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Name: Nan DeNoyer
Website: NanDeNoyer@aol.com
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Articles written: 114

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I am a Psalmist, a writer of music and sonnets. Music has always been my passion as long as I can remember. The birthing of a melody that flows through my being, a melodic refrain I have never heard, through the process of conception to its inscription from pen to paper. Most of the time the melody comes first and than the verse. There have been times when the verse came first and would end up a poem or story for it did not fit the music. My instrumental arrangements consist of piano, strings, guitars, and voicing. Since I have always written verse I thought I would venture out on another path writing poetry and short stories, which I have found to be pure joy in the doing thereof. A quill is used to expresses a writerís thoughts, a musician colors their world with melodic cords, a painter with their brush brings life, beauty creating word pictures, which often tell a story. Words become an expression of who we are, if I may, a fingerprint of the heart, whom we are how we think and our values! If we allow Him, the Word of God/Yahweh etches truth in our Spirit to speak forth His Wisdom. His love and beauty are engraved upon the heart for out of the mouth the heart speaks. If His Fragrance dwells within the heart, it springs forth as living water to nourish others. Yahweh/God speaks creates with Words. We see the expression of who He is in His creation. In and by and through His precious Son, Yahshua/Jesus. It is only the things of His Spirit that gives life and lives forever! We are called to be a living Epistle read by men. Do they see Yahshua as we walk in love, hear Him as we speak words. Some may never read the bible but they can read a living bible through us. May we use the gift of words to express beauty, to encourage others by speaking life into someoneís life. Let our goal be to bless otherís with our words.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
05/16/09 Broken Dreams the Splendor Made 289 For Sale
05/14/09 It's All About You 212 Free to Share
05/14/09 He Is the Lion from the Tribe of Juda 193 Free to Share
05/13/09 Let us be Dancers in the Rain 232 Free to Share
05/10/09 A Tribute To All Mothers 389 Free to Share
04/09/09 BEHOLD THE PASSOVER LAMB 226 Free to Share
03/10/09 Showers of Blessings 421 Free to Share
02/23/09 Reflections of the Soul 211 Free to Share
02/23/09 The Reader 306 Not For Sale
02/21/09 Beauty 263 Free to Share
02/21/09 Sunset 287 Free to Share
02/19/09 Beauty of Our Love 231 Free to Share
02/19/09 Oneness 253 Free to Share
02/19/09 Today May I Be Used Of God 219 Free to Share
02/17/09 Champions 215 Free to Share
02/15/09 What would I say 270 Free to Share
02/12/09 Miracles Are For Today Celebrate with me 412 Free to Share
01/31/09 Was It A Dream or Reality 207 Free to Share
01/30/09 Have you had your hug today? 267 Free to Share
01/30/09 My Father Says I'm Beautiful 244 Free to Share
01/30/09 People Need Peace 218 Free to Share
01/30/09 Freedom ~ Running our Race 306 Free to Share
01/30/09 Restless Soul 288 Free to Share
01/30/09 It is Written 225 Free to Share
01/30/09 Acts of Kindness 481 Not For Sale
01/30/09 Dreaming 304 Free to Share
01/30/09 My Dar'lin 333 Free to Share
01/29/09 Fun Beneath the Sea 273 Free to Share
01/29/09 Your Voice 336 Free to Share
01/29/09 A Perfect Match 288 Free to Share
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