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Name: Francy Judge 
Website: www.francysnewmorning.com
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Articles written: 198

 About Self
After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology for illustration, Francy spent the next 10 years studying grammar rules and writing as she home-schooled her five children. She enjoys writing, reading, biking, and playing soccer and stickball with her family. Francy has had work published in Clubhouse Jr. Magazine, the LEAH Messenger homeschool newsletter, and an anthology called "One Touch from the Maker." She recently published a book for middle-graders called Randi's Steps. She also enjoys writing for her blog "Francy's New Morning." Her faith in God keeps her from getting depressed over rejection letters and focused on what matters: living for Him.
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11/27/13 Five Kids and a Flood 417 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
05/12/16 Pointing Home
05/05/16 Only Butterscotch Kisses
04/28/16 My Idea
03/16/16 Who Kissed the Teacup?
03/10/16 The Chicken or the Egg?
02/25/16 Words Across the Sea
02/18/16 Harry's Exit
02/04/16 Did Someone Say South?
01/28/16 The Day We Left
01/21/16 The Wrong Number
11/19/15 Mom's Way
10/08/15 The Game of Life
09/10/15 When Colors Fade
09/03/15 A Tale to Tell after Twenty-five Years
08/20/15 The World through Grandpa's Eyes
08/13/15 A Change of Plans
07/30/15 Don't Go There!
07/23/15 Growing up Green
05/14/15 Within the Walls
04/30/15 Iggy's Place
04/23/15 Better than Before
04/16/15 My Monster Moment
03/19/15 This Is Your Life
03/12/15 Better Than Cookies
03/05/15 Nine Thousand Miles of Possibilities
02/26/15 I Am the Tree
02/19/15 Just Another Bird
02/12/15 When Sirens Blare
02/05/15 A Day in the Life of a Teenage Boy
01/29/15 Tessa's Tablet
11/13/14 Sunday Journey to the Far East
10/30/14 In the Middle of Nowhere
10/16/14 More than Coffee (My Starbucks Chronicles)
09/18/14 Like Jonah
08/21/14 Then Came the Breast
08/21/14 Then Came the Breast
08/14/14 This Boy and This Girl
08/07/14 The Question at Hand
07/24/14 Inkblots
07/17/14 Makeover
06/05/14 Perfect Palace
05/29/14 On Clean-up Duty
05/22/14 Church Hopping
05/15/14 Spreading Seeds
05/08/14 Happy Anniversary
04/24/14 When You Have a Boy
04/17/14 How to Get a Man
03/06/14 Just Blink
02/26/14 Am I a Princess Yet?
02/19/14 A Time to Bark
02/06/14 A Prayer and a Whisper for Fifty-six Club
01/30/14 Butterflies in our Pockets
01/09/14 Turning Pages
11/28/13 My New Coat
11/07/13 It Was a Good Day
10/31/13 Goofy Footed on the Bunny Slope
10/24/13 Rise and Shine
10/17/13 More Than Green
10/10/13 The B.S. of Buckingham
09/19/13 Three Blank Pages
09/12/13 Teaching Ellie to be Like Me
09/05/13 Toe Love
08/29/13 Behind the Veil
08/22/13 Tara's Choice
08/08/13 A Minor Miscalculation
08/01/13 And On That Farm...
07/25/13 New Horizons
07/18/13 They Call Me Annalee (My Life in a Blog)
06/13/13 Shall We Dance?
06/06/13 With One Wing and a Friend
05/30/13 Just Get Me to the Church on Time
05/23/13 What's Wrong with our Doorbell Defibrillator?
05/16/13 The Gleaner Wore Chiffon
05/09/13 Grandpa Goes to Venus
05/02/13 The Water Trance
04/25/13 Too Hot for a Jersey Wedding
04/18/13 Goodbye to my Slingback Peep Toe Pump
04/11/13 Sometimes You Have to Jump
03/07/13 Bound to be Saved
02/28/13 In ? Moments Like These
02/21/13 Jason's Dream and a Mom's Nightmare
02/14/13 To You
02/07/13 The Hired Professionals Will Do Their Best
01/29/13 Deja Vu at La Baguette
01/24/13 Even the Lillies
12/11/12 Never Again
12/06/12 Planting My Feet in the Shadows
11/29/12 The Thing
11/21/12 One Time
11/15/12 Surviving Sandy...and Keyra
11/07/12 What NOT to Design
10/25/12 Tea With Marge
10/18/12 Blessed with Brothers (and other problems)
10/11/12 Starring Grandma
09/13/12 Pork Problems on the BBQ
09/06/12 And Then Came the Purple Poptart
08/23/12 A Lesson from the Pickle Aisle
07/19/12 Where's My Kitchen?
06/15/12 A Letter and Tea for Miss Bumblebee
06/07/12 Pink Hearts and Tears Travel
06/07/12 Pink Hearts and Tears Travel
05/31/12 Is He the One for Me, Lord?
05/24/12 Across the Pages
05/10/12 Little Gifts for Lydia
05/03/12 True Treasure
04/26/12 Junk Drawer of Memories
03/08/12 Don't Let the Sun Go Down
03/01/12 When You're Ready
02/22/12 Seventh Grade Panic
02/16/12 Randi's Friend
02/02/12 I Have a Job
01/25/12 Somewhere West of Mars
11/17/11 Spam I Am
09/07/11 Forever Talks
09/01/11 Chasing Butterfly Dreams
08/11/11 Vows in Lace and Tie
07/19/11 A Pandora Problem
07/14/11 What Do I Know of War?
06/09/11 Aurora Wonders
06/02/11 Beautiful Hands
03/17/11 No More Bees
03/10/11 Like a Day
03/03/11 Just Perfect
02/10/11 Concealed and Revealed
02/03/11 What a Pain in the Neck
01/26/11 Another Year Younger
01/13/11 Winter Smiles
12/23/10 A Lack of Retention
11/25/10 Telephobia
11/18/10 Paper Perceptions
11/04/10 Who is He?
10/28/10 Napkin Notes
10/16/10 On Trial, Again
09/16/10 A Shadow of a Man
09/08/10 Remember the Sunflowers
09/02/10 Little Miss Sensitive
08/25/10 An Ocean's End
08/17/10 This Nose Knows
08/12/10 Touching Yesterday
07/28/10 Believing is Seeing
07/21/10 Please, No More Peas!
07/14/10 Hear Me
06/16/10 A Tidal Wave of Words
06/03/10 Tribute to Jeanette
05/27/10 Spaghetti on the Brain
05/20/10 Colliding Worlds of Words
05/11/10 Pickles for Breakfast
05/04/10 The Writer's Cliché
04/29/10 Writing Randi's Steps
04/22/10 Straight on 95
04/10/10 Jenna's Note
03/18/10 All in a Mom's Day
03/11/10 Miss Flowerpot
03/02/10 Traveling Teardrops
02/25/10 Don't Wake Daddy!
02/13/10 A Fly on a Silver Platter
02/08/10 THE PROOF
02/03/10 Watch Out for Mama Bear!
01/26/10 Lord, Did You Whisper?
01/21/10 My Perfectly Wrong Pattern for Success
01/14/10 Anna's Angel
12/09/09 Have You Ever Seen These Colors?
12/03/09 Goodbye Brown Couch
11/24/09 The Problem with Pumpkins
11/18/09 Highlighting Wings
11/08/09 What If Skin Came Purple?
11/01/09 The Naked Canvas Waits
10/29/09 My Green Ring Without Diamonds
10/18/09 Intruders in My Shoes
10/14/09 Around the Mall in Eighty Minutes
10/07/09 The Gift on Charcoal Mountain
09/14/09 What if God Retired?
09/09/09 Nora the Great
08/31/09 Confessions of a Felon's Fall Cover
08/23/09 Firstborn--Need I Say More?
08/18/09 Forgiving Winter's Cold Commands
08/02/09 Miss Ping Posed a Question
07/28/09 The Grinch Who Stole Baseball
07/22/09 Move Over Sherlock Holmes
07/16/09 Almost a Perfect "Unsandy" Day
06/10/09 Fingerprints of Love
06/03/09 Cheers for Brendan
05/26/09 The Connoisseur of Contrast
05/19/09 Our Home Before Our Home
05/11/09 Let's Not Play Good Mother, Bad Mother
05/07/09 How I Got Into a "Ticky" Situation
04/30/09 Jaden's Tiles
03/14/09 The King's Fashion
03/07/09 Refrigerator Photo
03/05/09 The Charcoal Prince
02/25/09 Impressionistic Eyes
02/19/09 The Burden of the Flags
02/09/09 Pondering Personalities of the Rainforest
01/28/09 In God's Time
01/21/09 A Lesson from the Australian Echidna
01/10/09 Our Land

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Date Title
10/31/14 Randi's Steps

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