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Name: Shannon Heiden
Website: changingonelifereachingmany.typepad.com
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Articles written: 92

 About Self
I have served in full time ministry for four years. Serving the needs of the community and my congregation through Pastoral Care, Outreach and Recovery. I currently write a weekly column for a Christian Womens Magazine. TakeRootandWrite.com I am very excited and expectant for what the future holds in this new direction. It is my passion to "Inspire Others, to Come Up Higher," through the transforming power of Gods Word. By Changing One Life, We Can Reach Many! changingonelifereachingmany.typepad.com Silent Sufferers with Shannon Heiden at takerootandwrite.com
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
02/02/12 Being Certain, In Uncertain Times.. 548 Free to Share
01/23/11 This, Is Not That 393 Free to Share
01/15/11 Exceptional Living 465 Free to Share
01/05/11 An Empty Urn, Or, Fresh Cream? 304 Free to Share
01/05/11 What Does A Christian Look Like? 506 Free to Share
01/05/11 What Does A Christian Look Like? Part ll 362 Free to Share
01/05/11 It Is Possible 334 Free to Share
01/04/11 The E Files 370 Free to Share
01/04/11 Because God Said So 461 Free to Share
01/04/11 The Luxury Of Ignorance 491 Free to Share
03/04/10 Whatever Is 395 Free to Share
09/29/09 Water In The Pipe 449 Free to Share
09/13/09 When God Walks In 579 Free to Share
07/19/09 That's Just The Way It Is...... 496 Free to Share
07/04/09 Children Of God....... 512 Free to Share
06/10/09 Who Knew 507 Free to Share
06/06/09 Where Amazing Happens 459 Free to Share
05/30/09 Great Savior 424 Free to Share
05/30/09 All Roads Lead To Somewhere 861 Free to Share
05/30/09 Imperfection, Perfect For God 622 Free to Share
04/27/09 The Road to Beautiful 567 Free to Share
04/16/09 Dead and Gone 922 Free to Share
04/13/09 A Little Farther 560 Free to Share
04/06/09 An Exceptional Love 618 Free to Share
03/27/09 Lucky Charms 980 Free to Share
03/14/09 Don't Stop Believing' 624 Free to Share
03/09/09 The Song of The Redeemed..... 775 Free to Share
02/28/09 When Darkness Lingers..... 555 Free to Share
02/16/09 Battle Proof 584 Free to Share
02/03/09 The Miracle In the Desert 569 Free to Share
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02/02/2012 Being Certain, In Uncertain Times..
08/28/2011 Going Down!
08/14/2011 When God Goes Out of His Way...
08/02/2011 God Simply, Isn't Done Yet!
05/29/2011 Answering Our Critics
04/30/2011 Not Now, but Hereafter~
04/11/2011 When The Bell Rings~
04/03/2011 The Warrior Within~
03/27/2011 Footmen
03/14/2011 ~What If~
02/26/2011 Everyday..
01/22/2011 This, Is Not That!
01/15/2011 The "E' Files: Exceptional Living
01/01/2011 The "E" Files: Extraordinary Living
11/23/2010 Takers..
10/07/2010 The Luxury Of Ignorance.
10/07/2010 We Win!
09/02/2010 Because God Said So....
08/03/2010 What Does A Christian Look Like? Part ll
07/22/2010 What Does a Christian Look Like?
07/03/2010 An Empty Urn or Fresh Cream?
06/04/2010 It Is Possible...
05/25/2010 The Poem....
05/12/2010 Simon, Simon....
05/02/2010 Now That's A Kick In The Head!
04/28/2010 He Went Outside...
03/14/2010 Conflict-The God Kind!
03/04/2010 Whatever Is.....
02/07/2010 In Case You Didn't Know....
02/04/2010 Be Real....
01/21/2010 Next Time....
01/16/2010 When Loving God Hurts, That's When Loving God Matters The Most....
01/11/2010 Detours, Determination, and Destiny!
01/07/2010 According To Him.....
12/12/2009 Things Remembered
12/05/2009 Heaven Stands At Attention...
11/25/2009 On One Particular Day....
11/17/2009 Here Comes That Dreamer!
11/14/2009 On The Horizon....
10/30/2009 Water In The Pipe....
10/25/2009 Tomorrow May Never Come....
10/23/2009 What If Tomorrow Never Comes?
10/17/2009 What's Stopping You?
10/15/2009 What's Stopping You?
10/10/2009 The Edge.....
09/29/2009 Water In The Pipe
09/23/2009 In Our Town.....
09/12/2009 When God Happens
09/10/2009 ~When God Walks In~
09/07/2009 Almost There.....
09/05/2009 Get Rid of It
08/15/2009 Take A Hike.....
08/10/2009 Not This Time....
08/01/2009 There's No Place Like Home.....
07/25/2009 Paid In Full.....
07/19/2009 That's Just The Way It Is......
07/12/2009 Yes, You Can....
07/04/2009 Children Of God.......
06/28/2009 Jumping Ship
06/21/2009 Second Glance
06/10/2009 Who Knew.....
06/06/2009 Where Amazing Happens
05/30/2009 ~Great Savior~
05/27/2009 All Roads Lead to Somewhere....
05/24/2009 Imperfection. Perfect For God....
04/27/2009 It Ain't Fair......
04/27/2009 The Road to Beautiful......
04/16/2009 Dead and Gone......
04/13/2009 A Little Farther....
04/06/2009 An Exceptional Love
03/27/2009 Lucky Charms....
03/15/2009 Change....
03/15/2009 Freedom.....
03/15/2009 A Long Way Off.....
03/15/2009 Rise Up and Build....
03/14/2009 Dont 'Stop' Believing.....
03/09/2009 The Song of The Redeemed.....
02/28/2009 When Darkness Lingers.....
02/23/2009 A Whole Lotta Shaking Going On.....
02/16/2009 Battle Proof
02/03/2009 The Miracle In The Desert
02/03/2009 Birds Eye View.....
01/26/2009 ~Great One...Leave it on the editing floor of heaven.
01/22/2009 It's Not Over.....
01/20/2009 The Waiting Is The Hardest Part....
01/20/2009 The Waiting Is The Hardest Part....
01/20/2009 ~The Great Divide~
01/09/2009 Another Chance....
01/09/2009 What's In Your Closet?
01/09/2009 Designer Genes
01/07/2009 What's Feet Got To Do With It?
01/07/2009 When God Slays...
01/07/2009 Letting Go....
01/07/2009 Without.....
01/07/2009 Things You Learn In The Cleft Of The Rock....
12/30/2008 Can Anything Good Come From This?
12/30/2008 The Best of Them
12/22/2008 Somewhere Along The Way
12/22/2008 When
12/22/2008 Keep It Real
12/22/2008 On Any Given Day
12/16/2008 Stumbling Block Or Stepping Stone; Turning Your Enemies Into Your Footstool
12/16/2008 A Step In The Right Direction
12/09/2008 Love Bends Down
11/28/2008 I WAS, Not Forgotten
11/25/2008 I WAS, My Brothers Keeper
11/16/2008 I WAS, The Young And The Homeless
11/11/2008 The Broken Road
11/11/2008 When God Happens
11/11/2008 I WAS, Once Blind But Now I See
05/22/2008 He's Waiting
02/28/2008 Footmen
02/28/2008 Footmen