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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: Leah Nichols 
Website: www.myspace.com/violin4jesus
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Articles written: 65

 About Self
Leah has been a prolific reader since childhood and has dabbled in writing short stories throughout her life. As a child she would sit down with a piece of notebook paper and write "Once upon a time...." and let the creativity flow! In high school she learned to write non-fiction, a slightly stronger genre for her in which to write. Fiction remains her passion, however, so she hopes to expand her skills by using FaithWriters' website. She has a diverse range of interests, plays the violin professionally, and works as a registered nurse in the perinatal unit of her local hospital.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
05/21/14 Thoughts While Awake 107 Not For Sale
12/13/12 Go, Tell 261 Free to Share
02/19/09 To Cry, To Feel Again 840 For Sale
12/19/08 Drifting Into Eternity 628 For Sale
10/07/08 Listen Up 819 For Sale
09/30/08 Walk By Faith 946 Not For Sale
09/24/08 Deciphering Christianese 1051 For Sale
09/20/08 Love Your Enemy 893 For Sale
08/18/08 Psalm 23 for Today 709 Free to Share
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05/24/12 The First Assignment
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11/10/10 Oh, the Fun of Monday Mornings
10/28/10 Battle Plan
03/05/10 It's Just A Movie
02/28/10 Ode(s) To A Spider (Or Two)
01/21/10 To Live Forever
01/14/10 Seriously?
11/12/09 Things....In A Hotel Lobby
10/22/09 Changing Bands
10/06/09 Out of Time
09/17/09 From the Outbox of Ristunous
09/08/09 The Curiosity of Princess Violetta
09/03/09 An Intentional Fall
08/27/09 I Hate Crappy Strips!!!
08/19/09 Six Foot Drifts and A Mystery
07/30/09 Yeah Right, Tennyson
07/23/09 Not All Just Teenage Drama
07/06/09 Fresh Bread and Meatloaf
05/14/09 How Much Trouble Can A 3-Year-Old Be?
05/05/09 Just A Part of the Crowd
04/21/09 A Pile of Papers, A Sore Throat, and A Prayer
04/16/09 Anointed
03/12/09 A Different Perspective
02/12/09 Hope for My Country
02/05/09 A Sunny Day In Victoria
01/28/09 To Begin The Day
01/22/09 Deadly Spiders
01/14/09 The Girl Next Door
12/09/08 If Jesus Were Born Today....
12/03/08 Special Delivery
11/26/08 A Place for the Lonely
11/19/08 The Grand Plan
11/10/08 A Christmas Remembrance
11/03/08 Lighting the World
10/28/08 The Twelve Daisies of Christmas
10/22/08 Saffron Buns
10/12/08 From My Perspective
10/04/08 Christ the Lord
09/15/08 Less Than Perfect
09/06/08 Footprints and Photographs
09/01/08 True Confessions
08/22/08 Bridal March
08/15/08 Wanted: Cute Boy That Loves Jesus
08/07/08 Perfect Peace

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09/13/08 Delivery
08/26/08 Burgers

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