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Name: Debbie Harris
Website: dharrisdevotionals.wordpress.com
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Articles written: 51

 About Self
I am a Christian poet passionate about Jesus Christ.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
10/07/13 The Little Black Lamb 130 Not For Sale
07/22/13 Poetic Reflections On Psalms 119 Verse 15 114 Not For Sale
06/13/11 Source 212 For Sale
06/13/11 Winter Souls 201 For Sale
06/04/11 Emmanuel, God With Us 243 For Sale
07/23/09 Summer Symphony 333 For Sale
07/17/09 New Christian Book Blog Which Church Am I? 317 Not For Sale
07/11/09 In The Twilight Of Every Moment 330 For Sale
03/01/09 Love 449 For Sale
12/21/08 Who Is He That Overcometh The World? 365 For Sale
09/11/08 When We Pray In Jesus Name 432 For Sale
09/04/08 Press On 384 For Sale
09/04/08 May I Seek To Hide Thy Word In My Heart 458 For Sale
09/04/08 The Ultimate Bridge, Salvation 359 For Sale
08/09/08 Quiet Me In Thy Love 382 For Sale
08/01/08 Conversation 470 For Sale
08/01/08 Pride 349 For Sale
08/01/08 Isn't Versus Is 369 For Sale
07/30/08 Imprint 395 For Sale
07/30/08 Promise of Presence 419 For Sale
07/29/08 Which Church Am I? Church X 349 For Sale
07/29/08 Two Tragedies 365 For Sale
07/29/08 Ambiguous Rhetoric 497 For Sale
07/28/08 Which Church Am I? Church VII 326 For Sale
07/28/08 Which Church Am I? Church VIII 334 For Sale
07/28/08 Which Church Am I? Church IX 350 For Sale
07/27/08 Which Church Am I? Church IV 328 For Sale
07/27/08 Which Church Am I? Church V 351 For Sale
07/27/08 Which Church Am I? Church VI 358 For Sale
07/26/08 Which Church Am I? Church I 399 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
09/15/13 There Is No More Truer, Nobler, Greater, Self-Given, Christ Encouraged Examination Than To Pray, Search Me Oh God And Know My H
09/07/13 Am I An Expert In Godís Beautiful, Sacrificial, Honorable, And Transcendent Love?
09/01/13 The Extraordinary Strength And Power Given To Godís People When There Are Giants In The Land
08/24/13 Standing Under The Magnificent Crystal Filled Waterfall Of God's Redemptive Graces
08/17/13 Breathe In Christ, Exhale Heavenly Wealth
08/10/13 In Christ, You Are A Chosen Generation, A Royal Priesthood, A Holy Nation, A Peculiar People
08/02/13 May Our Self Life Be Expired And Replaced With The Crucified Life Of Christ Within
07/19/13 The Heavenly Orchestrated Expansive Ebb And Flow Of Trials And Blessings
07/13/13 A Conversation Between Typologies Of Godly Expectant Hope
08/06/12 The Purposeful Christ Like And Danieleque Dietary Refusal Of Worldliness And Sin
07/24/12 Come And Dine With Me Is Our Savior's Sweet And Tender Call
05/08/12 Weary?
07/12/09 Summer Symphony
07/06/09 In The Twilight Of Every Moment
03/15/09 Kingdom Living
08/20/08 Luciferian Charade
08/09/08 May I Seek To Hide Thy Word In My Heart
08/02/08 The Utimate Bridge, Salvation
07/29/08 Quiet Me In Thy Love

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