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Name: Patricia Turner
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Articles written: 94

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I'm blessed to be married to a wonderful man and to be the mother of two amazing children. Our son is studying engineering and our daughter is preparing to be a writer/editor herself. Always an avid reader, my passion for writing has been somewhat dormant until just a few years ago. Recently retired from a career in computers, I plan to spend time writing for His glory.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
08/18/08 Grampa's Hidden Treasures 822 Free to Share
08/17/08 Small Idols and Our Gracious God 845 Free to Share
08/06/08 Couldn't Be Certain 860 For Sale
05/28/08 China Has No Cousins 791 Free to Share
05/26/08 On That Day, We Remembered 885 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
10/20/11 Soul Searcher
09/15/11 I Could Get Fired Over That
09/08/11 Any Dead Fish Can Float With the Current
08/31/11 Man in the White Suit
07/28/11 What Parents Need Today
07/14/11 Her Husband's Fury
06/15/11 Pearls on a Fragile Thread
05/05/11 Well of Fortune
04/28/11 Man of the Hour
02/17/11 My Turn To Dance
02/09/11 No Such Ignoble End
01/20/11 Mountain Verdant With Spring Hope
01/11/11 Night Lights
12/02/10 Dog Spelled Backward
11/25/10 Ole' Dawg Speaks
11/18/10 It's All About the Angles
11/11/10 Better Communication Through Isolation
10/31/10 Follow Follow the Music Where It Leads
10/28/10 Remembering Abby
10/20/10 Mitch's Visitor
09/15/10 Kaylie's Dance
09/09/10 Praying For The Day
08/31/10 Best For All
08/25/10 Learning to Choose Life
08/12/10 Thrown Off His Own Feet
08/03/10 Sweet Fragrance of Heaven
07/28/10 Golden and Glorious the Breaking of Day
07/17/10 Strawberry Revel
06/16/10 No Secrets
06/02/10 Not Much For Happy Endings
05/25/10 To Write a Wrong
05/18/10 Cross Purposes
05/13/10 Barbecue Beans and Blogs
05/05/10 Living Scrolls
04/29/10 The Wall
04/21/10 Bumps
04/13/10 Should Your Paths Cross
03/17/10 Double Blessing
03/11/10 Dreams of Youth
03/03/10 Grease Please
02/25/10 The Longest Coldest Night
02/10/10 Ruth's Story
01/30/10 A Lesson In Numbers
01/27/10 The Forgotten God
01/09/10 A Chicken Game
12/07/09 Broken Rainbow
11/30/09 The Magic Spells of Mrs. Braunswitch
11/17/09 Be Proud To Wear That Star
11/07/09 The Grape Detective Story
10/31/09 Seductress of Silk Persuasion
10/26/09 Ask My Pal Burney O'Leary
10/19/09 Black Bayou Justice
10/14/09 The Lumbshavak Spin Will Sure Scare the Hell Out of You
10/06/09 The Sixth Proverb Epitaph
09/15/09 The Succession
09/09/09 One Small Sardine
08/31/09 As Sure as The Sun Rising Each Morning
08/25/09 Child of Mercy
08/15/09 Come Spring and The War's Over
08/01/09 I'd Puke if I Got Clothes for Christmas
07/27/09 A Time for New Life
07/17/09 There's Still Hope For Papa
07/10/09 The Sonnenwendt Eve Rescue
07/06/09 The Hackney Grey
06/10/09 Gift of the Savannah
06/02/09 Unfathomable Peace
05/27/09 Destiny at the D&L Cafe
05/17/09 And Still She Waves
05/13/09 The Inheritance
05/02/09 A Seemingly Sane Solution
04/26/09 Voice of the Turtledove
04/19/09 Master Peace
04/15/09 Homecoming and Hot Apple Pie
04/06/09 Plane Yo-Yo Faith
10/12/08 Cranberries, Popcorn, and Mama's Tree
10/05/08 The Lamplighter
09/15/08 Embracing Angel
09/09/08 Trapping Snap Snapping Turtle
08/30/08 The Unbeliever
08/24/08 Awaiting His Choice
08/16/08 Blackguard's Last Stand
08/10/08 Find the Book Your Parents Hide
08/03/08 Bridge Over Troubled...Gephyrophobia
07/26/08 Concentration of Tears
07/18/08 Ole Dawg
07/15/08 Remembrance of the Bitter Herbs
06/11/08 Finding Cheryl
06/02/08 At the Top of the Stairs
05/28/08 Across Time, Across the World

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