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Name: Linda Settles
Website: www.edicthouse.com
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Articles written: 83

 About Self
Linda Settles is an inspirational writer whose works have been published by Edict House Publishing Group, VA. She is deep into her Quest for the Other Kingdom Series with two books out and another one the way. She has received a five star review on Amazon from a national reviewer (Midwest Book Reviewers/Children's Bookwatch) for her first book, The First Book of Journeys. The second book in the Quest series, Diary of a Young Resister, is presently in the process of review. Linda is presently preparing to launch a therapy book that is sure to touch the heart and soul of women who have endured abuse on any level, as well as survivors of betrayal, abandonment, and neglect. Reaching out to those who need to understand their past to better prepare for their future is the burden of Linda's heart. No matter what we have been through, what has happend to us, or what we have done, we matter to God and He desires to come along side us as we "Redeem Our Treasures." Linda lives in Virginia with her husband of twenth-two years and their two daughters. She is active in christian counseling with individuals in her area and is presently pursuing her Phd in Christian Counseling. You will find her writings on this site, and also at: www.authorsden.com/lindasettles, www.beyond-abuse.org, lindasettles.com, and www.edicthouse.com
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
02/06/10 Her Heart is in Your Hands 275 Not For Sale
04/23/09 When The Survivors Went To War 287 Not For Sale
04/21/09 The Raw and Painful Process of Surviving 344 Not For Sale
04/21/09 She Knows 315 Not For Sale
04/21/09 I Lay Me Down 309 Not For Sale
04/21/09 Resentment Leads to Addictions 318 Not For Sale
04/21/09 Maintaining Recovery During the Holidays 310 Not For Sale
04/21/09 Strengths of a Recovering Sexual Abuse Survivor 414 Not For Sale
04/21/09 Growing Beyond abuse will take all you've got 306 Not For Sale
04/10/09 A Survivors Ode to Jesus Christ 376 Not For Sale
04/10/09 Dancing Daffodils 345 Not For Sale
04/10/09 A Soul Set Free 384 Not For Sale
04/08/09 Tribute to A Friend 378 For Sale
04/08/09 Song of the Broken Vessel 415 Not For Sale
04/08/09 Things You Might Like to Know About Redeeming Treasures 272 Not For Sale
04/03/09 Biblical Perspectives of Trust 385 Not For Sale
04/03/09 Healing and Forgivenss are Like Twin Rivers 332 Not For Sale
04/03/09 Healing Concepts For The Adult Child of Dysfunctional Families 325 Not For Sale
04/02/09 Celebrate Recovery 319 Not For Sale
04/02/09 Catch Me Daddy 297 Not For Sale
04/02/09 How Can I Help the Survivor? 283 Not For Sale
04/01/09 A Collection of Musings 308 Not For Sale
04/01/09 Family Matters 393 Not For Sale
04/01/09 Watch Out For the Red Ink 332 Not For Sale
03/31/09 Response to Hate Comments 297 Not For Sale
03/31/09 At The Gathering 393 Not For Sale
03/30/09 Our Only Chance 305 For Sale
03/30/09 Survivor Instincts Kicking In 306 Not For Sale
03/27/09 Charlie 326 Not For Sale
03/27/09 Getting to know Charlie Some things we learned while traveling 327 Not For Sale
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