dying To Start
01/15/06 For Sale: Home Sweet Home
01/07/06 About Facing The Music
12/12/05 Treason
12/05/05 Spring Training
11/28/05 Waking Up in a Grapevine Covered Cottage
11/17/05 The Winters of My Contentment
11/12/05 Beautiful Contradiction
10/31/05 Scent on the Trail
10/24/05 Falling on the Just and Unjust
09/15/05 MOTEL 5 1/2
09/04/05 Fruit Yielded in Season
08/14/05 Tour Guide Lost
08/06/05 All The Comforts of Home
07/17/05 The Big Brown Tent
07/10/05 Memory Colored Seascape
06/12/05 An In Your Face Guidebook For Fathers Who May Need One
06/05/05 Angel He Has Heard On High
05/30/05 It's Her Birthday and I'll Cry if I Want To
05/22/05 A Valentine is to Love what Hog Calling is to Music
05/12/05 Brand New Years
05/07/05 Her Mother's Hard Time
05/01/05 Holy Day, Fatman!
04/23/05 Sands of Time
04/16/05 I Can't Dance - Don't Ask Me
03/20/05 Sink or Swim - A Navigation Parable
03/12/05 Shrewd Businessman Pulls a Fast One
03/06/05 Thy Will Be Done
02/27/05 Forward Into Battle
02/10/05 Strangers in the Night
02/02/05 Where, Oh Where Can She Be?
01/30/05 Stomping those Grapes of Wrath
01/23/05 Sounding the Alarm - Waking the Dead
12/12/04 E-Mail Order Bride
11/23/04 Cardiac Resuscitation
11/20/04 Heart Failure
11/14/04 Cat on a Slippery Tin Roof
11/04/04 Crossing the Line to Win the Race
10/20/04 He Who Laughs Last
10/17/04 Eating to Live
10/03/04 Juggling in Place
09/19/04 So BLUE she could cry
09/11/04 Right As Rain
09/01/04 Less Pomp, More Circumstance
08/19/04 Getting What You Ask For
08/11/04 Run Bull Run
08/08/04 Heavenly Vision
08/01/04 Mom and Pop Quizzes
07/18/04 Dead Man Talking
07/11/04 Press, Release - Peer Police!
07/04/04 The First Day of the Rest of Her Life
06/20/04 Rest Stop Sign
06/13/04 Fishing with Jail Bait
06/06/04 Beginning again...AGAIN!
05/23/04 Bushwhacking Guide 101
04/20/04 Labor of Love by L.C.Germain
04/18/04 Humoring Pride
04/11/04 Do not enter - At your own risk
04/04/04 Facing Hope
03/26/04 Mustard Seed verses Mountain
03/20/04 Pickled Peace Pipes
03/13/04 Heroes r Us
03/06/04 Fixing the Power Failure
02/29/04 The Barefoot Disciple
02/21/04 Celestial Shore
02/11/04 Ode to a Toad
02/08/04 Good Sense of Direction
02/01/04 Can you hear me NOW?
01/18/04 Acceptance Beach
01/11/04 Look for the UNION LABEL
12/28/03 Distinguished Service
12/14/03 God Seasons

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
06/15/2012 The Final Supreme Act
03/23/2008 Angel He Has Heard on High
12/22/2007 Holy Day, Fatman
11/23/2007 Deep Purple Prose Noted
11/23/2007 A Truth Shared
10/15/2006 Saving Her Grace