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Name: Jacob Gibson
Website: www.floydslighthouse.com
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Articles written: 40

 About Self
I'm a college graduate with a 2-year degree in general studies. I was kindly invited to join faithwriters by Dixie Phillips, a talented writer and wonderful friend. I enjoy writing and thinking of creative ideas which come to me unexpectedly. (The best ones always from God) Piano, drama, video games, music, creativity, good stories, and entertaining are some of my favorite things, and my life passion is to spread God's truth and love. I like to write in a variety of genres depening on what inspires me. I hope to write some books in the future, like Christian science fiction/fantasy or something else (a video game-based comic book), if that's God's will. I'm hoping to find someone who can help me coauthor a book, to make it better than I could by myself and help me where I'm lacking. (If you know someone who might be a good match, you can let me know.) I look forward to reading and writing in this wonderful community, and hope I can be a blessing to you all and bring glory to my heavenly Father. You can find a categorized list of my works at the end of "More About Me" in the regular articles. Anything that I feel isn't some of my best work or needs more work will have a * beside it. Let me know if you find any broken links, i.e. in "Open Your Eyes" and "Live and Love." (jaybeegbn@hotmail.com.)
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
03/30/10 God Save America 647 Free to Share
11/18/09 Jonah, Best of Bible Sports part III 416 Free to Share
11/15/09 Stand Firm on His Promises 938 Free to Share
11/05/09 Solomon Goes Back in Time, The Lost Document 452 Free to Share
10/29/09 Legend of the Yoshisaurus Rex, episode previews and summaries 473 For Sale
10/28/09 Agape Bridge, a movie with an unconventional look at the gospel 451 For Sale
10/28/09 Wild Rollercoaster of Life 607 Free to Share
10/27/09 Jonah, Best of Bible Sports part II 415 Free to Share
10/26/09 Plunging Through the Darkness, college philosophy paper 429 Free to Share
10/26/09 More About Me, my faithwriters interview and organized article list 664 Free to Share
10/26/09 Jonah, Best of Bible Sports part I 473 Free to Share
10/25/09 Think on These Things 474 Free to Share
04/23/09 Telikos Dunamis kai Agape, Ultimate Power and Love 424 Free to Share
04/23/09 A Desperate Prayer of Repentance 733 Free to Share
04/23/09 The Art and Power of Poetry 379 Free to Share
03/12/09 Legend of the Yoshisaurus episode 1 418 For Sale
01/31/09 A Helpful Smile in Almost Every Aisle 1272 Free to Share
01/21/09 Actual Phobias, some real some not 1846 Free to Share
01/21/09 Question Everything 427 Free to Share
01/20/09 Always and Never, You are always the same 524 Free to Share
01/20/09 Open Your Eyes, Sonic Adventure parody 744 Free to Share
01/19/09 Whispers of Love 587 Free to Share
01/18/09 A Fresh Batch of Home made Jokes 1101 Free to Share
01/17/09 A Fun Little Song, N0 Subl1m1n4l M3ss4g3s 688 Free to Share
01/16/09 Hidden Message of Creation 438 Free to Share
01/16/09 Nature, Teen Guys in the Wild 459 Free to Share
01/16/09 Jesus, Save me from the Legion 794 Free to Share
01/15/09 Echoes of Mercy 376 Free to Share
01/15/09 Ode to Winter in Iowa 394 Free to Share
01/15/09 Wonderfully Worthless? Inventions, Don't Call Now 419 Free to Share
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Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
04/24/12 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Give Your Life to Christ (updated)
09/03/11 Fighting the Darkness (blacklight skit)
12/20/10 Our Facebook Ministry: What we like, Who we're like
11/24/10 Blessed Be His Name
07/03/10 A Modern Psalm of Truth
04/17/10 Revenge of Dr. Random: This Too Shall Blow Up
02/18/10 Logical Thoughts on God, Science, Religion, and More
12/10/09 Ventriloquist Act: Truth and Opinions
11/30/09 The Devil is a Moron
11/23/09 The Random Machine, or Proof that I am Totally Crazy
11/13/09 The Music of Heaven
11/06/09 Da Truth
10/29/09 Legend of the Yoshisarus Rex: Episode previews and summaries
09/28/09 Unplugg'd
09/16/09 Dr. Revitalizer (parody of Move Your Dead Bones)
09/07/09 More About Me: Faithreaders Interview (+ my organized article list)
09/01/09 An Enlightening Trip to the "Art" Museum
08/11/09 Wonder What it's Like
08/03/09 Smarty Pants Wisdom (Solomon I am Not)
07/04/09 God Save America
06/24/09 Jakeofsky's Rap: My life in a nutshell (sort of)
06/11/09 Get Up!
05/31/09 Agape Bridge (a movie with an unconventional look at the gospel)
04/04/09 Farewell Uriah, My Love
03/26/09 A Desperate Prayer of Repentance
03/21/09 The Art and Power of Poetry
03/02/09 God, The Part-time Comedian
02/21/09 The Whirlwind Inside
02/18/09 Remembrance of a Disliked Man
02/12/09 Bet Your Life on It!
02/10/09 Idea for a wild new christian band!
02/06/09 Remember, Remember His Perfect Love
01/20/09 Think on These Things (thoughts on right thinking)
01/14/09 Before I Go
12/12/08 Ode to Winter in Iowa
12/11/08 Telikos Dunamis kai Agapo (Ultimate Power and Love)
11/28/08 Fantasy Real Forever + Power Tools (or God's Toolbox)*
11/23/08 A Helpful Smile in Almost Every Aisle (+ telephone callback messages)
11/19/08 Always and Never, You Are Always the Same
11/15/08 Blind Man Running (second draft)*
11/08/08 The Unsung Writer: a poem or something like that*
11/06/08 Legend of the Yoshisaurus (ep. 13b)
10/26/08 Legend of the Yoshisaurus (ep. 13a)
10/22/08 Legend of the Yoshisaurus (ep. 12)
10/18/08 Legend of the Yoshisaurus (ep. 11)
10/11/08 Legend of the Yoshisaurus (ep. 10)
10/05/08 Legend of the Yoshisaurus (ep. 9)
09/29/08 Open Your Eyes (parody of "Open Your Heart" from SA)
09/22/08 Legend of the Yoshisaurus (ep. 8)
09/17/08 Legend of the Yoshisaurus (ep. 7)
09/15/08 Legend of the Yoshisaurus (ep. 6)
09/10/08 What an Amazing God! (or Six Days of Wonder)
08/06/08 Actual Phobias! Some real, some not (v1.0)
07/23/08 Legend of the Yoshisaurus (ep. 5)
07/17/08 Legend of the Yoshisaurus (ep. 4)
07/16/08 A Fresh Batch of Home-made Jokes (Bible, Chuck Norris, Quotes)
07/09/08 Legend of the Yoshisaurus (ep. 3)
07/02/08 Legend of the Yoshisaurus (ep. 2)
06/26/08 Stand Firm on His Promises!
06/25/08 Legend of the Yoshisaurus Rex (ep. 1)
06/09/08 Echoes of Mercy
06/01/08 Jesus, Save me from the Legion!
05/25/08 Join the Rebelution!
05/18/08 Solomon Goes Back in Time (The Lost Document)
05/12/08 In Defese of Turning off Your TV (a college speech paper)
05/11/08 Wonderfully Worthless? Inventions (Don't Call Now)
05/04/08 A Fun Little Song (N0 Subl1m1nal M3ssag3s)
04/30/08 Question Everything (improved)
04/28/08 Live and Love (parody of "Live and Learn" from SA2)
04/27/08 Best of Bible Sports: Jonah (part III)
04/23/08 The Insane Quartet (part II)
04/17/08 The Insane Quartet (part I)
04/14/08 The Inter-trap
04/10/08 Plunging Through the Darkness (college philosophy paper)
04/08/08 Wild Rollercoaster of Life
04/07/08 Best of Bible Sports: Jonah (part II)
04/04/08 Radiant Reflectionz
04/03/08 Mystery of the Walking Fossils (college english paper)
04/03/08 Agape Bridge
04/02/08 The Storyteller's Book of Randomness (lesson in consistent living)
03/31/08 Let It Shine! (Flashlight Dance)
03/27/08 Hidden Message of Creation
03/26/08 Best of Bible Sports: Jonah (part I)
03/24/08 Whispers of Love
03/21/08 Nature: Teen Guys in the "Wild" (updated)
02/11/08 The Real Winner
02/07/08 Beyond Myself

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Free Reprint Articles
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10/07/2009 Echoes of Mercy
07/27/2009 A Desperate Prayer of Repentance
04/23/2009 Telikos Dunamis kai Agape, Ultimate Power and Love
02/23/2009 Question Everything
02/21/2009 Always and Never, God is always the same
01/31/2009 Beyond Myself
01/14/2009 Ode to Winter in Iowa
07/04/2008 Nature: Teen Guys in the "Wild"
05/19/2008 Wonderfully Worthless? Inventions (Don't Call Now)
04/09/2008 Whispers of Love
04/02/2008 Hidden Message of Creation