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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: Cindie York
Website: www.cindieyork.com
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Articles written: 60

 About Self
I have been a Christian for 24 years. I love the Word of God and I want to share thoughts from Bible Scripture and Christian topics as the Lord leads and directs, in hopes to encourage and share revelation or insight that the Lord has revealed to me.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
04/08/13 Get Yourself Covered 191 Free to Share
02/07/13 Now That's Obedience 246 Free to Share
02/06/13 The Cost of Unbelief 354 Free to Share
01/16/13 Pursue Love 346 Free to Share
01/10/13 Humble Beginnings with Large Results 397 Free to Share
01/10/12 Search My Heart 358 Free to Share
01/10/12 Forsake Sin and Find Mercy 392 Free to Share
09/29/11 Jacob's Ladder 684 Free to Share
02/23/11 Waiting 360 Free to Share
02/11/11 Wilderness Experiences 875 Free to Share
02/07/11 Keep The Faith 486 Free to Share
02/03/11 God Can 366 Free to Share
12/05/10 The Nativity: The Most Wonderful Gift 522 Free to Share
04/26/10 From Victim To Victor 560 Free to Share
12/30/09 Stepping Out In Faith 684 Free to Share
10/01/09 Israelís Judgment and Call To Repentance 681 Free to Share
10/01/09 Pride Before Destruction 539 Free to Share
10/01/09 Why shouts of joy mingled with weeping? 531 Free to Share
08/26/09 Poor In Spirit 640 Free to Share
08/26/09 Five Fold Ministry and Isaiah 28:23-29 1007 Free to Share
08/19/09 My Soul Cannot Rest 732 Free to Share
07/14/09 From Guilt of Humanity to the Righteousness of God 533 Free to Share
06/09/09 Giving Everything 779 Free to Share
05/28/09 Serving Others 984 Free to Share
05/28/09 The Deception of the Packaging 840 Free to Share
05/28/09 Fruits of the Spirit 687 Free to Share
04/21/09 Just Do It 540 Free to Share
04/20/09 Send The Rain 778 Free to Share
04/18/09 The Commission 627 Free to Share
04/18/09 Armor of God 814 Free to Share
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Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
12/20/2013 Isaiah 55
12/20/2013 This Battle Is Not Yours, But God's
04/08/2013 Get Yourself Covered
02/07/2013 Now That's Obedience!
02/06/2013 Forsake Sin and Find Mercy
02/06/2013 The Cost of Unbelief
01/16/2013 Pursue Love
01/10/2013 Humble Beginnings with Large Results
11/03/2011 Keep The Faith
10/30/2011 Jacob's Ladder
10/30/2011 Wilderness Experiences
10/30/2011 Waiting
12/06/2010 Armor of God
12/06/2010 From Victim To Victor
12/05/2010 The Nativity: The Most Wonderful Gift
05/24/2010 What Are Your Priorities?
05/24/2010 The Lord Is My Place Of Safety
05/24/2010 Isaiah and the Farmer
05/24/2010 I Believe In Miracles
05/24/2010 The Beatitudes
05/24/2010 The Commission
04/26/2010 Exercise Self Control
04/26/2010 The Deception Of The Packaging
04/26/2010 Stepping Out In Faith
10/10/2009 Israel's Judgment and Call To Repentance
10/10/2009 Why Weeping Mingled With Joy?
08/30/2009 Five Fold Ministry and Isaiah 28:23-29
08/30/2009 Poor In Spirit
08/25/2009 From Guilt of Humanity to the Righteousness of God
08/25/2009 Giving Everything
08/25/2009 My Soul Cannot Rest
01/05/2009 Help Me Oh Lord!