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Name: Anne Linington
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Articles written: 55

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SORRY NOT REGISTERED FOR PRIVATE MESSAGES, but you can PM me via the Messageboard using Anniel. I live in the UK,and attend an evangelical Church of England and was licensed as a lay Reader (lay minister) in September 2009.I am committed to the work of an ecumenical Christian Healing centre. I enjoy the writings of Thomas Merton, Henri Nouwen, and Bernard of Clairvaux. Incorporating times of contemplative prayer have led to a greater appreciation of Creation and more creativity, particularly poetry. "Cast your bread upon the waters..for AFTER MANY DAYS ..you will find it again" Eccl. 11:1
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
08/25/14 The Pine Tree 74 Free to Share
09/02/12 Dealing with your Dinosaurs 308 For Sale
06/27/12 Tiled Floor 237 Free to Share
09/05/11 When I see the blood I will pass over you 857 Free to Share
09/05/11 Joseph favouritism and forgiveness 431 Free to Share
05/01/11 A Twin looks at Thomas Didymus, the Twin 2038 Free to Share
01/18/11 Uprooted 388 Free to Share
01/09/11 The Challenge of Change 397 Free to Share
11/26/10 Advent Service 433 Free to Share
11/26/10 The Resurrection Jesus silences the Sadducees 932 Free to Share
06/29/10 The main event 542 Free to Share
06/29/10 Elijah and Elisha a change of spiritual leadership 3717 Free to Share
03/15/10 Praising God in your Prisons 682 Free to Share
12/30/09 An Open Door 598 Free to Share
01/03/09 In my element 697 Free to Share
12/06/08 So Young 759 Free to Share
09/20/08 The Carpenter 878 Free to Share
09/16/08 All kinds of prisons 956 Free to Share
09/11/08 Demon Dare 841 Free to Share
08/27/08 The Plough testimony and poem 946 Free to Share
08/13/08 Two by Two 744 Free to Share
04/05/08 Consider the lilies 1431 Free to Share
09/15/07 A bold move 921 Free to Share
08/20/07 A Daisy Service 1189 Free to Share
07/29/07 Dancing with Deity 1095 Free to Share
07/27/07 In remembrance 965 Free to Share
06/04/07 A Surprise Encounter 1428 Free to Share
06/03/07 The Primrose 1064 Free to Share
05/30/07 Behold I make all things new 924 Free to Share
05/28/07 Brave Purple Crocus 1019 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
02/08/09 Please look after this bear
01/17/09 A turn of events
01/13/09 "I have a dream.."
10/05/08 Away in a manger
09/17/08 Snakes and Ladders
09/10/08 Breakdown- when the mind goes snap
09/03/08 Demon Dare
08/27/08 Playing your hand
08/06/08 Joy and fear
04/06/08 A little child shall lead them
01/10/08 Gynaecology or Surgical?
11/12/07 Accentuate the positive
11/08/07 Ministry on the margins
10/11/07 A Paean of Praise
09/19/07 "Lord, don't you care?"
09/13/07 In my element
08/30/07 Bold move
08/25/07 I'm afraid of spiders
08/01/07 A Daisy Service
07/20/07 An embarassment of riches
07/10/07 When the rope holds

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
10/29/2009 For all the saints
08/09/2009 Eye of the storm
12/14/2008 So Young
10/06/2008 The Carpenter
09/13/2008 Demon Dare
08/30/2008 The Plough testimony and poem
08/11/2008 Two by Two
07/31/2008 Pine Cone
07/02/2008 Journeying
04/08/2008 Consider the lilies
11/22/2007 Uncharted Territory
11/10/2007 The Plough
10/13/2007 A Daisy Service
09/21/2007 In my element
09/15/2007 Bold move
08/09/2007 The Lamb
07/17/2007 Dancing with Deity
07/14/2007 Burden bearer
07/13/2007 He is risen!
07/11/2007 The Apple Tree
07/10/2007 When the rope holds
07/09/2007 Make me a Well
07/08/2007 Behold I make all things new
07/07/2007 The Good Samaritan
07/07/2007 Red Paper Poppy
07/07/2007 All kinds of Prisons
07/01/2007 A Surprise Encounter
06/29/2007 In remembrance
06/27/2007 Risen Christ
06/27/2007 Peace, Be still!