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Name: Patrick Roberts
Website: www.kogmedia.com
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Articles written: 44

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Patrick is an average Christ-seeker. His goal is to turn people to Jesus Christ.
Article Archives
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12/05/07 Lauryn Hill's Song, Selah, a Modern Psalm 2351 Free to Share
12/05/07 Freed Living in Christ 463 Free to Share
12/04/07 Creed's Song Higher and God's Kingdom 1281 Free to Share
12/03/07 Spiritual Truth in Evan Almighty starring Steve Carell 1211 Free to Share
12/03/07 Openly Godless People Preach to Churchgoers 558 Free to Share
12/03/07 Where Is Faith? 416 Free to Share
12/02/07 Adam Sandlers Movie 'Click' 963 Free to Share
12/01/07 Are You Ready to Unlearn Everything You Think You Know? 552 Free to Share
12/01/07 Escaping the Rat Race 648 Free to Share
11/29/07 Freedom to Die Trying 419 Free to Share
11/28/07 Obey God In the Basic Things First 382 Free to Share
11/28/07 ElijahQuality Faith 426 Free to Share
11/28/07 Spiritual Giftings and Fruitings 405 Free to Share
11/08/07 Freed Worship 495 Free to Share
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01/02/2008 The Movie I,Robot, starring Will Smith What Is Your Purpose?
01/02/2008 The Movie I,Robot, starring Will Smith The Downfall of Postmodernism
01/01/2008 The Matrix -- Neo Represents an Average Christian
12/31/2007 Mel Gibson's Movie "Apocalypto" - Ugly as Sin
12/31/2007 Is Marriage Beneficial for Radical, Godly Obedience?
12/30/2007 Ridley Scott's "Kingdom of Heaven" -- Religion v. True Spirituality
12/28/2007 Movie, "The Reaping" starring Hillary Swank -- False Religion
12/26/2007 The Movies "Stardust," "The Mummy" and other Fantasy Tales
12/25/2007 Linkin Park - "What I've Done" -- True Reconciliation
12/21/2007 Now Is the Best Time to Obey God
12/21/2007 "Forrest Gump" starring Tom Hanks - Pure Freedom
12/20/2007 "Man on Fire" starring Denzel Washington - God's Justice
12/17/2007 The Movie I Am Legend -- Light Up the Darkness
12/17/2007 'I Am Legend,' starring Will Smith -- Spiritual Themes
12/17/2007 The Futility of Evil
12/16/2007 The TV Show 'Heroes' -- How to Combat Evil
12/14/2007 The American Battling Mindset
12/14/2007 Spiritual Truth in the Movie 300
12/13/2007 "My Sacrifice" -- A Prayer By Creed
12/13/2007 The Ridiculousness of Christ's Resurrection
12/12/2007 Passive Income Is a Myth
12/11/2007 Worship God with Alanis Morissette
12/11/2007 True Outreach Occurs from One Heart to Another
12/10/2007 The United States Is Strategic For God's Kingdom
12/10/2007 Gasoline Resembles Sin
12/10/2007 Christ's Victory Over Man-Made Religion
12/10/2007 The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman
12/07/2007 God's Kingdom Come to the United States
12/07/2007 The TV Show 'Heroes' - Spiritual Themes
12/06/2007 The United States is Unreached, But Not Out-of-Reach
12/05/2007 Freed Living in Christ
12/05/2007 Lauryn Hill's Song, "Selah," a Modern Psalm
12/04/2007 Creed's Song "Higher" and God's Kingdom
12/03/2007 Where Is Faith?
12/03/2007 Openly Godless People Preach to Churchgoers
12/03/2007 Spiritual Truth in "Evan Almighty" (starring Steve Carell)
12/02/2007 Encouragement for the Working Man: Adam Sandler's Movie "Click"
12/01/2007 Escaping the Rat Race
12/01/2007 Are You Ready to Unlearn Everything You Think You Know?
11/29/2007 Freedom to Die Trying
11/28/2007 Elijah-Quality Faith
11/28/2007 Obey God In the Basic Things First
11/27/2007 Spiritual Themes in Transformers the Movie
11/26/2007 Simple Obedience: Obey God Wherever You Are
11/26/2007 The Acts 1:8 Principle: Be Faithful Wherever You Are
11/26/2007 Missions Can Be a False Spiritual Security Blanket
11/25/2007 Spirit Led Obedience Here and Now
11/21/2007 What's Is God's "Cutting Edge?"
11/21/2007 Getting to Know God His Way, by Faith
11/21/2007 The Prophetic Life of Lauryn Hill
11/21/2007 The Secret Power of Ron Paul's Campaign
11/20/2007 American Religion and the American Way
11/20/2007 Religiously American
11/20/2007 Waiting for God First, the American Way Second
11/20/2007 God versus Americans
11/20/2007 Redeeming the Time
11/20/2007 Time Management in Christ
11/20/2007 Freedom From a Needlessly Busy Lifestyle In Christ
11/20/2007 Christ-Centered Time Management
11/20/2007 Christ our Rabbi
11/17/2007 Is Being American Beneficial from a Heavenly Standpoint?
11/17/2007 Our Current Circumstances Are Ideal For God's Kingdom
11/17/2007 God's Difficult Answers
11/17/2007 Flesh Versus Spirit
11/17/2007 God Answers Prayer on His Terms
11/17/2007 Unheard-of Freedom to Fellowship
11/17/2007 Christ Is God's Answer to Our Prayers
11/17/2007 God Makes Our Prayers Effective
11/17/2007 Reconciled in Christ, Down to the Last Drop
11/16/2007 Christ Wants the Whole Package
11/16/2007 Seek Christ by Continually Praying
11/16/2007 How to Pray
11/15/2007 Christ Our Motivation and Agent for Change
11/15/2007 Less Stuff = More Time and Energy for God's Kingdom
11/15/2007 Are Spiritual and Monetary Riches Compatible?
11/15/2007 Working for and Hearing From God
11/15/2007 Possessions, Progress and Godly Success
11/14/2007 Healthy Money
11/14/2007 Is Having Money Evil?
11/12/2007 Strategic Freedom
11/12/2007 God's Money (Part Two)
11/12/2007 God's Money (Part One)
11/12/2007 Freedom in Christ-Consumption
11/12/2007 That Christ Would Use Us
11/12/2007 Everyday Faith
11/11/2007 It's Not How We Rehearse, But How We Live That Counts
11/11/2007 Freed Worship
11/11/2007 Loving the Holy One
11/11/2007 All-You-Can-Eat Insecurities
11/10/2007 Christ or Cake?
11/07/2007 Unexpected Joy Is Pure Joy
11/05/2007 Joy and God's Other Unexpected Gifts
11/05/2007 Joy Is Like a Train
11/05/2007 God's Ways Are Above Men's Ways (or so the saying goes)
11/05/2007 Ancient Sin
11/05/2007 The Secret to Knowing Jesus Christ
11/05/2007 The Secret to Success: Embracing Your Current Circumstances with Joy
11/04/2007 The Kingdom of God Experiment
11/04/2007 What Is Success? What is Expertise?