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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: jason taylor
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Articles written: 74

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I am a writer who is a Christian rather then a Christian Writer. That is I don't concentrate on Christian topics. Though of course my Christianity does effect my work. I may change my selection of subjects here if the House Rules demand but I have seen no indication of such. I have an interest in how people live and think. This includes such things as history, philosophy, theology, and coffee among other things. I also have a massive collection of books to which I continually add to. I am an epileptic and have few marketable talents and I live on disability. So writing which is one of the few things I can do well is sort of my contribution to society and this seems like a site where I can get my few skills used productively. I am best on setting. My knowledge and subject feel give me an ability to grace the story quite well. I am average on plot. I am not as good as I would like on characters. I cannot do love stories, and I have never tried a mystery. I have also never had the confidence or stamina to complete a full length book. I am best as an essayist and can do quite good book reviews, a few of which are in the customer review section of Amazon. I can also do short stories. Usually historical or pseudohistory. I have three Myspace sites devoted to my short stories. I write stories in the blogs and use the profile to hook them together and set atmosphere. The sites are The Place by the Sea by Jason Taylor, Song of Hope by Jason Taylor and Marco Polo by Jason Taylor. They are linked on each other's friends list so if you find one you should find all. Myspace can be tricky and someone who has trouble finding them can message me. This place looks like a good place to give back for what has been given me. It is also a place to fellowship with Christian intellectuals. Some psychologist once said that people like me constitute less then 2% of the population. I don't know if that is true but it often feels like that and brings quite a bit of loneliness with it. It is nice to meet with others with whom I share things in common.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
04/21/08 Disaster Averted 498 For Sale
04/21/08 The Mermaid and the Boatbuilder 868 For Sale
04/20/08 Marco's Valet 545 For Sale
04/19/08 The Life of Ivan 466 For Sale
04/19/08 Calmly and Rationally 687 For Sale
04/10/08 Sons of Sanballat, building contractors 527 Free to Share
04/08/08 A Strange Immunity 822 For Sale
03/29/08 A Tale To Remember 1138 For Sale
03/29/08 Marco's New Environment 450 For Sale
03/29/08 Diplomatic Codes 477 For Sale
03/29/08 A Venetian Bride 825 For Sale
03/29/08 Righteous Among the Nations 428 For Sale
03/29/08 Righteous Among the Nations 321 For Sale
03/29/08 Not Today 379 For Sale
03/29/08 Not Today 441 For Sale
03/20/08 Minor Detour 392 For Sale
03/20/08 Minor Detour 429 For Sale
03/20/08 A Strange encounter 725 For Sale
03/20/08 Our New Ally 388 For Sale
03/18/08 More Caravaner's Tales 449 For Sale
03/18/08 Centurion Pol Us 679 For Sale
03/18/08 A Strange Helper 858 For Sale
03/14/08 SongofHope The Case of Von Papen 511 For Sale
03/14/08 Finland the Valiant 489 For Sale
03/14/08 Aiyo Gurkali 1076 Free to Share
03/13/08 A Different Way to Teach History 774 Free to Share
03/13/08 The Silk Road 456 For Sale
03/12/08 Queen of Cities, Queen of Spies 403 Free to Share
03/12/08 The Crownless Again Shall be King 587 For Sale
03/12/08 Arival at Istanbul 794 For Sale
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