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Name: Joseph Jerry Umaru
Website: www.facebook.com/joseph2nations
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Articles written: 30

 About Self
***JOSEPH JERRY UMARU is an internet ‘encouragevangelist’ (Encouraging and motivating the people of God via the internet medium). He is a writer, minister and speaker Being Molded by the Master Potter– He is still Being groomed and equipped by the Lord.††† HE IS CURRENTLY SERVING AS AN OFFICER IN THE NIGERIA IMMIGRATION SERVICE ††† He strongly believes God is about to unleash phenomenal revival, restoration and divine empowerment (wealth transfer) upon His Church. †††††††† He posts divinely-inspired words/nuggets on Facebook almost daily and also writes faith-based articles. His posts/writings are a clear indication of the burdens the Lord has placed upon his heart and the revelations/inspirations God gives him as he study and meditate on God’s Word….†††††††† His burning passion and desire is to keep helping more and more people across the nations. He wants to see more people saved by the grace of God, more lives touched by the love and power of God, and greater multitudes reached for the glory of God. He longs to see God’s People walk in the fullness of the Spirit – Thus becoming World Changers. †††††††† He is always interested in networking for the sake of souls and the advancement of the Kingdom of our God – That’s what Kingdom service and connection is all about: it’s all about encouraging…all about fellowship…all about sharing… all about ministering to each other – God gets the glory out all these, because we connect through Him. Hallelujah! ††††††† He does also welcomes opportunities to minister face to face to individuals, groups and multitudes in any part of the world should the Lord see it fit to open such doors. His heart is to minister God’s WORD to the world in faith, integrity and in demonstration of the Spirit’s Power thus setting men free from all oppressions of the devil and leading sinners to Christ, and in the process, commend them to keep “looking unto Jesus (not men) as the author and finisher of our faith”. ††††††† He is the founder and steward in charge of “JOSEPH2NATIONS INTERNET OUTREACH” – an internet oriented ministry which he hope will in the near future metamorphose into his main stream global ministry with the name; “JOSEPH2NATIONS MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL”. He is also an intercessor. He lives in Abuja, Nigeria. Feel free to get intouch with him and share your prayer needs, suggestions and passion for the Kingdom with him† He can be reached through: josephdegreat@yahoo.com , Phone:(+234)-8036-814-178 and(+234)-8052-917-334
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
01/23/13 MY UPCOMING WEDDING Date 9th FEBRUARY, 2013 COVETING Your Prayers 208 Free to Share
01/23/13 MY UPCOMING WEDDING – Date: 9th FEBRUARY, 2013. COVETING Your Prayers 364 Free to Share
12/22/11 The Mystery Of CHRISTMAS 423 Free to Share
10/01/10 NIGERIA AT 50,,, NIGERIA At 50,,,NIGERIA AT 50 311 Free to Share
09/23/10 BISHOP EDDIE LONGS SCANDAL,, Let Our Reactions and Counter Reactions Be Motivated By Love 1324 Free to Share
02/03/10 Whose Report Would You Believe Gods Report or Doctors Report? 1550 Free to Share
04/11/09 Easter Prophetic Message/Declaration: 688 Free to Share
03/09/09 Will Stop Writing For A While,,, But Keep Pressing Towards The Mark 663 Free to Share
12/28/08 Special APPRECIATION and TESTIMONY 657 Free to Share
12/13/08 Christmas Or Xmas? Putting The Season In Proper Perspective 469 Free to Share
12/13/08 Christmas Or Xmas? Putting The Season In Proper Perspective 498 Free to Share
11/17/08 PRAYER FOR SALE,,, Merchandising the Doves 611 Free to Share
10/18/08 GO,,,GO Ye,,, and GO Must We 879 Free to Share
10/05/08 MY FINAL WORD ON US ELECTIONS 2008 471 Free to Share
08/25/08 Bishop Bitrus Kato Has Been Called Home Pray For The Family And The Ministry 1134 Free to Share
08/15/08 The Gospel PLUS What God Forgot To Say 597 Free to Share
07/17/08 GOD IN ACTION, Doing It Himself, Doing It Personally 856 Free to Share
07/07/08 BEING WORDEXCITED,,Trigger To Laying Hold of Gods Promises 498 Free to Share
07/02/08 God Knows When To Take You By The Hand 607 Free to Share
06/25/08 Nothing New Under The Sun,,,Something New Above The Sun 900 Free to Share
06/22/08 Christ Jesus, The Righteous and Healing Snake of Our Day 2117 Free to Share
06/19/08 Easter Prophetic Message and Declaration 574 Free to Share
06/19/08 Gods Ballistic Missiles, His Agents Of Change 1830 Free to Share
06/19/08 Inviting God Back To America,,ELECTIONS 2008 655 Free to Share
06/17/08 The God, The gods and The god 750 Free to Share
06/17/08 Whose Report Would You Believe, Gods Report or Doctors Report? 6660 Free to Share
06/17/08 Prophecy God Is About To Arise and Come Out From Africa 571 Free to Share
06/12/08 Prophetic Whisper From The Spirit 1797 Free to Share
06/12/08 GODISNOWHERE 854 Free to Share
06/12/08 The Fig Tree Withered , A Warning,Message To Ministers of The Gospel 954 Free to Share
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