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Name: Norma OGrady
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Articles written: 65

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A bit of info about myself: I was born in Detroit, Michigan. I was born into an Alcoholic family, "but that is another story/And besides, there is not enough room to tell everything about myself." I've lived on a farm in Kentucky with my grandparents. At 6 years old I went to school in a one room school house. When I left there, (KY) I moved to Cincinnati Ohio. I was in a Children's home, called Allen house, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was placed in a couple of foster homes, One in which I was abused sexually and mentally. After being released back to my parents, I lived in Northern Kentucky. We then moved back to Detroit, Michigan in 1962. I Married very young. 1965 I was sixteen and my husband was eighteen, He decentralized to State prison within 5 years of our marriage. Within that 5 years my two daughters were born. I also have a son, from a relationship that also was a disaster. I love to write. I wish to contribute to this site from my life experiences and my spiritual growth through out my life. I studied English Language & Literature at Wayne County community college. I hold NO graduate Diploma. As a teacher, I have taught in a variety of churches, Bible study classes. As a writer, I have written short poetry. Which can be viewed on poetry.com, Faithwriters.com. and Authorsden.com.
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