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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: Donna Wasson
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Articles written: 95

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Sinner saved by grace, Wife, Proud Mom, Hospice RN, Animal lover, I desire to spread the Gospel while there is still time. I would love your comments!
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
04/30/12 The Matrix is Real Part I 752 Free to Share
04/25/12 Freedom From 428 Free to Share
04/25/12 Manly Men 445 Free to Share
04/15/12 They're At It Again 460 Free to Share
04/13/12 Repent The End is Near 650 Free to Share
04/13/12 Coming to a Town Near You 469 Free to Share
04/11/12 Ready or Not 437 Free to Share
04/06/12 Would the Real Pontius Pilate Please Stand Up? 428 Free to Share
04/03/12 Too Cool for Christ 450 Free to Share
04/03/12 Arm Chair Christians 422 Free to Share
03/25/12 Don't Confuse Me with Facts 585 Free to Share
03/20/12 For Shame 489 Free to Share
03/16/12 Global March to Jerusalem 449 Free to Share
03/12/12 Where Is The ACLU? 377 Free to Share
03/10/12 Must You?? 290 Free to Share
03/10/12 Rick Warren's Folly Part 2 512 Free to Share
03/03/12 Rick Warren's Folly 752 Free to Share
03/02/12 A Mere Inconvenience 631 Free to Share
02/24/12 Knock It Off 442 Free to Share
02/23/12 The Biggest Mistake 355 Free to Share
02/20/12 You Don't Mess With Israel 394 Free to Share
02/16/12 Is That Noose Comfortable? 566 Free to Share
02/16/12 It's Not Too Late 390 Free to Share
02/13/12 Dirty Words 412 Free to Share
02/11/12 What a Waste 454 Free to Share
02/07/12 Chrislam The Insider Movement Lie 1102 Free to Share
02/05/12 Christian Wimps 385 Free to Share
02/04/12 Whitey's Day 444 Free to Share
02/01/12 A PC Update Regarding Gay Couples 615 Free to Share
01/24/12 Is Mitt Romney the White Horse? 631 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
08/04/07 Straight Talk From A Realtor

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
08/30/07 Would the Real Pontius Pilate Please Stand Up?
08/28/07 Purely For Our Pleasure
08/15/07 The Perfect Pardon
08/13/07 I Hate Summer
08/13/07 I Hate Summer
08/10/07 Ponder The Sun
08/08/07 Since You Have Left Me Alone
08/07/07 So Much Pain
08/02/07 Dying With Style
07/30/07 Temptation
06/07/07 The Qualifications of a Friend
06/05/07 The Qualifications of a Friend
05/30/07 Float On Your Back
05/30/07 Float On Your Back
05/28/07 Seventy Times Seven
05/26/07 The Saddest Conundrum

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Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
03/31/2015 Let's Put Money Where Our Mouth Is
10/30/2012 Public School Religion
10/30/2012 Pray? For This Guy??
10/11/2012 Don't Drink the Kool-Aid!
09/16/2012 Pins and Needles
09/03/2012 Gee, Ya Think?
08/29/2012 God's Mercy
08/20/2012 Neglected Atheists
08/16/2012 Who IS This Guy?? Part II
08/16/2012 Who IS This Guy?? Part I
08/07/2012 Whaaah
07/30/2012 Our Black Swan
07/30/2012 A Land in Denial: Part II
07/30/2012 A Land in Denial: Part I
07/26/2012 An Olympic Sized Warning
06/27/2012 Bullies
06/21/2012 What God is That?
06/21/2012 satan
06/10/2012 A Lesson On Forgiveness
06/07/2012 What Holds Your Attention?
06/07/2012 Ignore the Waves
05/31/2012 A Glimpse of Hell: Part II
05/31/2012 A Glimpse of Hell: Part I
05/29/2012 Pandora's Box
05/26/2012 A Follow Up to Shades of Gray
05/20/2012 Shades of Gray
05/20/2012 Oh, Barry!
05/08/2012 She Wolves
05/05/2012 The Matrix is Real: Part V
05/05/2012 The Matrix is Real: Part IV
05/05/2012 The Matrix is Real: Part III
05/01/2012 The Matrix is Real: Part II
04/30/2012 The Matrix is Real: Part I
04/25/2012 Manly Men
04/25/2012 Freedom From...
04/15/2012 They're At It Again!
04/13/2012 Coming Soon to a Town Near You!
04/13/2012 Repent! The End is Near!
04/11/2012 Ready or Not!
04/03/2012 Arm Chair Christians
04/03/2012 Too Cool for Christ
03/25/2012 Don't Confuse Me with Facts!
03/20/2012 For Shame!
03/16/2012 Global March to Jerusalem
03/12/2012 Where Is The ACLU?
03/10/2012 Rick Warren's Folly: Part 2
03/10/2012 Must You??
03/03/2012 Rick Warren's Folly
03/02/2012 A Mere Inconvenience
02/24/2012 Knock It Off!
02/23/2012 The Biggest Mistake
02/20/2012 You Don't Mess With Israel
02/16/2012 Is That Noose Comfortable?
02/16/2012 It's Not Too Late
02/13/2012 Dirty Words
02/11/2012 What a Waste!
02/07/2012 Chrislam: The Insider Movement Lie
02/05/2012 Christian Wimps
02/04/2012 Whitey's Day
02/01/2012 A P.C. Update Regarding Gay Couples
01/24/2012 Is Mitt Romney the White Horse?
01/21/2012 I Hate Grocery Shopping!
01/18/2012 Be Very Sure!
01/14/2012 My Favorite Narcissist
01/10/2012 The "I'm A Good Person" Test
01/09/2012 Do the Osteen Dance
01/09/2012 Can You Trust the Bible?
01/07/2012 Insist on the Truth
12/31/2011 What Do You Worship?
12/22/2011 This Jesus Does Not Exist
12/14/2011 The Source of Political Correctness
12/09/2011 Triumph of Evil
12/06/2011 Would the Real Pontius Pilate Please Stand Up?
12/05/2011 A Grin on the Master's Face
12/04/2011 Christmas Insanity
12/04/2011 Echoes of Eden
12/04/2011 Occupy Common Sense
12/04/2011 The Joy of Hospice
12/04/2011 Wake Up Westboro
12/03/2011 New Gay Pride Parade
11/29/2011 Christophobia