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Name: Brenda LaVelle 
Website: www.mypoemsfromgod.com
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Articles written: 122

 About Self
I am a poet who asked God for poems for the honor and glory of Him. I started a ministry with my poetry of Poems From God, because He literally "gives" them to me in my morning time with Him-ALWAYS, IN ALL WAYS, TO THE ALMIGHTY GOD THE HONOR AND GLORY!- This is my core belief I try to share with others and want to share with the world. God blesses me with this poetry and I want to bless others with it and I believe He will bless me in return for that! Always, go in peace!
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
05/01/13 God Speaks Bible, His Very Breath 470 For Sale
03/02/09 At Times 351 For Sale
03/02/09 Our Friends 312 For Sale
03/02/09 We Are All on Loan 338 For Sale
02/25/09 His Loving Cup 482 For Sale
12/20/08 The Christmas Christ 411 For Sale
12/15/08 On That Starry Night 410 For Sale
12/11/08 Only You, Lord 394 For Sale
11/18/08 I Am a Saint 400 For Sale
11/18/08 He Saved Us 411 For Sale
11/17/08 My Own Good Shepherd 338 For Sale
11/15/08 A Perfect Love 425 For Sale
11/05/08 Trusting the Answers 367 For Sale
11/05/08 A Royal Princess 1046 For Sale
11/01/08 Beyond the Forks in the Road 367 For Sale
10/29/08 Make Them Safe 373 For Sale
10/12/08 The Seeds He Sowed 359 For Sale
10/12/08 Breathe 478 For Sale
10/12/08 Bid Me, Come 364 For Sale
09/27/08 The Birdsong 394 For Sale
09/27/08 Weak and Forlorn 421 For Sale
09/14/08 No Time is Wasted 380 Free to Share
09/06/08 My Own Daily Bread 438 Free to Share
09/05/08 I Need to Turn, Turn, Turn 522 For Sale
09/03/08 Jesus is Waiting 459 Free to Share
09/01/08 Simplify, Simplify 445 Free to Share
09/01/08 This Blessedness 386 Free to Share
09/01/08 Until Christ Comes 572 Free to Share
08/31/08 My God, Alone, Knows All 438 Free to Share
08/30/08 For Blair 370 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
03/08/08 Just For Today

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
05/05/13 His Very Breath
08/20/12 The Co-dependency Trap
08/20/12 Dont' Let Satan Have His Way
08/19/12 Satan is Real!
08/19/12 Open Mind, Open Hands, Open Heart
03/02/09 Release Me, Lord
03/02/09 Over Before It's Begun
03/02/09 Our Friends
03/02/09 Never Grovel
02/25/09 He Knows You
02/25/09 His Loving Cup
12/15/08 Only You, Lord
12/15/08 On That Starry Night
11/18/08 He Saved Us
11/18/08 I Am a Saint
11/17/08 My Own Good Shepherd
11/15/08 A Perfect Love
11/05/08 Trusting the Answers
11/05/08 A Royal Princess
11/01/08 Beyond the Forks in the Road
10/29/08 Make Them Safe
10/12/08 Bid Me, Come
10/12/08 Breathe
10/12/08 The Seeds He Sowed
09/14/08 No Time is Wasted
09/06/08 My Own Daily Bread
09/05/08 I Need to Turn, Turn, Turn
09/03/08 Jesus is Waiting
09/01/08 Simplify, Simplify
09/01/08 Until Christ Comes
09/01/08 This Blessedness
08/31/08 My God, Alone, Knows All
08/30/08 For Blair
08/30/08 Go on With Him
08/15/08 Voyage of the Spirit
08/15/08 When I Can't See
08/13/08 Jesus is Always There
08/13/08 Do I Suffer Thee, Lord?
08/02/08 Most Gracious Giver
08/02/08 Let Me Be...
08/02/08 Get a Move On
07/27/08 Fruit of the Spirit
07/26/08 Look Above the Clouds
07/26/08 Safe and Secure I Arise
07/25/08 It is in the Giving
07/22/08 Become an Overcomer
07/13/08 Shine Like the Son
07/13/08 Second Chance
07/13/08 In the NIght
07/01/08 Looking Back
06/25/08 For Debra Lee
06/17/08 Replenish Me, Lord
06/16/08 In His Name
06/16/08 Oh, Good Shepherd
06/13/08 God is in Control, All is Well
06/12/08 Surely With Thee
05/28/08 Until We Go to Glory
05/26/08 The Slippery One
05/25/08 While We Are Here
05/24/08 I Renew My Faith in You
05/24/08 Just Who You Are
05/24/08 Until He Brings Us Home
05/22/08 To Be a Beacon
05/20/08 Lavish the Glory on the Son
05/09/08 Toast the Master
05/05/08 Please Come
05/04/08 When in the Grip of Deep Despair
05/01/08 Pass the Word
05/01/08 Jesus Christ is My Only Pride
05/01/08 The Great Unseen
05/01/08 Get Up to God
04/27/08 Redemption Day
04/27/08 Saved Again
04/21/08 In Jesus' Name
04/21/08 Give and Give
04/16/08 In Retrospect
04/15/08 Great Love
04/14/08 God's Plan of Redemption
04/14/08 Jesus Christ's Love
04/13/08 The Victor's Celebrations
04/13/08 Give Faith a Thrust
04/13/08 Will You Call?
04/11/08 Perfectly Imperfect
04/11/08 Incomparable
04/10/08 First, Second, and Third
04/09/08 Tears of Sorrow and Joy
04/08/08 Into Battle
04/07/08 Pieces Within Myself
04/05/08 The Meat and the Potatoes
04/05/08 Be With Me Forever
03/31/08 Forks in the Road
03/30/08 My Last Breath
03/30/08 I Would Give Anything
03/27/08 How Could I Not?
03/26/08 Oh, You Mighty One
03/24/08 We Are All on Loan
03/24/08 He Guides My Path
03/24/08 Meditation
03/23/08 The More I Need
03/23/08 I Glory in You
03/21/08 The Nazarene
03/21/08 I'm Just Hangin' On To Jesus
03/18/08 Less is More
03/15/08 Let Me
03/12/08 The Unknown Lady
03/12/08 On the Morning Dew
03/12/08 Answer the Call
03/11/08 Always, In All Ways
03/11/08 Bliss
03/07/08 At Times
03/07/08 Weak and Forlorn
03/07/08 The Birdsong
03/02/08 Over and Over
03/02/08 Day-By-Day
03/02/08 In the Fog
02/29/08 Do You Really Know?
02/27/08 My Holy, Sacred Time
02/27/08 I Will Follow You
02/27/08 Just You
02/26/08 Give it Back
02/26/08 Only He

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