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Name: David Pekrul
Website: www.myhiddenvoice.com
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Articles written: 8

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I was born in New Westminster, B. C. Canada and raised and educated in Port Coquitlam, B. C. Canada. I have spent most of my adult life working in the travel industry, first as a Travel Consultant, then with a major Canadian airline and retired in October 14, 2005. Prior to my career in travel, I attended Bible College, played trumpet, both solo and in amateur groups, and preached whenever asked. Since retirement I have tried a few different jobs, just trying to find out what I want to be when 'I grow up'. I have worked in a funeral home and crematorium, front desk at a hotel, dispatcher for a moving company and projectionist at a theatre. I am now back working in a funeral home again. I think this is what I always wanted to do when I grew up. It was in February, 2004, when I wrote my first poem, as an Anniversary card for my wife, Linda. Being rather pleased by the results of my first attempt, I wrote a second one, then another and another. I soon realized that I was in love with words and I know that, if used properly, they can paint a picture as well as any artist. The pictures that my words paint may not always be pretty, but I hope they are pictures worth viewing, for I write about what I see in the world around me, whether it be good, bad or otherwise. I also write what I feel; about family, nature, God and faith. I have even attempted to write a few Children's poems. My greatest joy is when someone who has read some of my 'stuff' sends me an email and tells me what they think. I appreciate the good comments and accept the constructive criticism. I pray the words keep coming and you keep reading. I make my home in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies with my wife Linda and spoiled pup, Tiki.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
12/25/09 Jason And The Five Kingdoms 511 For Sale
11/01/07 The Lord's Prayer For My Daily Life 507 Free to Share
11/01/07 Dirty Old Man 693 Free to Share
10/24/07 In Slipperyslope Of Fallenback 1050 Free to Share
10/24/07 A Land Called Evermore 748 Free to Share
10/23/07 The Boy Within 761 Free to Share
10/16/07 The Sacrifice 679 Free to Share
10/15/07 The Rocks Cry Out 795 Free to Share
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Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
03/19/08 David Talks About His Battle With Goliath
12/05/07 I Might Succeed
12/02/07 The Henny-Penny Blues
11/24/07 She's Glad When I Come Home
11/21/07 A Hypocrite On Judgment Day
11/19/07 Darkened Caverns
11/08/07 Body, Soul And Mind
11/03/07 You'll Wonder Who I Am
10/30/07 Daddy Bought A Little Horse
10/30/07 Young Lochinvar (A parody of the classic)
10/30/07 The 'Stalker'
10/30/07 And It Comes
10/27/07 Dirty Old Man
10/25/07 They Walk That Country Lane
10/25/07 My Bonny True (A Scottish Stanza)
10/24/07 Drugs Instead Of Hugs
10/24/07 A Land Called Evermore
10/24/07 Vengeance Is Mine
10/23/07 In Slipperyslope Of Fallenback
10/23/07 Bless The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
10/23/07 The Boy Within
10/22/07 And They Sang
10/22/07 The Little Bee
10/21/07 I'm Five Years Old
10/21/07 I Found The Grace Of God Today (A Pantoum)
10/21/07 For One Such As Me (A Line Palindrome)
10/21/07 Giving Thanks, Thanks Giving (A Palindrome)
10/20/07 Murder In The Name Of 'God'
10/20/07 Attack On The Amish
10/20/07 What A Shame!
10/19/07 "The Lord's Prayer" For My Daily Life
10/19/07 Welcome Home
10/18/07 Me And Granddad
10/18/07 The Skeptic
10/17/07 Forbidden Fruit
10/17/07 Daddy, What Makes Them Fly?
10/16/07 The Sacrifice
10/16/07 The Rocks Cry Out

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Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
10/10/2009 When
10/10/2009 Back Home On The Living Foundation
07/11/2009 The Ember's Pride
07/07/2009 O, God, I Needed You
05/22/2009 God's Love Was Not In A Hurry
05/02/2009 One Little Step
05/02/2009 Thank You, Lord, For My Children
05/02/2009 There Is A God
05/02/2009 Preacher Preaching, Spirit Speaking
01/22/2009 Sinking
01/22/2009 Where Ya Goin', Huh?
01/20/2009 Step Up And Be Counted
11/09/2008 Outside These Walls
11/05/2008 But No One Cared
11/04/2008 My Bonny True (A Scottish Stanza)
11/04/2008 Mother's Apron
10/30/2008 What Becomes Of What I Own?
10/30/2008 The Need To Worship
10/25/2008 The Boy Within
10/25/2008 Simple Things
10/24/2008 The Nemesis
10/24/2008 Playing With Fire
10/23/2008 You'll Make It Through
10/22/2008 Knocking At My Door
10/22/2008 The Billboard
10/22/2008 Giving Thanks, Thanks Giving (A Palindrome)
10/22/2008 Lord, Hear My Prayer
10/22/2008 In Jesus' Name?
10/22/2008 Simple Faith In Christ
10/19/2008 Just A Blip (On The Radar Screen Of God)
10/17/2008 O, Heavenly Light
10/17/2008 Mysteries
10/17/2008 Amazing Love
10/14/2008 Modern-Day Reality
10/14/2008 Our Lives Are An Open Book
10/14/2008 Dirty Old Man
10/12/2008 Where I Can Be Free
10/12/2008 And They Sang
10/12/2008 A Man Of Great Simplicity
10/11/2008 Time Counts For Something
10/08/2008 God Was With Them
10/07/2008 Creature In My Glass
10/07/2008 Dark Reality
10/07/2008 The Voice
10/06/2008 Just To Be Yourself
10/06/2008 Love Is
10/05/2008 Pride Of The Humble And Great
10/05/2008 Everything I Sow
10/05/2008 I Believe In Man
10/05/2008 The Proof
10/05/2008 I Come To Give You Peace
10/05/2008 Reflection In The Mirror
10/05/2008 Blessings
10/05/2008 Like A Brother
10/01/2008 No Relatives Of Mine
10/01/2008 No Intelligent Life
10/01/2008 Choose You This Moment
10/01/2008 The Genius
10/01/2008 Bank Of Clay
09/29/2008 Unseen Things
09/29/2008 Everything I Sow
09/29/2008 Growing Up Angry
09/29/2008 Holy Justice
09/29/2008 Illusions
09/29/2008 I Had A Dream
09/29/2008 Adam's Sin
09/29/2008 The Lie
09/29/2008 The Christ Of Calvary
09/28/2008 The Riches Of The Pauper
09/25/2008 Now He Knows That He Can Win
09/23/2008 Ye Devil Flee
09/19/2008 I Cannot Fly,Oh Why! (Little Penguin)
09/18/2008 Pick A Door
09/18/2008 And It Comes
09/18/2008 No Time For The Chorus
09/17/2008 Hypocrite!
09/17/2008 A Hypocrite On Judgement Day
09/17/2008 Abundant Blessings
09/17/2008 Bless The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
09/17/2008 The Skeptic
09/16/2008 Pinocchio And Jonah
09/16/2008 God's Word
09/16/2008 It's Just Me, Lord
09/16/2008 And God Commanded
09/14/2008 The Sacrifice
09/14/2008 Welcome Home
09/09/2008 The Rocks Cry Out
09/09/2008 To Her Daddy's Work Today
09/09/2008 Take Responsibility
09/06/2008 The Edge Of Life
08/30/2008 The Words At The End Of The Hall
08/26/2008 Forbidden Fruit
08/26/2008 Looking For Some Truth
08/26/2008 It Is I Who Will Live With My Choice
08/26/2008 Holy War
08/23/2008 Darkened Caverns
03/19/2008 David Talks About His Battle With Goliath
10/22/2007 Daddy, What Makes Them Fly?
10/22/2007 The Lord's Prayer For My Daily Life