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Name: Donna Morton
Website: http://atimetolaugh.blog.com/
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Articles written: 122

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Greetings! I live in the Atlanta, Georgia area and have been married to my husband, John, since 1992. We have two awesome sons-- J.R., age 20, is a junior at the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) and Daniel age 17, is a high school junior. My writing background began in print and broadcast advertising, where I spent 16 years selling everything from fishing tackle to furniture, cat food to cars. I left the corporate world in 1997 to become that envied Domestic Goddess, but never got the full hang of it. Still, I wanted to be at home, so began freelancing as a reporter and photographer for my local newspaper. Today I am a freelance writer and graphic designer, working for a variety of clients.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
12/03/08 Onward Christian Snowmen 398 Free to Share
12/03/08 Exchanging the Green Eyed Monster 364 Free to Share
12/03/08 Who Hid the Cheese Ball? 508 Free to Share
11/03/08 When Spiritual Fashion Doesn't Fit Our Faith 443 Free to Share
11/03/08 When You Want to Sneak Out Between Hymns 398 Free to Share
11/02/08 Here's Looking at You, Christian 592 Free to Share
10/25/08 A Lesson from the Links 392 Free to Share
10/25/08 Flying Free with the Uncaged Flock of Dorks 431 Free to Share
10/25/08 Conquring Your Own Kingdom 363 Free to Share
09/16/08 The Heart of Habakkuk 473 Free to Share
09/16/08 Does the Devil Really Make Us Do It? 433 Free to Share
09/16/08 Have You Seen An Invisible Pink Unicorn Flying with a Spaghetti Monster on a Spinning Teapot? 422 Free to Share
08/06/08 Formulas for Faith Equal One Bad Theory 538 Free to Share
08/06/08 Don't Let Jesus See You in Periwinkle Ruffles 417 Free to Share
08/06/08 Who Ya Gonna Call? 430 Free to Share
07/06/08 Surrendering to Some Kind of Wonderful 389 Free to Share
07/06/08 Post Cards from Down Under and I Don't Mean Australia 444 Free to Share
06/24/08 Loving the Unlovely, No Matter How Loud They Snore 611 Free to Share
06/24/08 A Tale of Two Cats 461 Free to Share
06/24/08 Breaking Through the Cotton 436 Free to Share
06/04/08 Moses, Dude, What Were You ON? 526 Free to Share
06/04/08 Lock the Shovel in the Shed 476 Free to Share
05/05/08 Do We KNOW Who We're Talking To? 503 Free to Share
05/05/08 One Way Ticket to Paradise 446 Free to Share
05/05/08 Star Power 417 Free to Share
04/20/08 No More Stink 413 Free to Share
04/20/08 Dancing With the One Who Made the Stars 428 Free to Share
04/20/08 Shake it Good 464 Free to Share
04/19/08 Sing Me the Original 497 Free to Share
04/19/08 Put On Your Donkey Ears 642 Free to Share
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05/21/05 The Unrequited Valentine
03/03/05 Golden Children of God
01/13/05 Original Author to Lose Copyright

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