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Name: Rick King 
Website: www.smashwords.com/profile/view/believer
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I am a 65 year old single male that met Jesus over 30 years ago. I was considering suicide when Jesus found me and gave me a reason to live. Because I didn't have the answer then, it has made it easier to know "Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit saith the Lord" (Zech 4:6)that this is the only way in Jesus. Not about me, but it is only about Him. Just released! Trials and Triumphs: Hope Beyond Circumstances: 40 Life-Changing Testimonies I was honored to be one of the 40 authors to share their testimony in this book. It is now available in paperback at: http://www.amazon.com/Trials-Triumphs-Circumstances-Life-Changing- testimonies/dp/0991488407/ref=la_B00E3DHXTG_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1393806056&sr=1-3 The book also may be found here at Faithwriters in ebook form. For those who have enjoyed what I have written, I now have 34 FREE eBooks available for download at: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/rick-l-king?keyword=rick+l+king&store=allproducts or at: www.smashwords.com/profile/view/believer. I also have 5 FREE eBooks available in the eBook store here at Faithwriters. Thank you so much for your encouragement and support. I recently have found out that i have P.A.D. I went in to have a stint placed but seems more serious. Artery that feeds blood to my legs is blocked so legs not working too well. I would appreciate your prayers. Thank you so much.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
06/23/15 All Things Can Be New 34 Free to Share
06/23/15 The Great Deception 34 Free to Share
06/22/15 Times of Change 28 Free to Share
06/13/15 Stinkin Thinkin 60 Free to Share
06/12/15 A Novel Idea 55 Free to Share
04/11/15 Taste of the Lord 70 Free to Share
03/16/15 Have We Forgotten? 66 Free to Share
02/02/15 The Manifestation Comes By Faith 58 Free to Share
09/20/14 Be Led or You Could Be Dead 84 Free to Share
06/15/14 It is Not too Late, it Can Happen Again 135 Free to Share
05/24/14 The Balloon That Can't Fly 178 Free to Share
05/13/14 Jesus Is Right On Time 161 For Sale
05/13/14 Put Your Trust in The Lord A Song for Scotty McCreery 191 For Sale
05/13/14 Sweet Annointing 376 For Sale
04/28/14 The Abundance of Our Heart 155 Free to Share
04/21/14 The Cost of Love 146 Free to Share
04/12/14 Whose Idea Was This? 180 Free to Share
03/23/14 My Lip Salad 150 Free to Share
02/05/14 The Field of Flowers 158 Free to Share
02/05/14 Circumstances are not the Problem 154 Free to Share
01/16/14 God Does Provide 197 Free to Share
01/07/14 Loving the Unlovable 287 Free to Share
01/05/14 The Gospel or Itching Ears? 168 Free to Share
12/21/13 Spiritual Suicide 173 Free to Share
12/15/13 A Word for Someone 244 Free to Share
12/13/13 You Can Have Peace 214 Free to Share
12/12/13 You Can Know 198 Free to Share
12/05/13 Two Churches 211 Free to Share
08/31/13 Drawn Towards the Light 192 Free to Share
08/22/13 Prosperity Teaching, Is it Truth? 199 Free to Share
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05/27/12 Ministry In Poem Volume 1
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05/02/12 The Warrior Poet
05/02/12 Colorful Truths Volume 1

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06/12/2015 A Novel Idea
06/05/2015 Forced to Surrender
04/11/2015 Taste of the Lord
03/16/2015 Have We Forgotten?
04/28/2014 The Abundance of Our Heart
04/21/2014 The Cost of Love
04/12/2014 You Can't Soar with the Eagle's, if You Hoot with the Owls
04/12/2014 Whose Idea Was This?
01/05/2014 The Gospel or Itching Ears?
12/21/2013 Spiritual Suicide
12/15/2013 A Word for Someone
08/31/2013 Drawn Towards the Light
08/22/2013 Prosperity Teaching, Is it Truth?
08/01/2013 What Does it Mean to be in Striving?