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Name: veronica cressey 
Website: sunnynature@optusnet.com.au
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Articles written: 315

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I am an Irish poet/warrior.I detest any form of abuse against children. I have been lucky to have married an admirable man, with whom I have had 3 children. They are all now married. Two girls with children of their own,all 3grandsons. We live in this glorious part of Australia, namely Perth, in the West. I enjoy just about anything domestic, plus reading a good book. I am now retired and I love to write a poem or two!
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
01/21/13 Doctor Invite 206 Free to Share
01/20/13 Listen To What The Man Said 214 Free to Share
12/16/12 It Took Just 2 Minutes 244 Free to Share
12/16/12 A Life of the Blessed 236 Free to Share
11/01/12 The Lad 226 Free to Share
10/20/12 A Blunder 308 Free to Share
10/01/12 A Bonny Baby 264 Free to Share
07/07/12 A Sentimental Song 343 Free to Share
07/05/12 Count Your Blessings 254 Free to Share
06/26/12 Then Who Am I ? 300 Free to Share
06/11/12 You're Here With Me 277 Free to Share
05/11/12 Lavender Lady 261 Free to Share
04/21/12 My Ears Are Inclined 263 Free to Share
04/14/12 From A New Babe To An Old Sage 233 Free to Share
04/14/12 No Books to Fall Back On 285 Free to Share
04/09/12 It's Not A Lonesome Word 274 Free to Share
02/24/12 What happened to Whitney? 276 Free to Share
01/08/12 No Mistaken, it's Him 267 Free to Share
01/06/12 Are our writers writing truth or fiction? 294 Free to Share
01/03/12 Beside 282 Free to Share
10/27/11 Ain't Life Such A Wonderful Thing? Revised 289 Free to Share
08/23/11 LOVE Jesus 273 Free to Share
08/16/11 Spirit Says 283 Free to Share
08/15/11 The Lord's Prayer 400 Free to Share
08/10/11 Jesus Cast His Spell 366 Free to Share
08/05/11 Through Me 335 Free to Share
08/03/11 I'll Be Keeping You 322 Free to Share
08/03/11 Heaven Sighs, Also 349 Free to Share
07/30/11 I Stand In Awe 358 Free to Share
07/30/11 There is no Key 362 Free to Share
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11/29/07 A Christmas Blessing
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11/28/07 Life's Blessing
11/24/07 The Homecoming

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Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
04/10/2012 It's Not A Lonesome Word
08/24/2011 Ain't Life Such A Wonderful Thing?
07/09/2011 Say Forever
05/01/2011 Mother's Blessing
05/01/2011 Home
06/25/2010 They Counted out the nails that day
06/07/2010 An Unconditional Love Letter
02/13/2010 My Softest Shoes