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Name: Margaret (Peggy) Kannaday (Henderson)
Website: ihcf.homestead.com/index.html and chgrinter.homestead.com/index.html
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Articles written: 85

 About Self
Peggy Kannaday has worked as the managing editor for the "Church Growth International" (which is an interdenominational ministry headquartered in Seoul, Korea) since 1991. Peggy has written the book entitled, "Church Growth and The Home Cell System, and she has written for The "Evangel" Magazine, The "Living Waters'" Magazine, and she is a regular contributor for The "Church Growth" Magazine. She was The Director of The International Briefings, and The International Home Cell at The "Yoido Full Gospel church" in Seoul, Korea for many years. She holds a M.Ed. degree from The University of Florida, 1981 and a B.A. degree in clinical psychology with a minor in Sociology from The Florida State University, 1974. In 1972, Peggy had a life-transforming experience with The Lord Jesus Christ, and she has not been the same since. E-mail: cgiusahq@yahoo.com,pkannaday@aol.com websites: happy707.wordpress.com,chgrint.homestead.com,ihcf.homestead.com
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
03/05/12 How Firm is Our Foundation? 461 Free to Share
03/05/12 How Firm is Our Foundation? 228 Free to Share
01/26/12 There are Termites in The House 244 Free to Share
01/18/12 Churches, Stop Tolerating The Jezebel Spirit 2371 Free to Share
12/14/11 Prayer for Americans 320 Free to Share
12/13/11 Gang Stalking and Propaganda and Disinformation 749 Free to Share
11/10/11 Gang Stalking a Covert Crime 333 Free to Share
11/03/11 God is Able 275 Free to Share
10/14/11 The Great Deception 538 Free to Share
10/13/11 The Church Will Be A House of Prayer 229 Free to Share
09/03/11 Show Yourself Strong 488 Free to Share
08/17/11 Prayer for the Next Election 360 Free to Share
07/14/11 Beware of Satan as He Comes as an Angel of Light 298 Free to Share
06/03/11 The Kingdom of Heaven 254 Free to Share
06/02/11 Pray, as Jesus Prayed 284 Free to Share
05/19/11 Wake Up Church, Rise Up, Conquer all, and Make Yourself Ready! 267 Free to Share
04/05/11 The New Kingdom Order 283 Free to Share
04/05/11 The New Kingdom Order is Coming 341 Free to Share
03/17/11 The Time My Mother Died 246 Free to Share
03/17/11 The Plan of God versus The Plan of Satan 324 Free to Share
12/15/10 Pastors, Stop Tolerating The Jezebel Spirit! 748 Free to Share
12/14/10 Beware of The Jezebel and Ahab Spirits 1118 Free to Share
12/03/10 My Profile 301 Free to Share
11/24/10 Fear Not 426 Free to Share
11/23/10 Be The Salt of The Earth 249 Free to Share
11/16/10 Gang Stalking What does it all Mean? 1108 Free to Share
11/08/10 The Great Gang Stalking and Mobbing Hoax 889 Free to Share
09/01/10 Raising Up Godís Mighty Standard 229 Free to Share
09/01/10 Wake Up All Christians Who are being Targeted for Gang Stalking 335 Free to Share
09/01/10 Wake Up All Christians Who are being Targeted for Gang Stalking 967 Free to Share
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05/07/2013 My House Shall be Called The "House of Prayer" for All Nations!
11/27/2012 Keep The Unity in The Spirit