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Name: Ellen DuBois
Website: http://godsrainbowofpromises.homestead.com/index.html
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Articles written: 32

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Ellen M. DuBois, published author in God Allows U-Turns, Vol. 2, Contributor to "Conquering Panic and Anxiety Disorders"- Hunterhouse Publishing (just released!), author of "I Never Held You"- a book about miscarriage, healing and recovery, (DLSIJ Press) & "Jackie's Heart"- fiction, Publish America, slated for release in paperback, 2003. Many of her works have been made into inspirational greetings at AngelRays.com What drives me to write? What's in my heart- and that's God. Most of my poetry, lyrics & music are based upon my faith, my love for God, and events that happen to others or myself. I'm kind of like an 'emotional sponge'. I feel for all of humanity and sometimes, when it gets to be a bit much to keep inside, I write to let it out. Especially poetry and lyrics- more than a manuscript or short story. When I get a comment in my guestbook that I've somehow touched someone, I thank God and it literally makes my day. It takes my mind of some of the 'trivial' things I allow to bother me, and I give thanks, instead. When I was a singer, I sang to reach others. The same applies to my writing. It's all about connection through expression. I've been stunned & humbled when someone from another part of the world visits my site because they got one of the ecards I wrote and were moved enough to tell me about it. The Internet is an amazing platform for all of us, as writers, to do so much good in the world- in His name. God Bless and thank you for reading. Ellen el52166@aol.com
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
12/23/03 Asking God 984 Not For Sale
08/27/03 Labels on Jeans 854 Free to Share
04/29/03 The Eyes of A Friend 837 Free to Share
04/29/03 Color Blind 682 Free to Share
04/29/03 Wash My Soul 1060 Free to Share
04/29/03 On Self Forgiveness - I Wasn't There 1852 Free to Share
04/17/03 How Would You Feel? An Easter Message 1078 Free to Share
04/17/03 Goodbye, My Sweet Pet- The Story & Poem 5388 Free to Share
04/17/03 Thanks, God- A Conversation With God 911 Free to Share
02/02/03 The Columbia Space Shuttle Loss of February 1, 2003. 806 Free to Share
12/18/02 The Little Girl With the Pop Up Book 890 For Sale
12/06/02 A Night That Changed The World 1580 Free to Share
12/06/02 Dear Santa- A Child's Christmas Wish 863 Free to Share
11/30/02 The Retreat 828 Not For Sale
11/30/02 From Out Of the Woods 1281 Not For Sale
11/30/02 This Place In My Heart 1169 Not For Sale
11/09/02 My Sword, the Dove 1078 Free to Share
11/09/02 She's Tired 1174 Free to Share
10/31/02 What Must God Think? 980 Free to Share
10/31/02 Walk A Mile 782 Free to Share
10/31/02 Turn My Life Around 1074 Free to Share
10/31/02 Those Lines 1026 Free to Share
10/31/02 Life is Like a Boomerang 2263 Free to Share
10/30/02 His Kingdom in You, Abounds 569 Free to Share
10/30/02 A Baby's Cry Among the Ruin 833 Free to Share
10/30/02 A Hug From God 967 Free to Share
10/30/02 Angel Wings 903 Free to Share
10/30/02 Color Blind 673 Free to Share
10/30/02 Finding Joy in Christmas - When Everything 'Feels' Wrong 941 Free to Share
10/30/02 Don't Let Your Balloon POP! 825 Free to Share
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