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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: ThresiaPaulose varghese
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Articles written: 231

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Loving greetings in the name of our Lord. I am a Christian, aspiring to work for Our Lord. I want to write. Please suppoert me. I am struggling for survival without any income. I am ready to serve and glorify the Lord. Please help. I pray for you. Please contact me at bro.paulose@gmail.com
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
08/19/12 Lead Your Children to the Love of God 407 Free to Share
07/28/12 Olympic Thoughts of a Heavenly Race 460 Free to Share
07/18/12 The Three Vital Mandates of Jesus 691 Free to Share
07/01/12 Another Chance Given for a Change 344 Free to Share
06/16/12 Fostering Faith is the Privileged Duty of a Christian Father 642 Free to Share
05/13/12 Motherhood is a great vocation 524 Free to Share
05/03/12 Fifty Days Before And After Easter 844 Free to Share
04/24/12 Is Resurrection of Christianity Believable? 490 Free to Share
03/28/12 Let The Dying Families Resurrect During This Easter 448 Free to Share
01/25/12 The Yeast That Leavens Prayer Bread 736 Free to Share
01/13/12 The Best Food and the Best Medicine Given by the Best Physician 437 For Sale
01/03/12 Spreading Happiness is Spreading the Good News 799 Free to Share
12/25/11 We Too Are Born On Christmas 517 For Sale
12/22/11 Symbolic Meanings of Evergreen Christmas Tree 5459 For Sale
11/30/11 Advent Begins the Count Down to the Next Arrival of Jesus 792 For Sale
10/23/11 Mother Mary, Help Us in Finding Jesus 526 For Sale
10/13/11 The Secret Jesus Teaches to Manage Stress 938 Free to Share
10/05/11 Inside Job A Film that Reminds Rights and Responsibilities 643 Free to Share
10/02/11 Gods Love Does Not Change in Autumn 1146 Free to Share
09/26/11 October Child Who Inherited Gods Kingdom 495 Free to Share
09/20/11 Autumn is a Sudden Phone Call from God 584 Free to Share
09/15/11 How Many Voices Does Christianity Have? 518 Free to Share
07/10/11 What Does Gospel Say about Peters Fatherinlaw? 453 Free to Share
06/18/11 A Fathers Day reminder to Christian Fathers 1168 Free to Share
06/05/11 Christian Duty to Promote World Environment 701 Free to Share
06/03/11 Spare a Few Minutes This Summer to Peep into your Inner Room 591 Free to Share
05/26/11 Are We Friends of Jesus? 517 Free to Share
05/14/11 Choose the success of your life with God 561 Free to Share
05/07/11 Three Keys to Open the Word and Succeed 733 For Sale
04/24/11 FIR of Three Tomb Witnesses 586 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
12/10/09 He Created It Colorful
11/25/09 The Dance of the Orange Scarecrow
11/18/09 Yellow Vision
11/11/09 God of Purple
11/03/09 White First Communion Dress
10/14/09 Blue Makes Me Crazy
10/07/09 We Are Carrying A Red Flag
09/17/09 Make the Evening of Life Happier
09/10/09 A Child's Prayer
09/03/09 Autumn Tears
08/27/09 Oh Lord, Give Me My Childhood Memories
08/16/09 The Winter Visitor
08/04/09 Unexpected Adulthood
07/23/09 Raja Is Just Turned Fifteen
07/15/09 Summer The Season To Play With Little Jesus
07/08/09 Master, dismiss me now, in the twilight years of my life
06/11/09 Empty Vessel and Positive Fullness
06/03/09 Bitter and Sweet, All From God
05/27/09 Fearing Light We Remain in the Dark
05/20/09 They Were Naked Before
05/14/09 It was only good; but how did it become bad
05/06/09 Be Clean In and Out
04/29/09 The Donkey Carrying Hard and Soft
04/22/09 A Glorious Beginning of a Blessed End
04/15/09 Hot drink in the Cold Cup of Pleasure
04/06/09 Down on the Earth, Looking Up into Heaven
03/18/09 Jesus Defines the Kingdom of God
10/29/08 Advent Roses
10/22/08 Add Sugar to Christmas
10/15/08 They burnt our Christmas Tree
10/07/08 Carol or parole
08/18/08 A charade in my office
08/14/08 Where are you, my Dad
08/06/08 The Bridge of my Father
07/31/08 Arjun's concentration
07/21/08 A Firing Telephone
07/15/08 A Scar on my Memory
06/03/08 Four walls are not a family home
05/27/08 Radha married her cousin
05/17/08 Tobias our Living Angel
05/12/08 My Friend, Philosopher and Guide
04/27/08 Mom's concern
04/21/08 Uncle, I've burnt it

Critique Circle Postings
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Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
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10/14/2012 The Fall is the Christian Spring