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Name: Jim McWhinnie 
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Articles written: 97

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A Canadian-bred clergyman who has pastored churches in Florida for thirty-five years. I relax in my watercolor studio and at my keyboard. Married to a saint with a slightly tilted halo and am the proud father of two remarkable sons, one a microbiologist and the other an animator.
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03/23/09 The Journal of Jesus Josephson 560 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
07/23/14 The Writer Weeps
04/20/14 A Pitiful Psalm of Lament
01/13/14 The Carousel Golden
01/06/14 The Gloaming
10/29/13 The Meeting by the Willow
11/20/12 the winding of time
10/10/12 in the laughter of God
05/23/12 buck fever
05/09/12 old dogs
04/18/12 old lovers
04/11/12 While on a Tour of an Irish Abbey
03/14/12 the wild geese on the rise
02/29/12 a divine lullaby
02/22/12 an hypothesis considered
02/15/12 the faint and distant whistle blows
02/07/12 a psalm of joy
12/29/11 Out of the Ethereal, Electrical Ether
10/14/11 in the aging mellow of an October day
09/20/11 two old men in their dusty sandals
09/14/11 down a shadowed lane, I walked
09/06/11 i am persuaded
08/30/11 where nested warblers stretch their wings
08/21/11 the church bells rang that day
08/06/11 there does come a moment
08/01/11 the preacher's last sermon
07/22/11 no other reason
07/17/11 within the distant thunder
07/08/11 upon a rusting cannon
06/11/11 the librarian
06/05/11 ah, there was a time
05/31/11 The Worn Out Man
05/23/11 here, in the wild country
05/16/11 at the end of a willow shaded lane
05/07/11 the wild geese
05/02/11 the sparkling dancers
04/24/11 this cathedral for boys, this cathedral of dreams
04/16/11 play me a song, Old Fiddlin' Joe
04/12/11 'Neath the Cawing Crows
03/13/11 I Choose Not Forever
03/04/11 all the empty spaces
02/27/11 as the sands do fall
02/21/11 in lilacs and violets
02/16/11 the holy day of monday
02/03/11 nearly, nearly faded gone
01/29/11 lifetimes
01/23/11 old friends
01/13/11 The Woods
01/08/11 one cool, clear night in a winter barley field
12/18/10 for me, God's voice is not so clear
12/10/10 Creation's Chorale
12/04/10 more miles to go
11/19/10 by the telephone, a gray lady waits
11/13/10 news, news, news upon news
11/05/10 e-language
10/31/10 The President Has Been Shot
10/26/10 Kept Letters
10/07/10 Among the Quiet Brothers
06/07/10 I am but a breath in this cathedral of words
06/01/10 within me lurks an editor
05/26/10 the sparrow sometimes hides
05/19/10 In the Melting of Candlelight
02/22/10 the old man and his mountain
02/15/10 there in the tuxedo-ed moment
02/09/10 grandma's words of gracious praise
01/25/10 our cottage fire
01/18/10 the fireplace vase
01/09/10 the woodworker
12/04/09 crayons
11/27/09 woven in threads of brown simplicity
11/21/09 the momentary orange-ing
11/14/09 my miss yellow roses
11/09/09 In the Amethyst Mist
10/17/09 The Black Watch
10/13/09 the blues next door
10/04/09 the color of cherries in a warm baked cherry pie
09/07/09 Sleigh Ride
09/01/09 in the smoke of a september fire
08/26/09 In the Nightlight Golden Time
07/21/09 Ah, Yes, There Was a Time
07/10/09 A Jug of Grace
07/02/09 The Old Man Oak
06/05/09 A Half-Mile, Dusty Road
05/30/09 The Lemon-Honey Moments
05/26/09 The Stroll at the End of Twenty-Five Years
05/19/09 Upon This Forty Acres
05/09/09 Buck and Boo
05/03/09 The Weaver' Work
04/27/09 The Velvet Blue
04/17/09 Miss Brown-Eyed Fancy
04/11/09 Come Summer, Come Winter
04/02/09 Angel Lace
03/12/09 In the Soft, Half-Golden Light
03/06/09 A Sapphire in the Zambezi Mist
02/26/09 With Cherry Blossoms in Her Hair
02/21/09 Among the Shafts of Cathedral Light
02/17/09 Every Moment, Every Mile

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
03/01/09 The Smoke of a Distant Fire: Chapter One

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
03/23/2009 The Journal of Jesus Josephson: A Reflective Commentary Mark 1:1-8