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Name: Lauryn Abbott
Website: www.takeck.blogspot.com
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Articles written: 41

 About Self
My name is Lauryn and I'm a stay-at-home mom and writer. I am married to an amazing man, and we have beautiful daughter who is the joy of our lives. We also have 3 feline family members who keep us very entertained. Writing publicly is rather new to me. Though Iíve always had a passion for it, itís always been private. Last year the Lord led me to open up and put it out there. I now belong to a couple of writing groups, have a blog, and have written lesson plans for Train Up Children. It is my desire to write what God leads me to write and go where God leads me to go. The material that I write may be encouraging, informative, funny, fiction or non-fiction. I hope you enjoy what you find and pass it along to others. In any good that I do, I give the glory to God. To reach me, please email me at seedthoughts@yahoo.com
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
07/30/09 Do Not Go Gentle... 408 Free to Share
07/22/09 A Sacrifice of Praise 329 Free to Share
07/10/09 God is God and I Am Not 346 Free to Share
07/10/09 You Made Me Lord ~ Psalm 139, Part 3 466 Free to Share
07/10/09 You Lead Me Lord ~ Psalm 139, Part 4 339 Free to Share
07/08/09 To Tremble 362 Free to Share
07/08/09 You Know Me Lord ~ Psalm 139, Part 1 310 Free to Share
07/08/09 You're With Me Lord ~ Psalm 139, Part 2 351 Free to Share
07/09/08 A Fruity Kind of Self Control 619 Free to Share
07/08/08 A Fruity Kind of Gentleness 670 Free to Share
07/02/08 A Fruity Kind of Faithfulness 669 Free to Share
07/01/08 A Fruity Kind of Goodness 479 Free to Share
06/25/08 A Fruity Kind of Kindness 541 Free to Share
06/23/08 A Fruity Kind of Patience 725 Free to Share
06/18/08 A Fruity Kind of Peace 588 Free to Share
06/12/08 A Fruity Kind of Joy 467 Free to Share
06/10/08 A Fruity Kind of Love 616 Free to Share
05/16/08 Life is Fleeting 924 For Sale
04/30/08 The Story of Our Life 670 Free to Share
04/28/08 Tough Times 786 Free to Share
04/16/08 The Maze of our Lives 584 Free to Share
04/16/08 The Words We Use 537 Free to Share
03/07/08 Letter to My Baby Girl 2041 Not For Sale
02/28/08 Who Is Jesus? 504 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
09/17/08 Family Game Night
09/04/08 The Penance of Brandon Scott
08/21/08 One Happy Family
08/13/08 Desperately Seeking Jasmine
07/29/08 Libby's Diagnosis
07/22/08 Phone Angst
07/11/08 A Night to Remember
05/20/08 I Was Adopted at PetSmart
04/24/08 A Change of Plans
04/18/08 Jenny's New Life
04/14/08 Little One
04/09/08 My Gram
03/11/08 It's Too Late
03/03/08 An Opened Window
02/23/08 Young Love
02/18/08 Deceived
02/13/08 Laughing

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07/30/2009 Do Not Go Gentle...
07/22/2009 A Sacrifice of Praise
07/10/2009 It's Too Late
07/10/2009 You Lead Me Lord ~ Psalm 139, Part 4
07/10/2009 You Made Me Lord ~ Psalm 139, Part 3
07/10/2009 God is God and I Am Not
07/08/2009 You're With Me Lord ~ Psalm 139, Part 2
07/08/2009 You Know Me Lord ~ Psalm 139, Part 1
07/08/2009 To Tremble
08/05/2008 Deceived
08/04/2008 Laughing