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Name: Donna Morton
Website: http://atimetolaugh.blog.com/
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Articles written: 122

 About Self
Greetings! I live in the Atlanta, Georgia area and have been married to my husband, John, since 1992. We have two awesome sons-- J.R., age 20, is a junior at the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) and Daniel age 17, is a high school junior. My writing background began in print and broadcast advertising, where I spent 16 years selling everything from fishing tackle to furniture, cat food to cars. I left the corporate world in 1997 to become that envied Domestic Goddess, but never got the full hang of it. Still, I wanted to be at home, so began freelancing as a reporter and photographer for my local newspaper. Today I am a freelance writer and graphic designer, working for a variety of clients.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
04/19/08 What We Knead to Rise 349 Free to Share
02/01/08 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Pew 908 Free to Share
02/01/08 Get Those Paws Off My Ham 424 Free to Share
02/01/08 Saved from Hail and Even Worse 390 Free to Share
12/25/07 Lions, Tigers and Bears, They're Kidding, Right? 375 Free to Share
12/25/07 Color Me Bold 384 Free to Share
12/25/07 Ow, That Thorn Hurts 332 Free to Share
11/15/07 Does God Use an iPhone? 434 Free to Share
11/15/07 The Thrill of Victory, the Agony of Defeat 444 Free to Share
11/15/07 The Deer Whisperer 405 Free to Share
09/19/07 Are You Still Smoking? 392 Free to Share
09/19/07 Beautiful Losers 480 Free to Share
07/01/07 Naming those Details 432 Free to Share
06/11/07 When the Cat Meows, Heed the Warning 470 Free to Share
06/11/07 Throw Me as a Pot, O' Lord 470 Free to Share
06/11/07 Come In and Get Comfy 393 Free to Share
06/10/07 Bears of Babylon 382 Free to Share
06/10/07 May I Have Your Dinner? 370 Free to Share
06/10/07 Dazzle 'Em With Your Smile 388 Free to Share
05/25/07 A Mayberry Wedding 653 Free to Share
05/25/07 I'll Just Have Some Water 401 Free to Share
05/22/07 An Eye to the Sky and a Song in My Head 446 Free to Share
05/22/07 You Do the Math 447 Free to Share
05/22/07 The Fort Lauderdale Fall 371 Free to Share
05/21/07 Flee the Bat Cave, Robin 397 Free to Share
05/21/07 The Best You've Ever Seen 379 Free to Share
05/21/07 Faith Flyers Land in God's Basket 378 Free to Share
02/21/07 Can You Hear Him Through Your iPod or Hearing Aid? 405 Free to Share
02/21/07 Calling All Noah's 407 Free to Share
01/26/07 Say What? 441 Free to Share
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05/21/05 The Unrequited Valentine
03/03/05 Golden Children of God
01/13/05 Original Author to Lose Copyright

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