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Name: naomi Cassata
Website: doseofspiritualtea.blogspot.com/
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Articles written: 80

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I'm married to my husband james
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
04/04/08 Spiritual Warfare 521 Free to Share
03/14/08 Don't Believe a Lie 459 Free to Share
02/11/08 How to live a successful Christian Life 1059 Free to Share
01/09/08 Keeping our focus on Christ 926 Free to Share
12/19/07 Peace of God 592 Free to Share
11/26/07 Renewing our Minds 534 Free to Share
10/20/07 Christ above all 551 Free to Share
10/17/07 FAITH THAT IS WIDE AND DEEP 491 Free to Share
09/25/07 Understanding the will of God for your life 623 Free to Share
09/11/07 Examine yourselves 577 Not For Sale
08/17/07 Lesson in Humility 606 Free to Share
07/19/07 Our Helper 503 Free to Share
07/19/07 Staying Spiritually Clean 692 Not For Sale
07/19/07 Being an Overcommer 527 Not For Sale
07/18/07 Trusting in God despite our circumstances 967 Free to Share
07/18/07 Seasons Come and Seasons Go 546 Not For Sale
07/18/07 Giving from a Pure Heart 485 Not For Sale
07/07/07 Whatever happened to Holiness? 502 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
05/26/09 I prayed and He heard me
07/19/07 Embarrassed, but not Forsaken

Critique Circle Postings
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Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
03/19/2013 Children Resoloving Conflict
02/07/2013 Overcoming fear in Children
02/07/2013 Overcoming fear in Children
02/07/2013 Overcoming fear in Children
02/07/2013 Bless those who Curse You
02/07/2013 Bless those who Curse You
01/01/2013 Bragging and Arrogance
01/01/2013 PROVOKED
01/01/2013 JEALOUSY
01/01/2013 KINDNESS
01/01/2013 PATIENCE
06/06/2012 The Hidden Deception
03/27/2012 What's growing in your garden?
02/11/2012 Trust Him at all Times
01/23/2012 When the Heart Speaks
01/23/2012 When the Heart Speaks
01/09/2012 Every Parents' Responsibility
01/09/2012 The Upside of Hardships
11/09/2011 Our Upside Down World
05/02/2011 Stomping Out Fear
04/27/2011 Obey or Disobey-That is the question?
04/27/2011 Obey or Disobey-That is the question?
04/27/2011 Our Eternal Destination
04/27/2011 Scriptures Declares the Sovereignty of God
04/27/2011 Leading by Example
04/27/2011 Pointing Others to God
04/27/2011 Fleeing the Footpaths to Pre-marital Sex
04/27/2011 Apart from God's Grace we can do Nothing
04/27/2011 Don't Worry Be Happy
04/27/2011 End Times
04/27/2011 How much is your salvation worth to you?
04/27/2011 The Heart of a Child
04/27/2011 Purpose of Trials and Tribulations
04/27/2011 Taming the Tongue
04/19/2011 Love not the world
03/08/2011 Committment in Marriage
11/02/2010 Apart from God's Grace, we can do Nothing
11/02/2010 Fleeing the Footpaths to Premarital Sex
11/02/2010 Pointing Others to God
11/02/2010 Scripture Declares the Sovereignty of God
11/02/2010 Our Eternal Destination
11/02/2010 Leading by Example
11/02/2010 Obey or Disobey-That is the question?
11/02/2010 Christians and the End Times
09/04/2010 Standing Firm in Your Convictions
07/12/2010 Raising our Children Right
07/10/2010 The New Girl
05/17/2010 Your Furnace of Affliction
05/05/2010 Put Away Lying
04/30/2010 Handling your Enemies God's Way
04/27/2010 How Serious Do You Take Your Sin?
04/21/2010 Should Christian Teens Date?
04/21/2010 Overcoming Postpartum Depression
03/07/2010 I Need Patience
03/07/2010 I am Wonderfully Made
03/01/2010 He's Alive!
01/29/2010 Surviving with one income
01/29/2010 He sees all our Pain
01/29/2010 Missing Dad
01/29/2010 Complain, Complain, Complain
01/08/2010 Who is God? (What scripture reveals about Him)
01/08/2010 Where is God when Tragedy Strikes?
01/04/2010 Falling over your Pride
01/02/2010 Is your Head Under Water? Trust Jesus
01/02/2010 You Must Be Crucified
12/25/2009 Preparing for Christ's Return
12/10/2009 Does God have a plan for me?
12/02/2009 Our GREAT GREAT God!
11/30/2009 Where has Commitement in Marriage Gone?
11/28/2009 Is Holiness Relevant for Today?
11/27/2009 Help I've Been Offended!
11/24/2009 When Despair Overshadows You
11/10/2009 It's time to Shine
11/03/2009 What does God require of us?
10/16/2009 God our Refuge
10/02/2009 Do you have God's Attention?
10/02/2009 What it means to walk in Humility
09/25/2009 What are you Clinging To?
09/22/2009 Keeping Our Thoughts Under Control
09/22/2009 Live OUTLOUD!
09/22/2009 Introduction to Holiness
09/22/2009 Two Gates-Two Paths
01/09/2008 Keeping our Minds on Christ
11/26/2007 Renewing your Mind
10/13/2007 Lessons in Humility
10/13/2007 Understanding the will of God for your life
07/07/2007 Giving with a Pure Heart