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Name: Brian Haugrud
Website: www.warriorpoetministries.com
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Articles written: 110

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I started writing Valentine's day 2008. The Lord has given me the inspiration for poetic short stories. My wife and I now have our first book published. We have been married 30+ years, have two grown children, and were dairy farmers for the first 18 years. I have enjoyed getting involved in the weekly writing contest and find that writing is probably my truest and newest passion. I CONSIDER MY LIFE WORTH NOTHING TO ME, IF ONLY I MAY FINISH THE RACE AND COMPLETE THE TASK THE LORD JESUS HAS GIVEN ME.. THE TASK OF TESTIFYING TO THE GOSPEL OF GODS GRACE. ACTS 20:24
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09/22/08 To The Only Valentine For Me 422 For Sale
09/22/08 Do You See What I See? 426 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
04/05/12 I Just Need A Minute
01/29/12 The Harsh Reality
01/14/12 Could It Get Any Worse
01/09/12 The Uncommitted Committed
08/19/11 Face Value
06/09/11 Scales On The Eyes
05/29/11 And Life Begins Again
05/22/11 Defined
05/16/11 The Christian Dropout
04/19/11 Give Me Give Me
04/10/11 Rambling On
03/12/11 Sweet Sixteen
03/09/11 A Moment In Time
03/02/11 Idol Worship
02/03/11 The Era Of One
01/28/11 If I Had A Day To Live
01/20/11 And Time Marches On
01/06/11 There Can Be Only One
12/16/10 Who's On First
12/15/10 Can You Walk The Talk
11/26/10 Without A Word
10/08/10 Hi God
08/27/10 Alleluia Amen
08/14/10 Liberty And Purity
08/11/10 It Was Only A Touch
08/04/10 A Scented Ride
07/27/10 A Picture In A Picture
07/18/10 Bitter Sweet
07/08/10 What'd You Say
06/10/10 Winning The Audience
06/04/10 Check It out
06/01/10 The Final Product
05/20/10 Focus Focus
05/13/10 The Man Who Would Make Words Sing
05/07/10 The Standard Is Set
05/01/10 A Pair Of Fine Hands
04/22/10 In The Eye Of The Beholder
04/15/10 Once Upon A Morning
04/08/10 The Warrior Poet
03/11/10 Transformation
02/25/10 Past, Present, Future
02/18/10 That Still Small Voice
02/11/10 Write For Me
02/06/10 Now What, Lord
01/28/10 Run Jonny, Run!
01/21/10 Sorry, But You Missed It
01/15/10 Tired Of The Daily Grind
01/09/10 Please Don't Hurt Me
11/28/09 The Blanket Of Life
11/22/09 Caution, Read The Signs
11/14/09 The Color Of The Son
11/06/09 Of Royalty And Mockery
10/31/09 The Whitest Of The White
10/24/09 The Green Mile
10/15/09 The Darkest Before The Dawn
10/10/09 Stepping Out
10/03/09 The Color Of Money
09/13/09 The Final Inning
09/09/09 The Best Time In Life
08/28/09 Thirty And Forever
08/23/09 Let Me Out
08/17/09 A Glimmer of Hope
08/04/09 The Cult Of Being Adult
07/19/09 The Tweens
07/11/09 The Dairy Days Of Summer
07/05/09 If God Wills It
06/06/09 Deception And Forgiveness
06/02/09 It's Time To Just Move On
05/23/09 Just A Little Grey
05/18/09 Two Events That Changed History
05/09/09 Good Choices Can Eliminate Some Bad
04/30/09 Delivered
04/23/09 A Condition Of The Heart
04/17/09 There's More To The Story
04/10/09 I Will Spew You Out Of My Mouth
04/04/09 Stand By Me
03/14/09 I'm Home
03/05/09 Who Am I
02/28/09 The Footprint
02/06/09 We Can Make It
01/29/09 A Trip To Remember
01/23/09 The Kingdom United
01/16/09 It's A Small World After All
01/14/09 How Blessed We Are
12/05/08 Christmas Is All About Me
11/29/08 It Was Just Another Day
11/20/08 Home Is Where The Heart Is
11/13/08 The Gift Of Life
11/07/08 The Message Was So Clear
11/05/08 The Glitter And The Glory
10/24/08 The Ten Days Of Christmas
10/19/08 The Maker And The Baker
10/09/08 The Best Decoration Yet
10/02/08 Come Sing With Me
09/11/08 The View Looks Good From Here
09/04/08 I Think I'm Loosing My Mind
08/30/08 A Blessing Or A Curse
08/21/08 Wait For Me
08/14/08 Who Are You
08/07/08 Can You Find Me Now
07/31/08 From Here To There
07/27/08 I Can't
07/18/08 The Connection
07/10/08 There Was A Time
06/05/08 Anticipation
05/29/08 Homeward Bound
05/22/08 Who's Your "Cousin"
05/16/08 The Five of Us

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