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Name: Alan Allegra
Website: www.linkedin.com/in/alanallegra/
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Articles written: 112

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Hi Everyone, Thanks for checking out my profile. Just be glad it's not a photographic profile! I love to apply Scripture to life, social, and political situations. The more I do, the more I appreciate the depth, perspicuity, and applicability of the Word. May the Lord lead you to the Living Waters through our writing! I am currently unemployed, and my profile is available at www.linkedin.com/in/alanallegra/. Regarding writing, I put the "free" in freelance! I appreciate your prayers! God bless, Alan
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
05/07/09 From Here to Eternity 510 Free to Share
05/07/09 Back to the Future 593 Free to Share
05/07/09 I Am, Therefore I Think 385 Free to Share
05/07/09 A Lame Story 374 Free to Share
05/07/09 Recovering From Recovery 482 Free to Share
05/06/09 Till the Storm Passes By 1036 Free to Share
05/06/09 Everywhere a Sign 301 Free to Share
05/06/09 Release the Endorphins 506 Free to Share
05/06/09 This Is Jeopardy 325 Free to Share
05/06/09 Give Me That Old Time Religion 335 Free to Share
05/05/09 A Brief Time of History 399 Free to Share
05/05/09 I Yam What I Yam 406 Free to Share
05/05/09 Faithful Unto Death 316 Free to Share
05/05/09 Forgive and Forget Maybe 502 Free to Share
05/05/09 The Stingray of Death 325 Free to Share
05/04/09 Christian Extremism 359 Free to Share
05/04/09 Lessons From Christmas, Part 6 Faith 571 Free to Share
05/04/09 Walk, Don't Run 363 Free to Share
05/04/09 Lessons From Christmas, Part 7 Expectancy 299 Free to Share
05/04/09 Lessons From Christmas, Part 8 Witnessing 403 Free to Share
05/01/09 She Did What She Could 329 Free to Share
05/01/09 Lessons From Christmas, Part 1 Humility 385 Free to Share
05/01/09 Lessons From Christmas, Part 5 Be Prepared 312 Free to Share
05/01/09 Lessons From Christmas, Part 2 Righteousness 279 Free to Share
05/01/09 Life's Too Short 376 Free to Share
04/30/09 Back to Basics 410 Free to Share
04/30/09 It's the Little Things That Count 434 Free to Share
04/30/09 Lessons From Christmas, Part 4 Seekers 360 Free to Share
04/30/09 A Blue and New Christmas 662 Free to Share
04/30/09 Lessons From Christmas, Part 3 Jealousy 288 Free to Share
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Date Title
05/19/2016 Jesus Who is Called Christ
04/19/2016 The Ghost Army
03/15/2016 STOMP
01/22/2016 Dress Down and Dress Up
01/22/2016 Leave Jesus Out of It
11/16/2015 Home for the Holidays
10/15/2015 Mr. Toad Comes to Visit
09/24/2015 Those Three Little Words We Need to Hear
08/21/2015 Read Any Good Books Lately?
07/10/2015 Turning Off Jesus
06/29/2015 Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Blessing
06/08/2015 Legal Aliens
05/29/2015 I Have Good News and Bad News
05/07/2015 Winds of Change
04/15/2015 What shall I do with Jesus who is called Christ?
03/12/2015 What's in it for Me?
02/11/2015 Addressing Dressing
01/30/2015 God Never Says, "Oops"
01/16/2015 The Glory of Story
12/01/2014 Born to Die
11/05/2014 You CAN Have Everything!
10/09/2014 You Have One Vote -- Make it Count!
10/07/2014 When Nepotism is Necessary
09/05/2014 Public Enemy Number 1
08/06/2014 Maybe It Will Go Away
06/17/2014 Grappling with the Grim Reaper
06/16/2014 Grappling with the Grim Reaper
05/09/2014 Cross My Heart and Hope to Live
04/16/2014 Lighten Up!
03/11/2014 Ready for Inspection?
02/21/2014 Genuine Love or Sloppy Agape?
02/12/2014 Happy Motoring!
12/19/2013 Laugh, Clown, Laugh
11/12/2013 Where Were You Born, in a Barn?
11/06/2013 Don't Worry, Don't Be Happy
10/10/2013 Don't Thank Me!
09/12/2013 Don't Fall for False Teachers
08/13/2013 Ask a Stupid Question
07/30/2013 The Ultimate Friend Request
07/12/2013 A Gem of a City
06/06/2013 Liar, Liar, Rome on Fire!
05/15/2013 The Marriage Goddess
04/11/2013 Mother, May I?
04/11/2013 Christian Anti-Semitism
03/01/2013 Disarming Love
02/13/2013 Marching On to War!
01/17/2013 Are You 99 and 44/100% Pure?
12/28/2012 A Dickens of a Problem
12/07/2012 Are You Two-Faced?
10/05/2012 Hello Stranger!
09/24/2012 A Lecture in Systemic Theology
09/14/2012 You Have Reached Your Destination!
08/03/2012 The Power of Negative Thinking
07/17/2012 Liberal Is Good
06/15/2012 Government Without God Might Work!
05/15/2012 Edward George Bulwer-Lytton vs. God
03/15/2012 Old and In the Way
03/07/2012 A Roman Tapestry
02/13/2012 A Royal Waste of Time
01/16/2012 Roots, Shoots, and Fruits
12/15/2011 What Matters Most
12/06/2011 Theocracy in Democracy
12/02/2011 Help Wanted
11/18/2011 The Giver That Keeps On Gifting
10/05/2011 Castles in the Sand
09/12/2011 Goodnight Irene
09/08/2011 I'll Be There in Spirit
08/12/2011 Three Strikes and You're . . . Still In!
07/14/2011 Please Continue to Hold
06/13/2011 Raptured by Raptors
05/09/2011 We Got Him
04/13/2011 Desert Storm
03/15/2011 Watch This!
03/11/2011 Is Israel Real
02/11/2011 Edited by God
01/14/2011 I Really Don't Care!
12/20/2010 Soda Fountain Memories
12/14/2010 Identity Theft
11/08/2010 Christmas: A Jewish Holiday
10/25/2010 The Odyssey of Theodicy
10/07/2010 Dust in the Sun
09/14/2010 Lessons From Cat Fur
08/06/2010 Unopened Gifts
07/15/2010 Christians Fiddle While Rome Burns
07/15/2010 Don't Worry, Be Happy
06/08/2010 Oooh! Aahh!
05/11/2010 Write Your Own Obituary
04/15/2010 Awareness Awareness Month
04/03/2010 Behold the Man!
03/24/2010 Wanted Dead Then Alive
03/10/2010 The Extended Hand
02/13/2010 Right on Time
01/14/2010 First Love
12/14/2009 Get Your Act Together
12/10/2009 Feet of Clay
11/04/2009 'Tis the Season
09/30/2009 After the Fall
09/15/2009 Why Pray When You Can Worry?
08/19/2009 The Church in Flames
08/11/2009 Something Fishy About Diversity
07/16/2009 Antique People
06/11/2009 Reality Reality
05/13/2009 The Eyes Have It
04/28/2009 Whom Were You Expecting?
04/28/2009 The Lion and the Lamb
04/27/2009 Michael Jackson Walks
04/27/2009 Gospel of Judas: Do We Care?
04/27/2009 The Church: Museum or Hospital?
04/27/2009 It's Gift-Giving Time!
04/27/2009 Is America a Christian Nation?
04/24/2009 Family Resemblance
04/24/2009 The Da Vinci Code: Harmful or Helpful?
04/24/2009 Continuing Education
04/24/2009 April Showers (And May, and June . . . )
04/21/2009 Let Go and Hold On
03/12/2009 Wanted: Dead and Alive
02/16/2009 A Range of Mountains
01/13/2009 I Want to Learn Patience - Now!
01/13/2009 Bah! Humbug!
12/22/2008 An Extremely Extreme Makeover
11/18/2008 The Twelve Declarations of Christmas
10/21/2008 Jesus Christ, Superhero
09/19/2008 We'll Work Till Jesus Comes
09/19/2008 A New Reformation
08/25/2008 Give Me That Old Time Religion!
08/12/2008 I Got the Music in Me
08/12/2008 My Favorite Teacher
06/23/2008 It's All Dutch to Me!
06/04/2008 Job-A Miserable Father
05/07/2008 "Hey Dad!"
04/17/2008 The Peace Core
02/15/2008 Are You a Museum?
02/11/2008 Pro-Life and Pro-Death: No Contradiction
01/17/2008 It's Not Easy Being Green!
12/27/2007 A Charlie Brown Xmas
12/20/2007 Gifts That Keep On Giving
11/09/2007 How Predictable!
11/09/2007 Oh Say Can You See?
10/15/2007 It's All Here in Black and White
10/12/2007 Home Is Where the Heart Is
10/04/2007 Silence Is Golden, Part 2
10/04/2007 Silence Is Golden, Part 1
09/25/2007 Thanks for What?
09/25/2007 Desecrating the Holy Book
09/25/2007 The Hyphenated Christian
09/25/2007 Conversion at the Point of a Sword
09/21/2007 Asaph's Answer Part 3: Conclusion
09/21/2007 Asaph's Answer Part 2: Consolation
09/21/2007 Asaph's Answer Part 1: Complaint
09/21/2007 The Cross of Calvary