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Name: Judy Doyle 
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Articles written: 55

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I've been writing for about 10 years. Many of my writings were about living on the farm (I'm really a city gal at heart). A couple of my articles about farm life were published. All in all I received more rejections than publications. Now I write mainly short story fiction. I'm also a pastor. I love being a pastor, it's what I believe God has called me to do. But I also have a passion for writing.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
07/02/13 Antacid Couldn't Cure It 121 For Sale
06/13/12 Blessings 180 For Sale
01/04/12 Nighttime Frolic 224 For Sale
12/29/11 What the Innkeeper's Wife Saw 379 For Sale
04/11/11 Sunday Worship 345 For Sale
03/16/11 Good Friday 647 For Sale
03/15/11 Gnarly Old Tree in a Garden 352 For Sale
03/10/11 Ministry 294 For Sale
02/22/11 Bzzzz 281 For Sale
02/10/11 I've Been There 252 For Sale
02/07/11 The Other Side 289 For Sale
12/23/10 A Christmas Eve Prayer 751 Free to Share
12/08/10 A New Understanding of Christmas 438 Free to Share
05/17/10 The Last Page 391 Free to Share
07/17/09 A Profitable Day at the Creek 686 For Sale
04/25/09 Our Amazing God 514 Free to Share
04/16/09 But 390 For Sale
04/14/09 Moving the Mountain, Fighting a Battle 527 For Sale
04/06/09 Plant a Seed 580 For Sale
04/02/09 God's Gift to You, Potential 483 For Sale
12/18/08 Love and Reconciliation = Christmas 688 Free to Share
11/30/08 One More Stop Before I'm Home 450 Free to Share
11/20/08 The Rite of Right Writing 472 Free to Share
09/06/08 The Truth of Good Friday 461 For Sale
06/26/08 Because He Was There 552 For Sale
05/30/08 Imagine, If You Can 558 For Sale
05/30/08 On This Day of Celebration 585 Free to Share
05/29/08 Music in the Midst of Turmoil 543 Free to Share
04/17/08 An Amazing Grandpa 594 Free to Share
04/09/08 Wanted Qualified Teacher 597 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
05/05/10 The Last Paige
08/03/09 A Meeting of the Minds
01/28/09 My Spiritual Journey Home
01/14/09 Lessons from Abroad
12/09/08 Love and Reconciliation = Christmas
12/03/08 From Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich to a Real Feast
11/19/08 The Gift of History
09/10/08 Snap Decision? No, an Editorial Opinion
08/06/08 Log In: Upstream
07/30/08 Only If You've Lived With It, Can You Understand
07/23/08 Always on the Line
07/16/08 My "Criminal" Activity
06/08/08 Celebrating the Lives
05/16/08 Lessons Learned from our Mutt
04/29/08 My Mom the Shoplifter
04/21/08 Girls Only Weekend
04/16/08 Another Day of Infamy
04/04/08 An Amazing Grampa
03/12/08 Better Get Ready
03/04/08 No Money, No Credit Cards, Know Provisions
02/25/08 A Needed Embrace
02/20/08 Office Shrew versus Shrewd Manager
02/04/08 A Gift to Sadie and Others
01/25/08 Not So Bad After All
01/23/08 I Want it NOW

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
02/23/11 Bzzzz
02/16/09 Music in the Midst of Turmoil
12/18/08 Love + Reconciliation = Christmas
11/30/08 One More Stop Before Home
10/31/08 The Rite of Right Writing
09/05/08 The Truth of Good Friday
05/26/08 Because He Was There
04/09/08 Wanted: Qualified Teacher
03/30/08 The Farmer's Salute
02/27/08 Hogs on the Run
01/30/08 It's Better at Dad's
01/24/08 A Sister's Determination

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
05/20/2010 The Last Page
07/17/2009 A Profitable Day at the Creek
04/25/2009 Our Amazing God
04/16/2009 But. . .
04/14/2009 Moving a Mountain: Facing a Battle
04/06/2009 Plant a Seed
04/02/2009 God's Gift to You, Potential
03/19/2009 Thoughts on the Second of Three Simple Rules
03/03/2009 A Thought for Lent
02/28/2009 Did You "Give Up" Something for Lent?
12/18/2008 Love + Reconciliation = Christmas
12/02/2008 One More Stop Before Home
09/05/2008 The Truth of Good Friday
08/07/2008 Always on the Line
05/29/2008 Music in the Midst of Turmoil
02/05/2008 A Sister's Determination