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Name: Miz KJV Only
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Articles written: 237

 About Self
Daughter of the Most High God who likes to post her Pastor's sermons on different Christian forums and websites. I don't take the credit for any sermons I post.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
08/16/14 Sabbath 8/16/14 Daytona SDB Pastor Wray sermon ďDirty KissesĒ 11 Free to Share
08/16/14 Sabbath 8/16/14 Alfred Station SDB Pastor Ken sermon Template For Sabbath 12 Free to Share
08/09/14 Saturday 8/9/14 Alfred Station SDB Pastor Ken sermon The Solution 34 Free to Share
08/09/14 Saturday 8914 Daytona SDB Pastor Wray sermon Be a Life Maker 24 Free to Share
08/07/14 Saturday 8/2/14 Daytona SDB Minister Terri sermon Itís Not My Fault 19 Free to Share
08/02/14 Saturday 8/2/14 Alfred Station SDB Pastor Tim sermon Jacobís Ladder 25 Free to Share
07/27/14 Saturday 7/26/14 Daytona SDB Pastor Wray sermon-Seven Priceless Privileges and Possessions in Christ 31 Free to Share
07/26/14 Saturday 7/26/14 Alfred Station SDB, Pastor Cedric sermon: Keep The Fire Burning 30 Free to Share
07/19/14 Saturday 7/19/14 Pastor Ken sermon Adamís Guilt 30 Free to Share
07/19/14 Saturday 7/12/14 Pastor Wray sermon Transforming Our Hearts & Minds part 1 27 Free to Share
07/17/14 Making it Clear and Plain and Plain and Clear 35 Free to Share
07/12/14 Saturday 7/12/14 Pastor Ken sermon The Lordís Supper-Communion 39 Free to Share
07/05/14 Saturday July 5,2014 Pastor Ken sermon Yes Sin Entered the World 41 Free to Share
07/05/14 Saturday 7/5/14 Pastor Wray sermon Your Whole Life Matters to God! 42 For Sale
06/29/14 Saturday 6/28/14 Pastor Wray sermon The Purpose of My Life part 2 43 Free to Share
06/28/14 Saturday 6/28/14 Pastor Ken sermon: GRACE 44 Free to Share
06/21/14 Saturday 6/21/14 Minister Terri sermon-Donít Give Up, Donít Give In 41 Free to Share
06/14/14 Saturday 6/14/14 Pastor Wrayís sermon = The Purpose of My Life 55 Free to Share
06/13/14 Tuesday 6/3/14 Pastor Michael sermon- HEARING AND LISTENING TO THE VOICE OF GOD! 38 Free to Share
06/13/14 Tuesday 6/10/14 Pastor Michael sermon- The Five Fold Secret To Clearly Hearing Godís Voice! 49 For Sale
05/24/14 Saturday 5/24/14 Pastor Ken Memorial Day weekend sermon 58 Free to Share
05/24/14 Saturday 5/24/14 Pastor Jason sermon MENU: Why Jesus is Better part 2 52 Free to Share
05/20/14 Tuesday 5/20/14 Bible Study Pastor Michael God Rewards Generous Living 46 Free to Share
05/17/14 Saturday 5/17/14 Pastor Evan sermon Menu: Why Jesus is Better 55 Free to Share
05/10/14 Saturday 5/10/14 Pastor Jarrod sermon= Church Planting 58 Free to Share
05/10/14 5/6/14 Bible Study Pastor Michael= Are You Living the Blessed Life? 76 Free to Share
05/03/14 Saturday May 3, 2014 Pastor Evan sermon Patience 69 Free to Share
04/29/14 Tuesday 4/29/14 Bible Study Pastor Michael Abiding in Christ For The Blessing 53 Free to Share
04/26/14 Saturday 4/26/14 Pastor Evan sermon Itís Not Over! 66 Free to Share
04/21/14 Easter Sunday 4/20/14 Pastor Michael sermon The Divine Re-Boot, the Power of True Forgiveness 94 Free to Share
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