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Name: Rick Musick 
Website: revrjmspenofpurpose@blogspot.com
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Articles written: 43

 About Self
I am a preacher by calling, a Texan by choice, a Pentecostal by church definition. I am a miracle on two legs. I was healed of a severe head injury when I was a child. Thus I believe and preach about the power of prayer. I love the Lord Jesus Christ, I love to minister to hurting people. That is the purpose of my writing, to minister.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
11/19/11 When Grace Found Me 186 Free to Share
11/12/11 Thank you 166 For Sale
11/01/11 I'm Walking Into My Tomorrow 305 For Sale
10/15/11 My Reflection 311 For Sale
08/05/11 Gentle Peace 262 For Sale
07/05/11 The Black Granite Wall 372 For Sale
06/21/11 HisStory 254 For Sale
06/18/11 Walking down a one way street 254 Free to Share
06/18/11 Men of Holiness 269 For Sale
06/15/11 The Day the King Came By CH 4 The Unseen Hand of God 346 For Sale
06/15/11 The Day the King Came By CH 2 The Beginning 263 For Sale
06/15/11 The Day the King Came By CH 3 The Runaway 285 For Sale
06/14/11 What Is Real Freedom? 285 Free to Share
06/14/11 The Day the King Came By 308 For Sale
06/14/11 Unexpected Tea Guest 269 For Sale
05/20/11 That is What Mercy Does 328 For Sale
04/23/11 My Worship 360 Free to Share
04/23/11 Under the Glory Spout 474 For Sale
04/23/11 It Does Not Matter 377 For Sale
04/19/11 Freed 255 For Sale
04/19/11 In The Sanctuary 288 For Sale
04/19/11 Jesus Came to My House One Day 336 For Sale
12/07/10 Faith full ness 324 Free to Share
08/03/10 How Do I Get to Broad Way Street? 395 Free to Share
08/03/10 If God Can, Then He Can 536 Free to Share
04/29/10 IN BIG TROUBLE 407 For Sale
03/05/10 After the Storm a Calm 816 Not For Sale
03/05/10 The Enemy Thought 414 Free to Share
03/05/10 Stand Strong, the Victory Is In Your Faith 930 For Sale
10/09/09 What Are You Going to Do? 448 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
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Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
01/30/13 Tears on the Altar
09/06/12 The Land of What If
09/06/12 Gulity But Free
09/06/12 The Light of My Life
04/12/10 The Enemy Thought
04/12/10 The Day the King Came By
04/12/10 The day the King Came By (2) The beginning
04/12/10 What Did You Come To Do?
04/12/10 The Cocoon
09/25/08 God's Ways
09/25/08 This Load That I Carry
09/25/08 The Greatest Miracle I Know
08/17/08 What Will You Do When When Death Comes For You?
07/30/08 God Can Hear A Teardrop fall
07/30/08 We Say That We Love
07/30/08 That Day
07/24/08 I'm So Glad I Know the Lord
07/24/08 Yesterdays
07/19/08 I Find His Grace Is Still Amazing!
07/19/08 To Be Free In The Spirit
07/19/08 I am Going To Be A Singer

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Free Reprint Articles
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09/27/2008 God Can Hear A Teardrop Fall