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Name: Nancy Quinn
Website: www.mychristiansite.com/ministries/joyfulpenministries/index.html
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Articles written: 31

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I've been married twenty five years, have a son in his first year of college, and two golden retriever/collies (one calm and one crazy)! My passion is WORDS and sharing the awesome message of God's love through written form. I love to encourage others through the words the Lord gives me and hope the stories and devotionals the Lord inspires me to write will encourage and help others in their walk with Christ too. Click on the following link to learn more about my devotional book for those who love animals! http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/a-veterinarians-daughter-learns-from-the-animal-kingdom-devotionals-for-animal-lovers/6996376.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
05/31/10 Tithing and Couples 712 For Sale
03/24/08 An Obedient Pet, and Her Obedient Owner 802 Free to Share
03/23/08 A Birthday Celebration 984 Free to Share
03/22/08 A Collie Surgery, Finding your Inner Strength 944 Free to Share
03/22/08 Mom, Do I Have to Go to Church? 1024 Free to Share
03/16/08 A Revelation and Fulfilled Promise of New Life, A Micro Story 1147 Free to Share
03/16/08 A Teen's Commitment to Purity, A Micro Story 1333 Free to Share
03/10/08 Tornadoes and Storms 1094 Free to Share
03/09/08 Warnings, Feelings and Instincts 739 Free to Share
03/09/08 Lucy Mouse Uses Kind Words, A Children's Story 3189 Free to Share
03/08/08 A Grandparent's Legacy 1917 Free to Share
03/07/08 Blue Ribbon Brownies, Blue Ribbon Life 918 Free to Share
03/04/08 Is Salt on your Easter Grocery List? 1006 Free to Share
02/23/08 Long Distance Support for Someone with Cancer 2522 Free to Share
02/23/08 Tithing and the Non Christian Huband 1734 Free to Share
02/20/08 Selling Your Home in God's Timing 1107 Free to Share
01/28/08 Waiting for Surgery 1503 Free to Share
01/27/08 A Teen's Commitment to Purity 2950 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
05/08/08 Pot Roast and First Impressions
05/02/08 Barbie Dolls and Fuchsia Lipstick
04/19/08 Holiday Reverie
04/11/08 Teen Charms
04/05/08 Leaving a Legacy of Love
03/07/08 Snapshots of Regret
03/01/08 A Move in God's Timing
02/21/08 Treasured Coins
02/15/08 Admiration is Optional
02/07/08 A Choice of Growth
02/02/08 Lucy Mouse Chooses Friends Wisley
01/25/08 A Return to Happiness
01/20/08 The Secret

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title

Date Title
05/03/09 The Adventures of Lila the Little Church Mouse
04/28/09 A Veterinarian's Daughter Learns From The Animal Kingdom: Devotionals for Animal Lovers

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
04/23/2013 Lucy Mouse and the Moving Adventure
04/23/2013 Lucy Mouse and the Moving Adventure
03/20/2010 Forgive, An Action Verb
02/14/2010 The Baseball, A Children's Story
12/31/2009 A New Year and a New You
12/25/2009 The Gift
11/08/2009 A Path to Christmas Compassion
10/18/2009 Evergreen, Ever Constant
10/13/2009 Carrying Burdens to the Cross
10/05/2009 Thank You, An Honored Sacrifice
08/28/2009 Two Shakes of a Lamb's Tail Are you Quick to Respond to God's Call?
06/07/2009 There are No Erasers in Heaven
05/27/2009 Molly the Cat - Too Shy to Jump In?
04/11/2009 Our God "Rains"
04/11/2009 Lucy Mouse Weeds Her Prayer Garden, a Children's Story
03/24/2009 Lucy Mouse and the Easter Adventure, A Children's Story
03/14/2009 Lucy Mouse and the Easter Lily, a Children's Story
03/08/2009 Advice from SOC's: Teen Advice Column (Internet Safety)
02/23/2009 Advice from SOC's; Teen Advice Column (Friends)
02/08/2009 Advice from SOC's; Teen Advice Column ("Christian" Graffiti)
02/08/2009 Advice from SOC's; Teen Advice Column (Anger and Unforgiveness)
02/07/2009 Advice from SOC's; Teen Advice Column (Dating)
12/21/2008 Planting Computer Seeds
12/02/2008 Lucy Mouse and the Christmas Gift, a Children's Story
11/29/2008 A Special Assignment for Lucy Mouse, A Children's Story
10/22/2008 Look Both Ways Before You Cross the Street
08/14/2008 Did You Remember to Plug the Meter?
07/18/2008 Have you Heard?
07/10/2008 Lucy Mouse Discovers the Importance of Church
07/10/2008 Hugs from Heaven
07/10/2008 Selfless Love
06/24/2008 Integrity Pie
06/15/2008 A Lucky Find
06/08/2008 Flower Petals of Kindness
05/19/2008 Eat Your Peas
05/17/2008 A Box of Memories
05/17/2008 Sunday Drives and Economics
05/03/2008 Little Curly Tails: Big Problems
05/03/2008 Wheelbarrow Races; Chasing After the Blessings of God
05/02/2008 Look for Hidden Gifts
05/01/2008 Time to Rest and "Nest"
05/01/2008 Horseback Riding and Kicking Bad Habits
05/01/2008 Saturday Morning Patients: Being a Servant of Christ
04/29/2008 A Dog Who Can Tell Time
04/23/2008 Lucy Mouse Learns About the Golden Rule, a Children's Story
04/22/2008 Lucy Mouse Learns to Share, a Children's Story
04/18/2008 Preparing a Spring Garden
04/16/2008 Lucy Mouse Captures Her Fears, a Children's Story
04/16/2008 Lucy Mouse Does Her Best, a Children's Story
04/15/2008 Lucy Mouse Uses Good Words, A Children's Story
04/15/2008 Standing at the Door
04/13/2008 A Chosen Name
04/13/2008 A Watched Chicken Doesn't Hatch
04/13/2008 Lucy Mouse Discovers a Fruit of the Spirit, Love: A Children's Story
04/13/2008 Lucy Mouse Discovers a Fruit of the Spirit, Kindness: A Children's Story
04/13/2008 Lucy Mouse Discovers a Fruit of the Spirit, Peace: A Children's Story
04/12/2008 Lucy Mouse Discovers a Fruit of the Spirit, Joy: A Children's Story
04/12/2008 Lucy Mouse Discovers a Fruit of the Spirit, Gentleness: A Children's Story
04/10/2008 Lucy Mouse Discovers a Fruit of the Spirit, Goodness: A Children's Story
04/08/2008 Lucy Mouse Discovers a Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness, a Children's Story
04/07/2008 Lucy Mouse Discovers a Fruit of the Spirit, Self-Control: A Children's Story
04/07/2008 Lucy Mouse Discovers a Fruit of the Spirit, Patience: A Children's Story
04/03/2008 Are you Thirsty?
04/02/2008 Confessions of a People Pleaser
03/30/2008 Security Blankets and Obedience
03/30/2008 Seeking the Source
03/30/2008 Part of the Family
03/30/2008 An Unwelcome Guest
03/30/2008 Does Your Church Have Unity?
03/27/2008 The Chase is on: Help From a Neighbor
03/26/2008 Choose the Narrow Gate
03/26/2008 Forgiving Others
03/26/2008 Touch His Cloak and Be Healed
03/25/2008 Every Knee Shall Bow
03/25/2008 Campsite Chipmunk Visitors
03/25/2008 The Grass is NOT Greener
03/24/2008 A Curious Dog
03/23/2008 The Great Escape
03/22/2008 Doggy Death Row
03/20/2008 Catching Fireflies, Catching Light
03/20/2008 My Guinea Pig, Dressed to Impress
03/18/2008 Do You Leave People Better Than you Found Them?
03/18/2008 Small Rescues with Great Love
03/18/2008 Summer Storms
03/17/2008 A Rescued Crow
03/17/2008 Are You Afraid to Get Out of the Boat?
03/15/2008 Hamster Wheels and Tests of Faith
03/14/2008 LOL, Laughing Out Loud
03/12/2008 Lucy Mouse Learns We're All the Same, A Children's Story
03/09/2008 A Shortened Life, Helping Someone Grieve
03/09/2008 Lucy Mouse Helps a Bully, A Children's Story
03/09/2008 A Puppy's Warnings
03/08/2008 Fear and Promises
03/07/2008 God's Miracle of Protection
03/05/2008 City Chickens Don't Follow the Crowd
03/04/2008 Chasing After Idols
03/04/2008 My Pet Lamb
02/28/2008 Bullies, Fear and Faith
02/26/2008 Lucy Mouse Learns to Obey, a Children's Story
02/18/2008 Lucy Mouse Chooses Friends Wisely
02/18/2008 Waiting for Surgery
02/12/2008 Peace Where God Placed You
02/09/2008 My Rat Terrior, Tiny Terror of the Neighborhood
02/09/2008 Balance in Volunteering
02/08/2008 Lucy Mouse Shares Her Faith, A Children's Story
02/06/2008 A Little Dog Named Shoo: A Children's Story
02/05/2008 Submission, Does It Still Apply to Women?
02/03/2008 Friendships and Hair Issues
02/03/2008 Clean Up in Aisle 3
02/02/2008 Sshh, It's a Secret
01/31/2008 Drinking: Delightful or Disastrous
01/29/2008 What I Learned From My Other Dog
01/29/2008 What's Your Sign?
01/27/2008 Committing to Purity
01/27/2008 What I learned From My Dog
01/25/2008 Tithing and the Non Christian Huband