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Name: mark baker
Website: www.olivebranchministries.us
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Articles written: 67

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Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
03/13/05 The Law of Sowing and Reaping 595 Free to Share
03/05/05 The Greater One Within 343 Free to Share
02/14/05 The Effect Of Righteousness 449 Free to Share
02/03/05 The Perfect Law of Liberty 391 Not For Sale
01/17/05 Prayer Changes Things Pt. 2 344 Free to Share
01/09/05 Prayer Changes Things Pt. 1 435 Free to Share
01/05/05 Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled 439 Not For Sale
12/31/04 Resolutions 398 Free to Share
12/21/04 Fight The Good Fight Of Faith 587 Free to Share
11/30/04 Stand Fast 752 Not For Sale
11/02/04 The Prisoners Were Listening 416 Not For Sale
10/01/04 Being Led by the Spirit 586 Not For Sale
09/20/04 Light, Life, Fellowship 385 Not For Sale
09/14/04 Bought with a Price 419 Not For Sale
09/11/04 Fruit that lasts 425 Not For Sale
09/10/04 Words 441 Not For Sale
09/08/04 The Sons of God 406 Not For Sale
09/07/04 Called to Conquer Pt. 2 567 Free to Share
08/15/04 Called to Conquer 462 Free to Share
07/14/04 The Fellowship of the Father 518 Not For Sale
06/30/04 The Least is the Greatest 471 Free to Share
05/18/04 A Call To Prayer 776 Free to Share
03/12/04 Forsake Not 553 Free to Share
03/12/04 How Do We Have Confidence Before God (Pt. 2) 362 Free to Share
11/18/03 A More Sure Word 999 Free to Share
11/18/03 Jesus our Jubilee 713 Free to Share
10/06/03 How do we have confidence before God? 410 Free to Share
09/24/03 Acknowledgement 642 Free to Share
09/22/03 Godís compassion for the sick 488 Free to Share
09/20/03 Long Life 534 Free to Share
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Critique Circle Postings
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Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
10/30/2011 Which is Easier?
09/17/2011 The Purpose of the Path
07/15/2011 To Those Who Find Them
03/01/2011 The Way, The Truth, The Life
08/16/2010 Sustained and Ordained
06/01/2010 Have Faith in God
01/17/2010 The Sons of Glory Pt.2
01/04/2010 The Authority of Our Will
12/29/2009 The Sons of Glory
11/26/2009 Why Are You Fearful?
10/09/2009 Our Valuable Life Pt.1
09/05/2009 Christ The Solid Rock
07/26/2009 Are You Persuaded?
03/28/2009 In Your Most Holy Faith
02/23/2009 Go and Sin No More
01/19/2009 Speaking The Truth In Love
01/03/2009 The Goodness of God in the Land of the Living
10/27/2008 Fear Not
09/16/2008 Your Blessed Place Pt. 2
09/09/2008 Your Blessed Place Pt. 1
07/21/2008 Why The Tithe
05/26/2008 Occupy Till I Come
05/10/2008 Christians Called to Pray
05/08/2008 Abiding in the Vine
04/06/2008 The Power of Praise
03/10/2008 The Author and Finisher
01/28/2008 The Obedience of Faith
01/27/2008 The Least is the Greatest
01/26/2008 The Lordship of Jesus Christ
01/25/2008 How Do We Have Confidence Before God Pt. 2
12/31/2007 Resolutions
12/28/2007 Exceeding Great Joy
12/16/2007 The Effect of Righteousness
12/03/2007 The Implanted Word
12/02/2007 Jesus our Jubilee
11/25/2007 To Him Who Believes
11/03/2007 Called To Conquer Pt.3 (Taking The Land)
10/08/2007 The Power of Patience (The Work of Perfection)
10/06/2007 Godly Expectation
10/06/2007 Are You a New Creation?
09/22/2007 The Law of Sowing and Reaping Pt.3
09/16/2007 The Law of Sowing and Reaping Pt. 2
09/16/2007 An Attitude of Gratitude
09/13/2007 The Law of Sowing and Reaping Pt.1
09/03/2007 Go to the Other Side
09/03/2007 Do You Love Life?
08/25/2007 Redeemed From the Curse (pt. 3)
08/19/2007 Redeemed From The Curse Pt. 2
08/17/2007 Redeemed From The Curse! Pt. 1
08/11/2007 Forsake Not!
08/07/2007 Faith Speaks
07/24/2007 Who Do You Say That I Am?
07/23/2007 In the Knowledge of God
07/23/2007 A More Sure Word
07/21/2007 Eternal Redemption
07/05/2007 Fight The Good Fight Of Faith
07/02/2007 What Is Precious To God
06/11/2007 Life and Peace
06/02/2007 Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
05/31/2007 Count It All Joy
05/28/2007 Such As I Have
05/25/2007 Stand Fast
05/19/2007 The Power of Our Words pt.2
05/19/2007 The Power of Our Words pt.1
05/13/2007 Renewing Your Mind
05/05/2007 How We Can Have Confidence Before God
04/28/2007 The Perfect Law of Liberty
04/15/2007 Prayer Changes Things Pt. 2
04/10/2007 Prayer Changes Things Pt. 1
04/06/2007 As He Thinks So He Is
04/06/2007 Love, Faith's Foundation
04/03/2007 Whosoever
03/24/2007 Why Ask?
03/20/2007 Fruit that Lasts
03/18/2007 Fulfilling God's Purpose
03/17/2007 Being Led by the Spirit
03/09/2007 The Abundance Of The Heart Pt. 3
03/09/2007 The Abundance Of The Heart Pt. 2
03/09/2007 The Abundance of the Heart Pt.1
03/08/2007 The Greater One Within
02/26/2007 Acknowledgement
02/23/2007 Called to Conquer Pt.2
02/21/2007 Life
02/20/2007 To Those Who Ask
02/17/2007 Called to Conquer
01/20/2007 The Calling of God
01/13/2007 The Truth
10/28/2006 Press On!
10/01/2006 Do You Have an Attitude?
09/20/2006 The Fellowship of the Father