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Name: Shemariah Yeung
Website: http://www.jesusloveslgbt.org
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Articles written: 98

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Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
10/23/10 My tears bottle 757 Free to Share
10/22/10 A time for 'reflection' 518 Free to Share
10/21/10 I have His love covers 572 Not For Sale
10/21/10 Our humanly tendency 573 Free to Share
10/20/10 When you least expected something 574 Free to Share
10/18/10 Listen with Compassion like Jesus 1079 Free to Share
10/17/10 Leaning on God 492 Free to Share
10/16/10 Desperate for being healed 365 Free to Share
10/16/10 The sufficiency of God 427 Free to Share
10/16/10 Obey God 299 Free to Share
10/12/10 How have you received God today 371 Free to Share
10/11/10 Pray with the assurance of forgiveness 350 Free to Share
10/10/10 Distraction 306 Free to Share
10/10/10 Wrong Choices 463 Free to Share
10/07/10 The inner JOY 327 Free to Share
10/03/10 What can I do oh God 359 Free to Share
10/02/10 A new look at 'Mercy' again 376 Not For Sale
10/01/10 A letter to the hurting parents with kids in gay lifestyle 622 Free to Share
10/01/10 Prayer and Worship in your Battle 317 Free to Share
09/30/10 In Christ, that's your Identity 282 Free to Share
09/30/10 God has your best interests in mind 639 Free to Share
09/30/10 Expectation can trigger you if you put it in the wrong places 392 Free to Share
09/29/10 Have you received 268 Free to Share
09/28/10 Don't let 'offense' tickle your senses 293 Free to Share
09/28/10 Reactivate your 'activity' again 274 Free to Share
09/28/10 Why do we pray or Should we 249 Free to Share
09/28/10 What about Gay Christians 332 Not For Sale
09/26/10 A good reason for 'reasoning', study of Hebrews 332 For Sale
09/25/10 Praying for Our Nation 555 For Sale
09/22/10 A today message for the sexually broken women 500 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
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Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
10/03/10 What about Gay Christians

Date Title
09/29/10 Be healed in Jesus' Name
09/28/10 Good Days and Bad Days
09/28/10 One TRUTH of 'Christmas'
09/28/10 A 30 days devotionals for the sexually broken WOMEN

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
02/25/2015 sisterhood is a beautiful thing
02/24/2015 Break forth your praises
10/02/2011 The ONE BODY mindset
10/02/2011 Be the Rescuer!
10/02/2011 Our Daily Bread
10/02/2011 How much You Give?
10/02/2011 Scriptures Vs. Experiences with God
05/31/2011 Any cures for the struggle of our sins
04/08/2011 Replace your doubts with some praises
04/08/2011 See the supernatural
04/07/2011 Let the FIRST thing become the FIRST thing in your life
11/05/2010 A personal story unfinished
11/04/2010 Find Joy in what you do not know
11/04/2010 Clearing the Temple
11/04/2010 So that we will act
11/01/2010 Receive His grace anew every day
11/01/2010 His grace is new every morning
10/26/2010 Grace, Mercy and Truth, Truth is the most important of all!
10/26/2010 The destroyer of our family
10/25/2010 Reconciliation
10/23/2010 Remove the blockages and make clear road for the Gospel
10/23/2010 I have His love covers
10/22/2010 A time for 'reflection'
10/21/2010 Real Discipleship of Jesus Christ
10/20/2010 'love' unselfishly
10/20/2010 When you least expected something
10/18/2010 What can I do oh God
10/16/2010 Obey God
10/16/2010 The sufficiency of God
10/12/2010 Will you go to Him
10/12/2010 How have you received God today
10/10/2010 The Inner JOY
10/10/2010 Wrong Choices
09/30/2010 praying for forgiveness re:parents who want their children be free from gay lifestyle
09/30/2010 A letter to the parents with gay kids at home
09/29/2010 In Christ, that's your Identity
09/29/2010 Don't let 'offense' tickle your senses
09/28/2010 What about Gay Christians
09/28/2010 Why do we pray or Should we
09/26/2010 A good reason for 'reasoning', study of Hebrews
09/25/2010 keep 'love' running
09/22/2010 Don't throw the first stone like the Pharisees
09/20/2010 A church without Christ
09/20/2010 A 'discerning, an alerted' heart
09/18/2010 'Love' will free you from sexually-confusion
09/18/2010 Love Within Us, The Body of Christ
09/17/2010 A safe place to be
09/14/2010 Devotionals for your Daily Walk with God (day 2)
09/13/2010 A better Hope
09/12/2010 Suffering
09/10/2010 God calls the Outcast by names
09/10/2010 Let 'Past' be past
09/10/2010 A divided heart
09/08/2010 What do you see Homosexuality
09/08/2010 What do you see Homosexuality
09/08/2010 Love that grows cold
09/08/2010 The Song of Praise
09/08/2010 Let God's Will be Done
09/08/2010 Why God Why?
09/08/2010 Love
09/06/2010 Devotionals for your Daily Walk with God
09/06/2010 Why do we boast in our weakness
09/06/2010 My testimony - the true power of Jesus Christ
09/06/2010 Rise Up
09/05/2010 My journey from confusion to identity wholeness
12/30/2008 Homosexuality can be changed by the Blood of Jesus Christ!
12/30/2008 Acts chapter