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Name: Deborah Caruso
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Articles written: 69

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Favorite author: God. Favorite Name: Jesus. Favorite people: My husband, and our four children, and granddaughter. Favorite scripture John 21:25 And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen. (KJV) isnít that the most awesome? Writing accomplishments: Childrenís Magazines Diploma, Institute of Childrenís Literature. Many online writing courses; Self published 3 books, Heir, the 12 Stones; Heir, the 12 Wells & Things I Noticed Today in the Earth & Sky Along My Life's Road; In the Writing Challenge, Beginner level, I placed 1st with 'A Home Is No Place, For A Tree', 7th with Gertie Mae Elle Phant, 11th with, 'Ship of Fellows' and 4th place with, 'Present To Him Gifts' Favorite music: My sonís music, Christian Music, and Elvis. First book I read: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott; Favorite book: Godís Holy Book and books about His book. Two words that describe me best: Creative and focused. I also like: Historic churches and beautiful crosses. I believe I will grow in my writing with the help of this site. I appreciate very much all of the comments from the other writers on my work.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
01/12/10 Utter Out 354 Not For Sale
09/16/09 Proxy 353 For Sale
08/05/09 Twelve By Twelve 344 For Sale
07/14/09 Gertie Mae Elle Phant 387 For Sale
07/12/09 Shadow of Egypt 537 For Sale
07/06/09 Lifeís Snapshots 281 For Sale
06/28/09 Scent of Water 354 For Sale
06/27/09 Living In Front of Me 330 For Sale
06/27/09 Shake It Off 332 For Sale
06/26/09 Saints Elsewhere 309 For Sale
06/25/09 Hands on Compassionate Acts 351 For Sale
06/25/09 Winter Bird 605 For Sale
06/25/09 Flowers In Godís Garden 2824 For Sale
06/23/09 Arabelleís Secret Place 345 Free to Share
06/23/09 This Heart of Mineís Searching 301 Free to Share
06/23/09 Faithful or Fickle? 358 Free to Share
06/22/09 Wild Flower Art 393 Free to Share
06/22/09 Godís Watercolor World 375 Free to Share
06/22/09 Singing Among the Branches 339 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
02/04/15 The Bed
01/26/15 Miserly Man
01/21/15 Liluns in Snow
01/11/15 The Hunger Trunk
12/08/09 Colors of Creation
12/02/09 The Cow That Took Walks
11/19/09 Mittens for the Benton Girls
11/13/09 The Photograph
11/06/09 That Day
10/30/09 New Air
10/24/09 Terrestrial
10/15/09 Black (i)
10/09/09 Godly Blues
10/01/09 That Big Red Door
09/03/09 Henryís Fort
08/31/09 Artistic Autumn
08/20/09 Waa-Waa-Waa
08/18/09 On Winter's Watch
07/31/09 Adulthood, USA
07/17/09 Innocence Passed By
07/09/09 The Season Siblings
07/06/09 Sunlit Deck
06/10/09 Yellow Dandelion
05/10/09 Badís Secret Weapon
05/04/09 "The Travelers"
01/14/09 Superman
12/06/08 Christmas Analysis
11/22/08 Homeless for Christmas
11/12/08 Greeting Place
11/05/08 Autumn Leaves ní Christmas Trees
10/15/08 A Home Is No Place, for a tree
08/06/08 ĎSunday Morning Gritsí
07/23/08 Me My Cell and I
07/16/08 Gertie Mae Elle Phant
05/20/08 Crossing the Creek in a Red Wagon Ainít For Me
05/14/08 Cling To and Hang On For Dear Life!
04/30/08 Mamaís Day
04/23/08 Uncle Opie
02/26/08 Beaten, Bare and Bewildered
02/13/08 Blood, Sweat and Tears
02/03/08 House Inspections
01/23/08 Proviní Before Moviní
12/11/07 Shine Ye The Light
11/27/07 Present To Him Gifts
11/20/07 Pulpit Phobia
11/14/07 CheerIní the Way
11/07/07 Park Angel
10/30/07 Its Sunday again Father; Itís Sunday again, Son
10/17/07 Ship of Fellows
10/10/07 Flowers In Godís Garden

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