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Name: Amber Riebe
Website: www.facebook.com/amber.anglemyerriebe
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Articles written: 22

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I am a small town girl living in the beautiful northwoods of Wisconsin. I am married to a wonderful man and we have been blessed with five little boys. I began writing in a journal in spring 2007 and had not planned on sharing my work. However, the Lord has led me to do just that. I enjoy writing both poems and song lyrics. I would love to find someone who would be willing to write melodies for my song lyrics. I am very open to many different types of music and I have many different songs that would fit Christian rock, pop, alternative, punk and possibly even metal.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
02/21/08 Can You Feel Me? 513 For Sale
11/22/07 Spirit Breeze 529 For Sale
11/21/07 Gonna Do Something Right 557 For Sale
11/21/07 Back In Your Arms Again 1804 For Sale
10/30/07 In My Arms 481 For Sale
10/28/07 Artwork In Motion 657 For Sale
10/28/07 Dreams 562 For Sale
10/04/07 My King Is My Savior Is My God 739 For Sale
10/04/07 Life Unwasted 662 For Sale
10/03/07 Didn't Know 577 For Sale
10/03/07 Lonely Road Today(My doubt and question) 598 For Sale
10/03/07 I'm Never Too Far(God's answer to my doubt) 857 Not For Sale
10/03/07 Extraordinary Love 901 For Sale
10/03/07 The Big Picture 640 For Sale
09/30/07 Journey (Every Step) 949 For Sale
09/30/07 BRING IT ON! 845 For Sale
09/30/07 Who Is This Man? 485 Not For Sale
09/28/07 It's Time For Bed 615 For Sale
09/28/07 My All 1239 Not For Sale
09/28/07 Be My Foundation 560 Not For Sale
09/25/07 Your Patience 542 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
10/10/07 Worship, All Heaven and Earth

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
04/07/08 All By Myself
04/07/08 Break the Silence
04/07/08 Bridge
04/04/08 Half Way
03/28/08 The Big Picture
02/22/08 Let God Outta the Box
02/17/08 Can You Feel Me?
02/07/08 Simple Thank You Song
02/01/08 Reminding Me
02/01/08 Shinning Star
01/31/08 Remind Me
12/30/07 Always Amazing
12/29/07 Giving Up On Me
12/26/07 This Love Feels Bran New
12/24/07 Coaster Ride
12/15/07 Antidote
12/14/07 Untitled (1)
12/14/07 Untitled (2)
12/14/07 Why???
12/04/07 I Wish
11/22/07 Spirit Breeze (poem)
11/22/07 On My Way Home
11/20/07 On My Way Home
11/19/07 Ask Not What Your God Can Do For You...
11/19/07 You Never Cease To Amaze Me
11/19/07 When Praises Go Up
11/19/07 Set Me On Fire
11/19/07 Make 'em Want What We Got
11/19/07 I Want To Be Rich
11/16/07 I Want To Go Higher
11/14/07 When I Die (poem)
11/14/07 When I Die
11/14/07 Strengthen Me
11/14/07 Only In You
11/14/07 Let Me See If I Can Explain This...
11/14/07 Can't Wait
11/10/07 Gonna Do Something Right
11/10/07 One Day At A Time
11/10/07 These Same Hands (poem)
11/10/07 These Same Hands
11/10/07 Let Me Be Me
11/10/07 Spirit Breeze
11/10/07 Back In Your Arms Again
11/06/07 Your Love
11/06/07 Journey (Every Step)
11/06/07 Life Un-wasted
11/06/07 BRING IT ON!
11/06/07 My All
11/06/07 Sometimes I Hide
11/04/07 Worship, All Heaven and Earth
11/04/07 Good Morning, Jesus
10/31/07 Still Here
10/31/07 See Through Me
10/30/07 My Treasure Is You
10/30/07 In My Arms
10/29/07 Unchanged
10/29/07 My Rules For You
10/18/07 Do You See Christ ?
10/18/07 What Do You See In Me?
10/18/07 You Hear Him Knocking
10/17/07 Dreams
10/15/07 ARISE and SHINE!
10/14/07 Your Words
10/11/07 Artwork In Motion
10/04/07 You Stretched Out Your Arms For Me
10/04/07 My King Is My Savior Is My God
10/03/07 I Found My Perfect Song
10/03/07 Nothing Compared To You
10/02/07 Extraordinary Love
09/30/07 Lonely Road Today(My doubt and question)
09/30/07 I'm Never Too Far(God's answer to my doubt)
09/28/07 God's Grace Goes Deeper
09/28/07 Didn't Know
09/26/07 Who Is This Man?
09/24/07 Running shoes
09/24/07 The Life Games
09/20/07 Time
09/20/07 It's Time For Bed
09/20/07 Your Patience
09/20/07 Be My Foundation

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