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Name: Coleene VanTilburg 
Website: blogforeternity.blogspot.com
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Articles written: 63

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I am a wife of 32 years and mother of two boys, Tim and Corey. I have always loved the Lord and gone to church. I worked in youth ministry when I was in college. I have a BA in sociology but never really persued the "career" thing, wanting to be a stay-at-home mom, which I did. I am now employed (last 5 years) as an instructional aide with special ed. at my local high school. My older son, Tim suffered from a chronic illness and after several years of extreme complications and the loss of our home to a fire, he went home to Jesus in 2007. He was 26. Through all that, I began to journal again after abandoning it and found God's Word come alive to me as never before. My journaling turned into devotional writing and then I discovered Faithwriters. Writing has been by outlet, and my inlet for God's Amazing Grace and Comfort. I have been published twice, local newspaper and a magazine and have written a book (unpublished as of yet) telling my story through poetry and inspiration. I wish only to point towards the Saviour in all I write and desire.
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